Razor Ramon Bio: Career, Scott Hall, Wife & Net Worth

Back in the 90s, legends like Scott Hall used to rule the wrestling world. To point out, Scott is an American retired professional wrestling personality.

Moreover, the World Wrestling Entertainent fans today may recognize him by the stage name Razor Ramon.

Besides, the man had competed in World Championship Wrestling under his original name.

Indeed, Ramon had established his name in the wrestling world from his days in the American Wrestling Association.

After all, the man has clinched WCW United States Heavyweight Champion two times and the WWF Intercontinental Championship four times.

Similarly, New World Order’s founding member has won the World Tag Team championships nine times.

Scott Hall rocking the nWo shirt in 2019.
Scott Hall rocking the nWo shirt.

All things considered, Razor Ramon’s legacy had been recognized with an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

Furthermore, he is set to be inducted for the second time and his nWo partners under his real name.

Meanwhile, we have prepared this article so that WWE enthusiasts like you will be well aware of his legacy while he gets inducted.

Quick Facts

Full NameScott Oliver Hall
Birth DateOctober 20, 1958
Birth PlaceSt. Mary’s County, Maryland, United States
ResidenceDuluth, Georgia, US
Nickname (Stage name)Razor Ramon, The Diamond Studd, Texas Scott, Starship Coyote
EducationHazelwood Central High School
Age63 Years Old
Height6 feet 7 inches (201 cm)
Weight130 kg (287 lbs)
Shoe Size15
Eye colorGreen
Hair ColorBlack and Grey
ProfessionProfessional Wrestler
AssociationsNational Wrestling Alliance
American Wrestling Association
World Championship Wrestling
World Wrestling Federation
Extreme Championship Wrestling
TNA Wrestling
Trained ByHiro Matsuda
Active years1984 – 2010
Marital StatusDivorced and Single
Ex – Wive’s NameDana Lee Burgio (m. 1990 – d. 1998, m. 1999 – d. 2001)
Jessica Hart (m. 2006 – d. 2007)
ChildrenOne daughter and one son
SonCody Taylor
DaughterCassidy Lee
Net Worth$4 million
Salary$1.4 million in 2000
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
MerchFunko POP, Jersey, Tshirts, Action Figure & Autographed Items
Last UpdateSeptember, 2022

Razor Ramon | Family and Education

Ramon was born in St. Mary’s County in Maryland. In fact, he was a child of army personnel.

As a result, the family had to change their hometown each year. Furthermore, he joined a high school in Munich, Germany, from where he graduated.

Razor Ramon | Career

Beginning at National Wrestling Alliance

Notably, Razor joined Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) in 1984, associated with the National Wrestling Alliance. Immediately, he was involved in an on-stage rivalry with Dusty Rhodes.

Before his debut in a tag team with Dan Spivey, the two went to Jim Crockett’s Mid Atlantic Championship in North Carolina.

To point out, Ramon’s stage name, Starship Coyote, came off his American Starship tag team with Spivey.

Razor Ramon at Monday Night Raw in 1993.
Razor Ramon at Monday Night Raw in 1993.

However, the duo lost to Arn and Ole Anderson at the NWA National Tag Team Championship.

Eventually, the two left for NWA Central States of Bob Geigel in Kansas City in 1985.

Besides, Ramon stayed there in pursuit of winning more titles even after Spivey returned to North Carolina.

As ‘Magnum’ and ‘Big’ Scott Hall in AWA

Scott entered as a babyface wrestler in American Wrestling Association in 1985. In particular, he had adopted the stage names of ‘Magnum’ Scott Hall and ‘Big’ Scott Hall there.

As a matter of fact, the AWA owner wanted Hall to fill in the shoes of Hulk Hogan, who had just left the band. Moreover, Hall competed in New Japan Pro-Wrestling during 19871990.

Later, he won the AWA World Tag Team Championship with Curt Hennig in January 1986.

