Quinn Ewers Net Worth: NIL Deal, Salary And Income Explored

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Quinn Ewers is said to have a net worth of $1 million, thanks to the $1.4 million deal he signed with the GTSM. Ewers previously signed the deal when he was with Ohio, and in 2022, he joined Texas.

The deals have been coming for the youngster ever since he signed the major deal in 2021. At one point, he was one of the highest-earning football collegiate athletes, but that has come down in recent years. 

The Texas QB Quinn Ewers Pictured Celebrating With Texas Fans Last Year In October
The Texas QB Quinn Ewers Pictured Celebrating With Texas Fans Last Year In October (Source: Instagram)

The Longhorns quarterback has competition with his teammate Arch Manning and the likes of Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter. Earlier this year, the 20-year-old signed a deal with Panini America and c4 Energy. 

Ewers is currently out due to a shoulder injury he suffered against the Houston Cougars. Texas Coach Steve Sarkisian shared Quinn was moving in the right direction, but they don’t know when he will return to the side. 

Quinn Ewers Net Worth: NIL Deal Explored 

The Texas Longhorns quarterback Quinn Ewers reportedly has a net worth of $1 million. In 2021, the 20-year-old signed a $1.4 million NIL contract. 

The Action Network sports business analyst Darren Rovell broke the news on X (formerly Twitter), stating that the athlete autograph giant GTSM signed a deal with Ewers, who at the time completed high school a year earlier and reclassified into the Class of 2021.

It was the second NIL deal Ewers had signed at the time, with the first one being with Texas-based Holy Kombucha. Last year, Yahoo! reported Ewers NIL deal was approaching the $4 million mark, but that was due to him launching an NFT campaign.

But in 2023, the hype for NFT has completely faded away, with many athletes and celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Logan Paul, making huge losses in their respect for NFT deals.  

Quinn Ewers Pictured Earlier This Year In September During The Game Against Alabama
Quinn Ewers Pictured Earlier This Year In September During The Game Against Alabama (Source: Instagram)

Yahoo! also reported that Ewers supporters had to pay an initial membership fee of $30, which rose as high as $500. These deals would help the supporters acquire future exclusive NFT drops and signed memorabilia.

Ewers had signed with GTSM when he was with Ohio, and since moving to Texas, he signed several deals, including one with Wrangler jeans. In 2022, he shared an Instagram post promoting the jeans, captioning it, “My first pair of jeans were Wrangler, and I have been wearing them ever since.”

In 2021, when he first signed the NIL deal, Quinn Ewers was one of the top names in the top 10 CFB players NIL list. But in recent years, names such as Shedeur Sanders, Arch Manning, and Caleb Williams have taken over. 

Quinn Ewers Contract With Panini

Earlier this year, Quinn Ewers signed a major deal with Panini America, the world’s largest sports and entertainment collectibles company. 

The deal with Panini includes exclusively autographed trading cards, and the quarterback announced the agreement on X. He shared a 45-second video of him taking to the field at the Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium with clips of fans cheering him on.

He captioned the post, “Excited to announce that I’ve signed an exclusive autograph trading card deal with Panini America.”

After signing the deal with Panini America, Ewers joined the likes of Ausar Thompson, Charles Barkley, David Beckham, Christian Pulisic, and Kylian Mbappe. His teammate Arch Manning followed suit, a week after he signed the deal with Panini. 

Arch Manning has an upper hand over Ewers, with his NIL deal valued at $2.8 million. Amongst football collegiate athletes, Manning is second to Shedeur Sanders and fourth overall.  

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