Renato Moicano Wife Priscila Van Der Broocke: Married Life & Kids

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Driven by her husband’s journey, Renato Moicano wife, Priscila Van Der Broocke, has courageously delved into the world of mixed martial arts.

Aside from being the wife of a prominent UFC fighter, she has also solidified her standing as a fierce mixed martial artist, athlete, and model.

Renato Moicano, A Professional UFC Fighter
Renato Moicano, A Professional UFC Fighter (Source: Facebook)

The 34-year-old mixed martial artist Renato Moicano competes in the Lightweight Division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

A professional since 2010, he previously competed in the Featherweight division ( 2010-19) and has etched his name as the former interim Jungle Fight Featherweight Champion.

Renato signed with the UFC in December 2014 and made his professional debut at UFC Fight Night, where he won the match against Tom Niinimaki.

At present, the fighter boasts seventeen wins inside the octagon, among which ten are via submission. Likewise, as of the recent UFC Lightweight rankings, Renato positions at No.13.

Further, as of this writing, Renato is now scheduled to face Drew Dober on February 3, 2024, at UFC Fight Night 235.

Renato Moicano Wife, Priscilla Van Der Broocke

Renato Moicano and his wife, Priscila Van Der Broocke, share an unwavering passion for sports that forms the cornerstone of their relationship. 

As mentioned earlier, inspired by her husband, Van Der Broocke dipped her toes into the world of MMA. 

While her husband has been a professional for over a decade, she is in the early stages of her career.

Renato Moicano Alongside His Wife
Renato Moicano Alongside His Wife (Source: Facebook)

In an interview, Priscilla mentioned, “I started watching him train and enjoyed it. He taught amateur MMA classes in a gym, and one day, I joined the class and enjoyed it.”

Priscilla Van Der Broocke, now 34, made her MMA debut in December 2017 and emerged victorious against Laila Oliveira via first-round knockout.     

However, after her first match, she hasn’t stepped up for another fight, and the reason besides this remains undisclosed. 

Further, given her interest in sports, Priscila has competed in a few others, including jiu-jitsu, karate, and soccer. Aside from all this, she is also a model, working with several high-profile companies. 

 All About Their Married Life And Kids

The UFC fighter and his wife, Priscila Van Der Broocke, were schoolmates in the early 2000s. While at the school, they both had a crush on one another as kids.

However, as Renato moved from school to school, they lost contact, and years later, they reconnected through Facebook.

After dating for a while, the two eventually exchanged wedding rings at a private ceremony. Unfortunately, the timeline of their marriage isn’t available.

The Fighter's Wife, Priscila Van Der Broocke, Acting Goofy Around Her Son
The Fighter’s Wife, Priscila Van Der Broocke, Acting Goofy Around Her Son (Source: Facebook)

Further, aside from being supportive partners, the couple are also proud parents of a son (born in 2020).

As the couple seemingly maintain a low profile, limited details are available regarding their kid. However, few glimpses of their family life can be seen through their shared pictures on Facebook profiles.

Additionally, Renato, along with his wife and son, currently resides in Brasilia, Brazil.

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