However, they lost the title to Buddy Rose and Doug Somers in May of the same year. Next, he had unsuccessful title pursuits at AWA World Heavyweight Championship.

World Championship Wrestling

To point out, Jim Ross introduced Hall to the NWA’s WCW in 1989. Likewise, his debut resulted in a loss against The Freebirds at the WCW World Tag-Team Championships.

Similarly, The Great Muta defeated him in the July 9 edition. After his defeat against Butch Reed in November, he left the association.

Razor Ramon in his days at WCW.
Razor Ramon in his days at WCW.

Again, with a new name as ‘The Diamond Studd,’ he returned to WCW in April 1991.

Notably, his return debut was at Clash of the Champions XV in June, where he defeated Tommy Rich.

However, he lost to Tom Zenk in the XVII episode of the game and left the brand again on May 8 next year.

Catch Wrestling Association and World Wrestling Council

Later, in December 1990, Hall took the name ‘Texas Scott’ in competing at the Catch Cup ’90, a CWA tournament. However, Soul Taker defeated him at the final.

Then, he defeated Migual Perez Jr. to clinch the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship in March 1991.

World Wrestling Federation

Ramon had tried out at a WWF Wrestling Challenge taping in Fort Myers. But he did not sign for the brand as he lost to Paul Roma.

After leaving WCW in 1992, Scott took the renowned name ‘Razor Ramon’ on joining the WWF.

Then, he debuted in the ring in August 1992 at Superstars, where he used his finishing move ‘The Razor’s Edge.’

Razor Ramon at WWF.
Razor Ramon at WWF.

Furthermore, Ramon had helped Ric Flair win the WWF Championship by attacking his opponent Randy Savage in the match on September 14.

Similarly, Razor lost to then WWF Champion Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble. Moreover, he pinned Bob Backlund, former WWF Champion, on his WrestleMania debut.

Besides, he had also defeated Ted DiBiase, which was Ted’s final WWF match.

Intercontinental Champion

Notably, Razor clinched the vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship in October 1993 after pinning Rick Martel.

Furthermore, he defeated his feud Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X in a ladder match to be the undisputed Intercontinental Champion.

In fact, the match is ranked no. 5 among the top 24 matches in WrestleMania History.

Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) wearing the outfit of the stable, The Outsiders.
Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) is wearing the outfit of the stable, The Outsiders.

Further, in April, Razor reclaimed the title after defeating Kevin Nash at SummerSlam, to whom he had lost the title earlier.

Again, he lost the title to Jeff Jarrett at the 1995 Royal Rumble and regained it in a ladder match at May 19 live event.

Similarly, he formed a group, The Kliq consisting of Nash, Paul Levesque, Shawn Michaels, and Sean Waltman.

Returning to WCW and New World Order.

Notably, Hall returned with Kevin Nash to the WCW in May 1996. In the meantime, Hall, Nash, and Hulk Hogan formed a stable, New World Order (nWo).

Moreover, the Outsiders consisting of Nash and Hall, won WCW World Tag Team Championship at Halloween Havoc.

Scott Hall and the nWo.
Scott Hall and the nWo.

They defended the title against The Nasty Boys and The Faces of Fear before losing to The Steiner Brothers.

Similarly, they won the title again in January 1998 at Nitro and SuperBrawl VIII, defeating The Steiner Brothers both times.

However, Scott Steiner kicked him from the nWo Hollywood around 1998 in Hogan’s absence.

Reunion with the nWo

Eventually, Hall rejoined the nWo group in January 1999. Later, he lifted the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship by defeating Roddy Piper.

Again, he defeated Rick Steiner at Mayhem to clinch the WCW World Television Championship. Also, he and Kevin won the WCW World Tag Team title at Nitro in December.

Return to WWF

Eventually, Hall and the nWo returned to WWF in 2002, attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Similarly, he defeated Spike Dudley at Raw on March 4. Meanwhile, he had won against Bradshaw at Backlash.

