Pat Cash Girlfriend: Who Is The Tennis Star Dating In 2024?

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The former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash has had an up-and-down dating history, and there is intrigue about if he has a girlfriend currently.

Pat Cash rose to worldwide fame after winning his first and only grand slam in the 1987 Wimbledon.

Aside from the court, his dating life has been tumultuous, and he is a father of four children.

Former Australian Tennis Player Pat Cash
Former Australian Tennis Player Pat Cash (Source: Tennis Australia)

Pat Cash is a former Australian tennis player and coach who reached a career-high ranking of No. 4.

The crown jewel of his career came when he clinched the title in the 1987 Wimbledon. Additionally, he also reached the final of the Australian Open two times.

Pat Cash Girlfriend 2024

The Australian tennis legend has had a long and rocky dating life. There is always intrigue surrounding his girlfriend and if he has one currently.

For the moment, the tennis star seems to have stayed quiet regarding his romantic life. This leads to the assumption that Pat might be single as of now.

Former Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash
Former Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash (Source: The Sun)

Perhaps choosing to focus on other important issues, he has kept his romantic life in the back seat.

Moreover, he might also be trying to avoid unnecessary media scrutiny about his love life and girlfriend. It will be intriguing to see if he chooses to reveal these candid aspects in the future.

Pat Cash Turbulent Dating History

The former grand slam winner dated a Norwegian model named Anne-Britt Kristiansen in his early twenties.

They shared a blossoming relationship and have a son and a daughter together. Cash and Kristiansen encountered each other in 1985 while the Australian was playing in a tennis match in Houston.

Subsequently, the pair were together when Cash won Wimbledon in 1987. Sharing the memorable moment was one of the high points of their relationship.

Pat Cash Celebrating His Wimbledon Victory With Ex-Girlfriend And Son
Pat Cash Celebrating His Wimbledon Victory With Ex-Girlfriend And Son (Source: The Sun)

However, soon after the birth of their second child, the couple decided to break up.

Presently, Anne-Britt is a dedicated full-time freelance artist who engages in various artistic fields, including paintings, photography, and graphics.

Additionally, she has a website dedicated to her passion and describes the kind of artwork she likes. She possesses a deep fascination for the retrospective gaze, exploring themes rooted in personal history and nostalgia.

He Got Married In 1990

Following this breakup, Pat entered into another relationship with Brazilian Emily Bendit. Love and connection blossomed between the pair, and they exchanged wedding vows in 1990.

The couple even became parents to twin boys. However, after two decades of marriage, the pair filed for divorce in 2002.

In a candid interview, Pat revealed he wanted to spend his whole life with Emily and regrets things going wrong in the marriage.

Pat Cash & His Ex-Wife Emily Bendit
Pat Cash & His Ex-Wife Emily Bendit (Source: Daily Mail)

Before the couple split up, Pat was in a dark place in his personal life. The tennis star was addicted to drugs and was violent. Additionally, he suffered from depression and went through mental health struggles.

“Everything got too much physically and mentally. Sick and tired – that’s pretty much what we’d become.”

Subsequently, Pat also released an autobiography in 2002, covering the details of his personal life struggles.

Additionally, the book offered a captivating perspective on the global tennis scene, uncovering a morally ambiguous and fiercely competitive environment.

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