Reading Women 0-5 West Ham Women: Visitors climb off the bottom of the WSL with a big win.

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Martha Thomas’s hat-trick of the first half inspired West Ham to a 5-0 win over Reading at Madejski Stadium. They climbed off the bottom of the Women’s Super League and exited the relegation zone.

The visitors, West Ham, finished an unbeaten run in seven games. They started with a dream in the sixth minute. With Kenza Dali when she got a hard-earned effort from across Grace Moloney into the net.

West Ham has doubled their lead in rapid succession. As a result of Kate Longhurst took advantage of Reading’s weakness. And hit the cross of select Katerina Svitkova, who nodded her head from a distance.

Thomas then went into the scoresheet a minute later. She was firing past attempts past Moloney to give West Ham their third goal of the game.

Another outstanding play showed West Ham’s Cecilie Redisch delivering a run in the Reading box. Before throwing the ball to Thomas, who netted it well to score his second goal of the game.

The Hammers scored their fifth goal before half-time when Dali hit a fine ball to Thomas. Thomas was sitting on the sidelines to score for Maloney and complete her hat-trick.

The result defended Olli Harder’s first league win as West Ham manager.

The exciting first five-goal win saw West Ham United’s impressive victory over Reading in the Barclays. FA Women’s Super League on Saturday afternoon.

Martha Thomas got an excellent hat-trick in the first 45 minutes. Kenza Dali and Katerina Svitkova also found the net to complete the course. And defend their first league title victory over manager Olli Harder.

The Hammers had made one change from last weekend’s defeat at Old Trafford. With Hawa Cissoko stepping back after suspended, Laura Vetterlein.

The away team had just started when Danielle Carter’s arm grabbed Kate Longhurst in the face. The abdominal player was sitting down for treatment.

Dagny Brynjarsdottir got the first chance in the game. But an effort from the edge of the field crossed the shortcut.

With seven minutes left, Martha Thomas had a golden chance to open the scoring. Katerina Svitkova passed a beautiful left-footed cross that the Scottish state could only fall on.

A minute later, the Hammers were in the lead when Kenza Dali’s cross hovered over the goalkeeper. And found its way into the lower corner of the Reading. Net to give the away side a fair chance for the first time in Berkshire.

Olli Harder’s side doubled in ten minutes at Madejski. Thomas chose Svitkova in the background. And the Czech Republic overseas was able to direct his header into a tight corner.

It is unbelievable that Thomas stabbed the ball into the net for just minutes. After putting it in the net, an excellent start to the away side. She scored three goals in four minutes to put himself in the lead.

Charlotte’s first threat of reading time came about 23 minutes into the game.

Charlotte’s first threat of reading time came about 23 minutes into the game. A free-kick by Pharaoh Williams is flying high.

West Ham United Womens Team (Source The Mirror)
West Ham United Women Team (Source: The Mirror)

Angharad James found space on the edge of the field on the home side. But his strike was well handled by Courtney Brosnan. Who came down well and stuck to the effort.

Despite the pressure from Reading, the travel side was still a counter to the counter. 

Cecilie Redisch made a mistake before playing the ball for Thomas to score. Her second goal in the afternoon. And the fourth for the Hammers within 30 minutes.

And the goals didn’t end there on Harder’s side. Martha Thomas completed her hat-trick with a beautiful chipped. Over Grace Moloney’s head to put the Hammers firmly. And on track for their biggest win in the campaign.

The home side looked stunned after such a massive opening in 40 minutes. And they couldn’t deal with the media set up by Harder’s side. 

The Royals failed to get a crucial chance as the referees hit the clock in the first half, in Claret and Blue’s opinion.

The second half started with a home team looking to find a way back to the game. The effort put out from Carter has come a bit far from Brosnan’s left-hander.

However, the Hammers continued to look strong on the back. And dangerous on the counter. They looked to add points with 62 minutes on the clock. 

Courtney Brosnan was careful to cut off a cross from Natasha Harding across the crossbar.

The home team continued to have a lot of play. 

The home team continued to have a lot of play. But they struggled to find clear chances as the Hammers stood firm to the last 15 minutes playing tirelessly.

Reading Womens (Source Reading FC)
Reading Womens (Source: Reading FC)

Emma Harries came close to giving the Royals a goal back in time. However, she could not make contact with a cross in the sky that lit up the goal face.

Nor Mustafa and Maz Pacheco almost met for the sixth time with five minutes left in standard time. But Moloney blocked the striker’s effort.

The Reading-stopper has always denied Emily van Egmond, as the Hammers looked fortunate on both sides to score the next goal.

Reading got another chance before the final whistle blew. Williams was hitting a crossbar from a free-kick that looked set to sit in the top corner.

Anouk Denton is in contention for the last five minutes of injury to play for West Ham United for the first time.

The Hammers played hard until the full-time whistle blew. And they earned their first league victory in 2021, as their first under Harder.

West Ham manager Olli Harder was full of compliments on Thomas’s performance.

West Ham manager Olli Harder said, “Martha Thomas’ good performance. As a striker, it has been difficult for her in the last few games not to score. But to create good chances.

West Ham Manager Olli Harder (Source The Athletic)
West Ham Manager Olli Harder (Source: The Athletic)

And today, she has managed to put the ball behind. That will give her a world of confidence in the future.

“The team believes in it, as we have received the negative results on our side. But I think our recent games have been good in terms of what we are trying to do.

“This kind of results and performance would come. I’m glad it happened today, and it will create confidence.”

Reading manager Kelly Chambers said that “I do not think we had come out with a struggle. And I would like to ask the girls to come out with us today. We tried to play our game. But West Ham put more pressure on us than usual.

“I thought we have had created our problems in the first half. We didn’t show flexibility. We showed against Manchester City, and they just called us today.

“The players have played with this result. And we should have played better. We should show our pride in finishing as high as possible in the league. We extremely apologize to the fans for our performance in the first half as it was unacceptable.”

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