Soon, he was joined by Big Show, husband of Bess Katramados, at the nWo. Similarly, Big Show, X-Pac, and Razor Ramon took on Stone Cold, Bradshaw, and Ric Flair in a six-man tag match.

Appearing in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

In like manner, Hall had a losing debut at NWATNA PPV against Jeff Jarrett in a stretcher match in July 2002.

Again, he returned in 2004 to form a stable, The Kings of Wrestling with Nash and Jeff Jarrett. Similarly, he departed a while from the brand to reappear in November 2007.

Scott Hall (Razor Raman) at TNA.
Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) at TNA.

Furthermore, Sean Waltman joined Nash and Hall in January 2010 to ally, The Band. Surprisingly, he fought with Nash in a 5Min $25,000 challenge as Waltman interfered in the match.

Eventually, the Band earned a contract with TNA with a win against Nash and Young at Destination X.

Later, in May 2010, Eric Young joined the Band. To point out, Nash and Hall defeated Matt Morgan at the TNA World Tag Team Championship to win the title.

Similarly, they defended the title against Ink Inc. at the 2010 Sacrifice. Ultimately, he left TNA in June 2010.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling and Independent Circuit

Notably, Hall lost to Corporal Robinson in his JCW debut in August 2007. Again, he formed the Juggalo World Order stable with Violent J.

Likewise, the stable is known for invading several wrestling events, including TNA Turning Point PPV and WWE Royal Rumble 2009.

Scott Hall with Jeff Jarrett.
Scott Hall with Jeff Jarrett.

Besides, Hall appeared in various independent circuit matches during 20102016.

Accordingly, he competed at the Continental Championship Wrestling in May 2010. Also, he accompanied his son Cody to the ring at Belleview Pro Wrestling.

Final return to WWE

The reunited nWo, including X-Pac and Nash, appeared on Raw’s January 19, 2015, episode.

In fact, they had beaten down The Ascension teaming with the APA and The New Age Outlaws.

Similarly, he appeared in a segment at Raw 25 Years featuring D-Generation X and The Revival.

Again, he was seen at the Raw Reunion show in July 2019. Furthermore, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the nWo in 2020.

Razor Ramon | Awards and Achievements

Undoubtedly, Ramon is one of the greatest wrestlers of the 90’s decade. Notably, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him no. 7 in the PWI 500 in 1994 and no.72 in 2003.

Furthermore, he has won WCW World Tag Team Championship seven times and WCW US Heavyweight Championship two times. Likewise, he is a one-time TNA World Tag Team Championship winner.

Razor Ramon with his Intercontinental Championship belt.
Razor Ramon with his Intercontinental Championship belt.

Furthermore, Ramon has clinched the WWF Intercontinental Championship four times with two Slammy Awards.

Notably, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the class of 2014 as Razor Ramon.

Likewise, Wrestling Observer Newsletter has also awarded him with Match of the Year 1994 and Best Gimmick in 1996.

Razor Ramon, as a whole

Talking about Razor Ramon is like a walk down memory lane. As we all know, Ramon is a tough guy who makes a great opponent to any high-level street hero.

Apparently, he throws accents as per his moods; which one do you pick; a New York Italian accent or Cuban accent.

Additionally, he has his entrance in the ring with his theme song, ‘Bad Boys’ by WweGriffen.

As a bit of background story, Ramon was previously a part of the Diamond Mine. Back then, he used to be the companion of Kevin Nash, and during those tenures, he met Hulk Hogan.

Not to mention his iconic look with a toothpick in his mouth. In the meantime, he has catchphrases as “…Hey Yo, Chico …”, “Say Hello to the Bad Guy,” and “I am dripping with class, and oozing machismo.”

Altogether, he has a showy yet devastating finisher which he names “The Razor’s Edge.” Overall, his look is iconic, even with the razor blade necklace. 

