Does Quinn Ewers Have A Brother? Sister Teddy & Kailey

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The Texas Longhorns quarterback Quinn Ewers reportedly does not have a brother but has two sisters named Teddy and Kailey.

His performance on the Longhorns’ field is notably impressive, and a significant part of his success can be attributed to the support and encouragement he receives from his family.

American Football Quarterback Quinn Ewers
American Football Quarterback Quinn Ewers (Source: Instagram)

Born on March 15, 2003, Quinn Ewers emerged as a standout football talent during his time at Carroll High School.

Ewers secured top national rankings across various platforms such as 247Sports, Rivals, and ON3, showcasing impressive stats with 6,445 passing yards, 73 touchdowns, and a mere eight interceptions.

He then continued his footballing journey at Ohio State in August 2021 and made his college debut against the Michigan State Spartans on November 20, 2021.

However, he later decided to transfer to the University of Texas, announcing his decision on December 12, 2021. By the start of the 2022 season, Ewers had been named the starting quarterback for the Longhorns.

Does Quinn Ewers Have A Brother? Sister Garden And Gun

As previously mentioned, Quinn Ewers does not have a brother but grew up with two sisters, namely Kailey and Teddy.

Kailey, his elder sister, had completed college by the time Quinn was still in high school.

On the other hand, Teddy-Raye Ewers, his younger sister, shows great promise in the realm of volleyball.

Quinn Ewers With His Elder Sister & Younger Sister
Quinn Ewers With His Elder Sister & Younger Sister (Source: Instagram)

While Quinn’s father reduced his activity on social media platforms after Quinn embarked on his college football journey, a notable tweet from 2021 still stands out.

In this tweet, his father expressed immense pride in Teddy-Raye’s accomplishments in volleyball.

Currently, Teddy is actively involved in volleyball at Southlake Carroll High School.

On a different note, Kailey has embraced marital life and is now a mother to three children.

Support From His Family

From a tender age, Quinn Ewers exhibited a profound passion for football.

His father, Curtis Ewers, a former high school football player, actively engaged with Quinn in the sport since his early childhood.

Curtis, employed in the oil and gas sector, often found himself on the local high school field, throwing footballs with his young son.

Remarkably, by age three, Quinn displayed an uncanny ability to throw “perfect spirals.”

Reflecting on his aspirations, Quinn always harbored dreams of becoming a Longhorn, a sentiment he reiterated in 2022.

The Ewers Family
The Ewers Family (Source: Instagram)

Curtis’s own football background provided Quinn with valuable insights and training, setting a solid foundation for his football journey.

As early as second grade, Quinn began honing his quarterbacking skills at an informal camp led by Sonny Detmer, whose son Ty won the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

In addition to Curtis’s involvement, Kristen Ewers, Quinn’s mother, contributes to the family’s academic landscape as an elementary school teacher in Southlake.

The bond in the Ewers family was evident as they frequently engaged in football sessions, both indoors and outdoors.

Their passion once led to a memorable moment when a football soared just above Kristen’s head as she was occupied with household chores.

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