Quincy Promes Wife Jamie: Married Life, Kids & Net Worth

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Dutch professional soccer player Quincy Promes revels in a harmonious marital union with his wife, Jamie, surrounded by the laughter and joy of their three children.

Their love story spans several cherished years, with each moment adding to the perfection of their union.

Quincy’s illustrious soccer career, spanning two decades, has not only brought him fame and acclaim but has also yielded a substantial net worth, providing the means for him and his beloved family to indulge in the luxuries of life.

Quincy Promes Is A Talented Football Player
Quincy Promes Is A Talented Soccer Player (Source: Instagram)

Quincy Anton Promes, born on January 4, 1992, is a famous Dutch soccer player. He plays as a winger or forward for Spartak Moscow in the Russian Premier League since 2021.

Likewise, Promes started playing professionally with Twente in 2011 and later joined Spartak Moscow in 2014, earning his first senior cap for the Netherlands that year.

The 5 feet 9 inches tall sportsman succeeded with Spartak, winning the Russian Premier League in 2017 and earning the ‘Footballer of the Year title.’

After a stint with Sevilla, Promes returned to top form at Ajax in 2019. Despite facing legal issues, including involvement in a stabbing incident and drug trafficking, he still plays for Spartak.

Quincy Promes Wife: A Decade of Unseen Love and Family Mystique

Quincy Promes, the accomplished Dutch soccer player, has built a joyous life with his life partner, Jamie.

Although the exact date of their decade-long marital union remains veiled, their love story continues to capture hearts.

The origin of their connection, whether it blossomed during their college years or through the introduction of a mutual friend, remains a mystery.

Yet, whenever glimpses of their bond surface on various media platforms, it radiates an undeniable warmth and harmony.

Quincy Promes With His Wife
Quincy Promes With His Wife (Source: Twitter)

The Promes family has three endearing children – two elder daughters and the youngest son, who entered the world on May 8, 2017.

Quincy, known for his prowess on the soccer field, also cherishes moments away from the pitch with his family.

While he delights in the company of his wife and kids during vacations, the details of these family escapades remain private.

Maintaining an air of mystery, Quincy has chosen not to disclose much about his wife, Jamie.

Similarly, Jamie adopts a low-key profile, steering clear of social media and frequent public appearances.

Quincy Beyond the Pitch – Net Worth

Quincy, the renowned soccer player, boasts a substantial net worth of approximately £19,292,000, a testament to his illustrious two-decade-long career in the sport.

Sources reveal that Quincy Promes commands a weekly salary of £39,000 and an annual income of £2,028,000 while playing for Spartak Moscow as an AM RLC, F C.

His financial success extends beyond Spartak Moscow, with prosperous stints in teams like Netherlands U19, Netherlands U20, Ajax, Twente, and others.

Quincy Promes Lives A Luxurious Life With His Family
Quincy Promes Lives A Luxurious Life With His Family (Source: Instagram)

In addition to his earnings on the field, this Dutch athlete adds to his income through sponsorships and brand endorsements.

Notably, Quincy Promes is not just a soccer player but also a savvy businessman, actively promoting his clothing brand, Mask QP, on his social media platforms.

Living a high-profile life, Quincy, a winger/forward for the Russian soccer team, provides glimpses of his opulent lifestyle on various media platforms.

Previously, he owned a luxurious residence in Moscow, and in 2023, he expanded his living quarters to the vibrant city of UAE.



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