Razor Ramon | Net Worth and Salary

Of course, Razor Ramon or Scott Hall was a big name in his days’ wrestling world. Not to mention, he competed in a variety of wrestling competitions for several brands.

Along with earning different titles, he has accumulated a significant sum of fortunes in his career.

“Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) has a net worth of $3 million as of [CURRENT-YEAR].”

According to some sources, he earned $520,000 annually during his cameo appearances in late-career around 2019.

Besides, he had made $1.4 million in 1998 and a total of $4.1 million during 19962000.

Furthermore, Hall has a pretty luxurious lifestyle and deserves to enjoy the rest of his retired life off his wonderful career.

Razor Ramon | Relationship and Kids

Ramon had married his love, Dana Lee Burgio, in 1990. In fact, the coupled had two children, a son, and a daughter, together. To point out, Cody Taylor and Cassidy Lee are their children.

Likewise, Cody was born in 1991, a year after their marriage, and Cassidy in 1995. Notably, Cody is a professional wrestler who competed at New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Scott Hall with his son, Cody Hall.
Scott Hall with his son, Cody Hall.

However, the drug-using habit of Hall sparked issues in his family and marriage life. As a result, he separated from Dana in 1998.

Furthermore, the couple had remarried in 1999 but again divorced a couple of years later. Consequently, he remained single and focused on his career for eight years.

Scott Hall with his ex-wife, Dana Lee Burgio and kids.
Scott Hall with his ex-wife, Dana Lee Burgio, and kids.

Eventually, he married Jessica Hart in 2006. However, this time, the relationship could not work out, leading to their divorce in 2007.

Similarly, sources reported that he was dating Lisa Howell around 2012. As of now, Ramon is a single man in his early sixties enjoying his life after retirement.

Social Media Presence:

Even though many WWE fans today may not know him, Scott Hall had accumulated many recognitions in his wrestling days in the ’90s.

Currently, he uses Instagram to reach out to his fans. You can follow him via this link:

Instagram handle (@realscotthall): 103k followers

Some FAQs:

What are the health issues Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) faced?

To point out, Ramon was taken to the hospital in 2010 for double pneumonia. As a result, a defibrillator and a pacemaker had to be implanted in his chest.

In the meantime, he began facing seizures and had to be diagnosed with epilepsy. As a result, he had to take 11 different medicines in a day to treat both health issues.

Why was Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) arrested?

Notably, a 56-year-old woman accused Ramon of molesting her. Consequently, he was arrested outside a hotel in Louisiana.

Furthermore, he was again arrested for attacking a comedian, Jimmy Graham, in a roasting show in October 2008.

Similarly, Hall was arrested and charged for misconduct with a police officer. Actually, he was drunk and shouting at a bar and resisted a police officer during interrogation.

Allegedly, he had choked his girlfriend Lisa Howell after he was drunk on April 6, 2012. Consequently, he was arrested for the charge.

As a matter of fact, Ramon received second-degree murder charges in 1983. Allegedly, he had shot a man with his own gun in a fight outside a nightclub in Orlando.

However, the charges were dismissed as there was no evidence, and he claimed it was no more than self-defense.

Why was Scott Hall named Razor Ramon?

In particular, Scott Hall chose the stage name Razor Ramon with inspiration from the movie Scarface.

Actually, he acted like a shady and stylish Cuban American bully as the lead character in the movie.

Moreover, Pat Patterson and Vince McMahon suggested to him the name ‘Razor’ during their meeting.

After that, he wanted a Latino-sounding name with an initial ‘R.’ A professional wrestler, Tito Santana, suggested ‘Ramon,’ and the name was confirmed.

Furthermore, Tom Fleming had taken the duty to design the logo and costume for him.

Did Razor Ramon ever defeat Diesel?

Razor Ramon defeated Diesel to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship for a second time at SummerSlam.

What drugs did Scott Hall take?

According to sources, Scott Hall was abusing cocaine, painkillers, alcohol, and other prescription drugs.

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