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Popularly known as “The Snakebite,” Peter Wright is a professional darts player from Scotland who competes for the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

Peter is also a two-time world champion who won the PDC World Darts Championship in 2020 and 2022.

Further, he is also the reigning World Matchplay champion and the PDC Order of Merit’s number two player.

Peter Wright
Peter Wright (Source: Facebook)

Today we are here with all the early life and career highlights in the life of the two-time PDC World Champion.

Further, the article also discloses information about his social media and controversies. So. keep reading and get to know everything about the Scottish player.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Peter Wright
Nickname Snakebite
Birth Place Livingston, Scotland
Birth Date March 10, 1970
Nationality Scottish
Ethnicity Scottish
Favorite Drink Snakebite
Food Habit Non-vegetarian 
Education Not Available
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Chinese Zodiac  Dog
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Tattoos  Yes
Age 54 years old
Height 5 feet 9 inches (180 cm)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Weight 220 lbs (99 kg)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dyed
Profession Darts Player
Coach Not Available
Marital Status Married
Wife Joanne Wright 
Three (Naomi, Jessie, and Tristan)
Net Worth £1.5 million – £4 million 
Social Media InstagramFacebookTwitter 
Merch Dartboard Sets
Last Update  June 2024

Peter Wright: Early Life and Family

Peter was born in Livingston, Scotland, on March 10, 1970, to a 16-year-old single mother. 

When Peter was three years old, he shifted to London with his mother because his mother worried her sisters might take Peter away. 

Since then, Peter has lived in London. However, Peter chooses to represent Scotland in sports. 

The player first became interested in Darts by watching it on Television. As a young child, Peter watched Jocky Wilson, Cliff Lazarenko, and Eric Bristow. The sport had made a place in his heart. 

Peter after winning a match
Peter, after winning a match.

Later, on Peter’s thirteenth birthday, he received a set of darts. At that time, his mother could not afford a dartboard, so Peter used to aim at trees. 

Peter used to compete with his stepfather in darts as a kid. After some practice, Peter was able to get ahead of his stepfather. He was even able to beat the friends of his stepfather. 

Peter’s love for the sport continued to increase. Further, he was very good at it. After a few years, Peter was one of London’s best young dart players. 

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How did Peter Wright start his professional career? 

Peter participated in the 1995 BDO World Darts Championship, losing 3–1 against eventual winner Richie Burnett in the first round.

Instead of pursuing a professional career, he worked as a builder and tire fitter while competing in local darts competitions.

Peter played in the 2005 UK Open, where he was defeated by Dave Smith 5–4 in the third round.

In 2007, Peter watched the first Grand Slam of Darts on television with Joanne. Watching the sport, Peter told his wife that he had defeated several competitors.

Hearing her husband, Joanne urged him to pursue professional darts success. 

In 2008, Peter, for the first time, competed in a full schedule of Professional Darts Corporation tournaments.

However, his first tournament was not a very successful one. He won £1,200 in prize money.

Peter Wright: Career Highlights

At the 2017 German Darts Masters, Peter defeated Taylor 11–4 to win his maiden World Series of Darts championship.

Likewise, Peter finished eighth in the 2019 Premier League Darts season, beating only Raymond van Barneveld and contender Steve Lennon.

However, Peter and Gary Anderson‘s Scotland team won the 2019 PDC World Cup of Darts, defeating Ireland in the final.

Further, Peter also won the German Darts Masters in 2019 by defeating Gabriel Clemens.

2020 World Darts Championship

In the 2020 PDC championship, Peter won a sudden-death leg against Noel Malicdem in the second round. After that, he beat Seigo Asada and Jeffrey de Zwaan and reached the quarter-finals.

In the quarterfinals, Peter defeated Luke Humphries 5–3 to reach the semi-finals for the first time since the 2017 tournament.

Likewise, he defeated Gerwyn Price 6–3 in the semi-finals. Finally, the Scottish player defeated Michael van Gerwen 7–3 to win the 2020 World Darts Championship. 

Moreover, on February 2, Peter won his first Masters championship defeating Michael Smith 11–10.

Further, Peter won his fourth major, defeating James Wade 11–4 in the European Championship final.

Additionally, Peter won the World Matchplay championship for the first time in July with a dominating performance in which he won all five of his matches by at least six legs and averaged above 100.

Peter Wright Aiming darts
Peter Wright aiming darts in the World Darts Championship (Source:

Joe Cullen, Michael Smith, Michael van Gerwen, Danny Noppert, and reigning champion Dimitri van den Bergh were among the player’s Peter defeated in the match. 

Furthermore, Wright won his first Players Championship Finals title in the 2021 season, with a decisive leg victory against Ryan Searle in the final. 

The victory was Peter’s sixth triumph in two years, completing his feat of reaching the finals of every ongoing PDC major.

2022 World Darts Championship

Likewise, Peter began his 2022 PDC World Darts Championship Campaign with a straightforward 3–0 victory over Ryan Meikle before rallying from a 2–0 deficit in the third round to overcome Damon Heta 4–2.

He defeated Ryan Searle 4–1 before defeating Callan Rydz in extra legs to win the semi-finals.

Further, Peter advanced to the final for the third time by defeating Gary Anderson 6–4.

Finally, the Scottish player won his second world title after defeating Michael Smith 7–5 in the final.

Peter Wright: Body Measurements 

The dart player, Peter Wright, was born in the year 1970. So, Peter is currently 54 years old.

According to the Chinese calendar, the player was born in the Dog year. 

Moreover, Peter weighs about 100 kg and stands 5 feet 9 inches. He has a charismatic face and an athletic build. 

