Riccardo Patrese Net Worth 2023: Career Earnings And Income

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A retired Formula One racer, Riccardo Patrese’s racing career of 16 years brought him immense fame and money showers. So, how much is Patrese’s net worth?

Throughout his F1 journey, the Italian-born racer competed in 257 races, with starts in 256. Despite having no championship titles, he has won six Formula One races- the 1982 Monaco GP being his first win.

Riccardo was one of the noted drivers and probably earned a lot of money.

For instance, this era’s highest-paid racing drivers, like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, earned $60 million & $55 million, respectively, in 2022, as per Forbes.

Retired F1 Racer Riccardo Patrese Owns $2 Million Net Worth
Retired F1 Racer Riccardo Patrese Owns $2 Million Net Worth (Source: Old Racing Cars)

Professionally active from 1977 until retirement in 1993, Patrese raced for teams like Canon Williams Team and Warsteiner Arrows Racing Team. He mostly drove Ford and Renault.

Four of his six F1 wins came while racing for Renault from 1990 to 1992.

After bidding farewell to the racing track, he took up show jumping while also visiting races in the later years.

During the 2005 Grand Prix Masters formula for retired F1 drivers, he finished third behind Nigel Mansell and Emerson Fittipaldi at Kyalami GP Circuit.

In 2018, Riccardo came out of his retirement briefly to compete in the 2018 Spa 24 Hours, where his team finished #32.

There, he joined Loïc Depailler (the son of former F1 driver Patrick Depailler), Bertrand Baguette, and Esteban Guerrieri and drove the Honda NSX GT3 for Castrol Honda Racing.

Riccardo Patrese Net Worth In 2023: Career Earnings And Income

It’s been three decades since Riccardo retired from Formula One, but his racing style and achievements still echo on the track.

As of 2024, Riccardo Gabriele Patrese has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Most of his income came through his Formula One racing.

Like other racers, he was also in contracts with racing teams that earned him a hefty sum- which is justifiable given that they put their life on the line.

The F1 drivers are paid a salary instead of a cut from the team’s budget cap.

Some contracts can earn them a bonus for their performance on the track, while endorsements/sponsorship bring extra revenue.

Riccardo Won The 1992 Japanese Grand Prix
Riccardo Won The 1992 Japanese Grand Prix (Source: Motor Sports)

Between his Formula One journey from 1977 to 1993, Patrese took six wins in his name.

His wins were in the 1982 Monaco GP, 1983 South African GP, 1990 San Marino GP, 1991 Mexican GP, 1991 Portuguese GP, and 1992 Japanese GP.

Throughout his career, the Italian racing driver competed in 257 races and held a then-record for most starts (in 256 races). Later, Rubens Barrichello surpassed him, recording his 258th Grand Prix entry at the 2008 Turkish GP.

Riccardo never officially opened up his career earnings, but he could have taken home a sum in the 7-digit figure.

F1 Racers Also Have To Pay A Hefty Registration Fee

Even if the earnings are high for elite racers, the FIA implements a rule to keep the money flow in check.

As reported, drivers must pay a registration fee with a primary $11,000 tag, an extra $2,230 per point from the previous season. 

For instance, Verstappen had to pay $1 million in registration to enter the 2023 F1 season.

The same procedures could have been a scenario for the former racing driver Riccardo Patrese. But with the yield of much more potential, the registration fee looks like a paltry sum.

What Is Riccardo Patrese Doing These Days?

Born on April 17, 1954, the 70-year-old former F1 racer is living a retired life.

Even after his retirement, Patrese occasionally returned in the later years: at the 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 2005 Grand Prix Masters, and the 2018 Spa 24 Hours.

Furthermore, he took up show jumping and won an Italian national amateur title, but retired in 2014.

Sideways, the retired racer, is pursuing his passion as a keen collector of model railways.

Patrese During His Heydays As A Formula One Racer
Patrese During His Heydays As A Formula One Racer (Source: Redbull)

Now, Riccardo, the father of 5 kids from two marriages, lives in Milan, Italy, with his second wife.

He and his second wife, Francesca Accordim (whom he married in 2001), share two children: a son, Lorenzo (b. August 12, 2005), and another daughter, Elena (b. 2014).

With his former wife, Susi, he is the father of three children: a son, Simone Patrese, and twin daughters, Maddelena and Beatrice Patrese.

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