Perry Saturn Wife Lisa Marie Kuhlemeier: Married Life & Kids

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From dealing with drug addiction to building a future together, Perry Saturn and his wife, Lisa Marie Kuhlemeier, have undoubtedly come a long way.

Perry Saturn met his wife while she was also a homeless drug addict. Fortunately, they found a way to overcome the addiction and homelessness and now reside in Minnesota.

Perry Saturn Boasts An Impressive Twenty-Three Years Of Career In Wrestling
Perry Saturn Boasts An Impressive Twenty-Three Years Of Career In Wrestling (Source: IMDb)

A professional from 1990 to 2013, Perry Arthur Satullu, widely recognized as Perry Saturn, is a former American professional wrestler.

Known for his powerful punches, he wrestled for several promotions, including ECW, WCW, WWF (now WWE), and TNA (now Impact).

Throughout his career, the wrestler emerged victorious, winning championships in each organization.

Perry is the former 3XW Pure Wrestling Champion, IWF Light Heavyweight Champion, and WWF European and Hardcore Champion.

Additionally, recognized as one of the relevant stars in WCW and ECW, he formed several successful tag teams, earning numerous wins.

With John Kronus, Perry won the ECW World Tag Team Championship three times, and with Raven and Chris Benoit, he won the WCW World Tag Team Championship twice, respectively.

Perry Saturn Wife: Married Life And Kids

The retired wrestler Perry Saturn and his wife, Lisa Marie Kuhlemeier, exchanged their wedding vows in June 2009.

Sources suggest that Perry has been married three times before. However, additional details about his past marriages remain undisclosed and unverified.

Perry and Lisa found each other during their lowest point in life, grappling with drug addiction.

The Wrestler Along With His Son, Perry Saturn Jr
The Wrestler Along With His Son, Perry Saturn Jr (Source: Twitter)

Despite the hardships they faced, they used each other as a crutch to overcome the addiction, paving the way for a brighter future.

Amidst the popularity, the two have seemingly maintained a private life with minimal insights available regarding their personal life.

Talking about his kids, Perry has embraced fatherhood. Digging through the sources, we have found that he has a son, Perry Saturn Jr., from a previous marriage and a daughter named Ashley.

How Did An Act Of Courage Lead To Years Of Misery?

Earlier in 2004, while driving his girlfriend back to work, Perry Saturn witnessed two men in the process of raping a woman.

Being a former Army Ranger, he stepped in and fought with the attacker, saving the woman’s life.

However, during the altercation, the two men shot Perry with a .25 caliber handgun, once in the neck and once in the right shoulder.

Perry Saturn Saved A Woman From Sexual Assault
Perry Saturn Saved A Woman From Sexual Assault (Source:

Well, this incident altered his life completely. Due to the injury, he now has a steel plate and three stainless steel screws in his neck. 

Moreover, the pain saw him becoming addicted to methamphetamine as a way to deal with the physical pain. Worst of all, he became homeless for two and a half years. 

Grappling with such a challenging situation, he disappeared from public view, away from his friends and family as well. Fortunately, he re-emerged in 2010, having recovered from drugs and the hardship.

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