Likewise, Peter has carved his body with tattoos. He has blue eyes. Further, he has dyed his hair. Peter’s nationality is Scottish, and his ethnicity is White.

To add on, Peter’s zodiac sign is Pisces. With the Pisces sign, Sapiens is determined, loyal, gracious, and caring.

They are also profoundly intuitive and intense. Peter is presumed to be the same.  

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Peter Wright’s Style and Stage Persona

Peter is noted for his vibrant Mohican haircut and flashy outfits, which he changes between rounds of his competitions.

His hair takes two hours to finish and is inspired by their daughter and done by his stylist wife, Joanne.

Peter always has a snake painted on his head when playing darts. Many people assumed the snake painted on the side of his head was referring to his favorite drink, the snakebite.

Because Peter is instinctively shy of the oche, he compares his appearance to putting war paint before combat.

The world champion used specially crafted darts that changed color based on the light in the past.

Further, Wright is known for regularly experimenting with new sets of darts, fine-tuning the weight, flights, and stems.

When he reached the 2014 World Championship final, he did so between each round.

At the start of each match, Peter does a sidestep dance around the stage to Pitbull’s “Don’t Stop the Party.” 

Additionally, he routinely takes a step away from the oche on the third dart of leg-winning doubles to encourage the audience to create more noise when he returns.

Further, during a Premier League Match, the player lowered his height by roughly a foot to throw a demonstration dart.

His demonstrations are liked by many. However, Peter’s feats of theatrics have also elicited criticism from his peers.

The world champions Adrian Lewis and Michael van Gerwen have described Peter’s style as “disrespectful.”

Regardless, Peter continues with his style and says that he must continue to amuse spectators.

Peter Wright Controversies

Peter Wright is a “cheat.” 

After the 2021 Players Championship Finals game, Adrian Lewis labeled Peter Wright as a cheat. The game even led to a heated clash between the two, and Lewis was ultimately led out by security staff. 

Following the game, Lewis went on to Twitter and wrote

“He told me there was a loose floorboard, and I found it! So my response to him was, ” You took me out of my rhythm, you had a game plan, and as world number2, it’s disgraceful, and you’re nothing but a cheat. He knew what he was doing.He started muttering things ass soon as I went 3-1 us.”

However, Peter’s reaction to this was relatively calm. He was not bothered by Adrian and his comments.

According to Peter, it’s up to them if people want to put stupid messages there. He just goes and plays his game and plods along. 

Peter Wright and his “dirty tactics.”

There was tension between Peter and Gerwen Price after the 2019 World Championship semi-final. 

Following his defeat in the semi-final, Gerwyn Price criticized Peter Wright for using dirty tactics. It branded his behavior as “out of order,” despite almost striking his opponent with a dart and celebrating in his face.

The issue got quite an attention. However, Price later came on to Twitter and apologized for his behavior towards Wright. 

Price, better known as Iceman, reflected on the incident and wrote that he was sorry for letting his friends and family down. He also apologized for letting Peter get to him. 

Further, the Iceman added that he had been in this position before in games but never in a World Championship semi-final. 

Price agreed that he had overreacted to what Peter did after set one. Moreover, he added that everyone makes mistakes and is still learning.

Iceman apologized to everyone who thought that he had done wrong. He also agreed that maybe he was a bit over the top while making the accusations. 

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Peter Wright: Personal Life

Peter Wright is married to Joanne Wright and shares two daughters and a son.

Joanne serves as a hairdresser and the brain behind her husband’s hairdos in every match. She has a salon named Medusa Hair. She is also a sports manager.

Peter Wright with his wife
Peter Wright with his wife (Source: ABTC)

Moreover, their kids’ names are Naomi Wright, Jessie Wright, and Tristan Wright. 

Naomi is on Twitter as @MimiWright6, Jessie is on Twitter as @_JessieWright_, and Tristan is on Twitter as @SnakebiteJunior.

Social Media Presence

The World Champion is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has thousands of followers altogether. 

Peter usually shares information about his personal and professional life on his social media platforms.

If you guys are curious about Wright and his lifestyle, feel free to follow him on his following accounts: 

Facebook: Peter “Snakebite” Wright (152k followers)

Instagram: @peter_snakebite_wright (151k followers)

Twitter: @snakebitewright (203.9k followers)

The player’s Instagram bio describes him as a “PDC Scottish darts player. World Champion 2020. Master 2020 champion. World cup 2019 winners. 2017 UK OPEN WINNER”

Peter also has a website called The website has various products. Further, you can also catch up on the news related to Peter via his website.

The Scottish player does not have a YouTube channel yet. However, his videos are posted on YouTube by various sports channels, including the official channel of the Professional Darts Corporation.

As a result, all his videos have many views. 

Peter Wright: Net Worth

Peter Wright has had an outstanding career in the sport of darts. We can say that Peter is one of the wealthiest Scottish Dart players. He has amassed a lot of wealth to live a life of luxury.

According to various sources, the snakebite has received about £900,000 in prize money. 

Further, he triumphed tremendously over Michael Smith in the PDC World Darts Championship championship final in 2022. As a result, he received prize money of £500,000. 

Before Peter’s wife talked him into pursuing a darting career and turned his life upside down, Peter lived on about £14 a week after the bills.

However, the dart player Peter Wright’s net worth is estimated to be between 1.5 and 4 million pounds.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is Peter Wright known as “Snakebite”?

Peter is known as snakebite because he is fascinated with snakes. In an interview following his first World Championship victory, Peter remarked that he is a fan of snakes. 

He further added that he is also like a snake. He said so because he is quiet and prefers to be alone. However, he’ll bite you if you keep prodding him in his own words. 


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