Real Valladolid 1-2 Atletico Madrid: Atlentico Madrid fight back

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Luis Suarez said he thanked Atletico Madrid for “relying on me” as his goal helped them beat Real Madrid to the La Liga title in a spectacular way.

Diego Simeone‘s men followed after Oscar Plano‘s Real Valladolid strike. But they turned the game around in the second half with an Angel Correa goal and an effort by Suarez to calm down.

Although Real scored two goals late to beat Villarreal 2-1, they came a bit late as they needed Atletico to drop points.

The Uruguay striker Suarez started the season after being told by Barca manager Ronald Koeman that he was not in his plans for the season. But he went on to score 21 league goals, including a decision.

Atletico is a great club.

The title race was set for a thrilling ending and did not disappoint.

Injured captain Sergio Ramos entertained the stage as news broke about Atletico’s return. 

Still, the Spanish defender was defeated two minutes later when Yeremi Pino scored in the Europa League final. Against Villarreal against defending champions.

After the break, Simeone and Zidane had to provide encouraging team discussions on both sides of Madrid.

In the second half, Karim Benzema thought he had balanced Real when using the header. 

But while VAR looked at the goal and took it out. Atletico rallied Correa’s fine finish to put them in the top spot.

Benzema, who brought France back to the European Championships in the summer, dragged away from the bright spot. And a few minutes later, Suarez ran clear and turned to calm Atletico 2-1.

Luis Suarez steals the deal (Source: The Indian Express)
Luis Suarez steals the deal (Source: The Indian Express)

Answering the questions raised by the media, Simeone said: “The entire world is now going through a different phase right now. So if we can make people happy, it surely means a lot to us. The 32 players, I think, are involved. They are all as important as one. I am very grateful.”

Suarez added: “My only job is to help the team and pay for it by scoring goals for the team. Sometimes it is necessary to push a lot. 

But Atletico is a great club, and we have shown them this season. We were a very average player, and that’s why we are champions now.”

Although Benzema scored an equalizer in the 87th minute and Modric beat Real at the time of injury. 

It was not enough as Atletico players were celebrating on the pitch with other away fans gathered outside Valladolid.

Reports last week said Zidane had told Real players he would leave at the end of the season. But the Frenchman said he would discuss his future with the club.

“Right now, we simply need to relax, and when the situation gets calms down in the next few days. I’ll talk to the club, and that’s it. But today is not the day,” said Zidane.

“Soon, we will get to see what happens next. Not only me but also the whole club is planning for next season. The media have already said it. We haven’t won anything this year, and we know what we have to do for this club.”

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