Riley Gaines Family: Parents, Husband And Net Worth

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An American former competitive swimmer, Riley Gaines, has a strong athletic background. She was born and raised to athlete parents Brad Gaines and Telisha Gaines.

Continuing the family’s legacy of sporting achievements, she has established herself in the swimming world and made her parents proud of her accomplishments. 

Moreover, the former athlete has also been the talk of the town for raising her voice to protect women’s sports. 

Continue reading the article and discover more about Riley Gines’ personal life, including her parents, husband, and her career achievements. 

The Former Collegiate Swimmer Riley Gaines
The Former Collegiate Swimmer Riley Gaines (Source: Instagram)

Riley Gaines is an American former competitive swimmer. The Tennessee native is best known for competing for the University of Kentucky NCAA swim team.  

She attended the Station Camp High School. During her junior year, she won the 100-meter butterfly and 100-meter freestyle races in the TISCA High School Swim & Dive Championship in Knoxville.

After her successful high school career, Gaines enrolled at the University of Kentucky. During her freshman year, she made the All-SEC Freshman Team.

Gaines participated in the 2021 NCAA Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships and became the 1st runner-up in the  4 x 200m freestyle relay and seventh in the 200m freestyle race.

Furthermore, the University of Kentucky gained a position on the All-SEC First Team. In 2022, she was partnered with Lia Thomas for fifth place in the 200-yard NCAA freestyle championship. 

Therefore, Lia became the first openly transgender woman champion in NCAA women’s swimming to win the 500-yard freestyle.

Not only for swimming, the former athlete is also known for raising her voice to protect women’s sports. 

Riley Gaines Athletic Family

Sports talents run deep in the Gaines family. Riley’s parents were familiar with and actively involved in sports. 

Riley Gaines was born on April 22, 2000, in Hometown Gallatin, Tennessee, to parents Brad Gaines and Telisha Gaines.

She was raised alongside her three siblings, sisters Taylor and Neely Gaines and brother Bradford.

Riley Gaines Parents Brad And Telisha Gaines
Riley Gaines’ Parents Brad And Telisha Gaines (Source: Instagram)

Her father, Brad, was a college football player. He showcased his skills on the field during his time at Vanderbilt University, proving his mettle in the high-stakes world of college football.

On the other hand, her mother, Telisha, was a softball player. She showed her talents during her days at Donelson Christian Academy and Austin Peay., leaving a trail of unforgettable moments on the field. 

With such a family history, it’s no surprise that their daughter, Riley, would go on to make her mark in the world of swimming, continuing the family’s legacy of sporting achievements.

Riley Gaines Husband: Who Is Louis Barker?

Riley and her husband Louis’ love story long before their marriage. Let’s relive their enchanting lover story and delve deeper into their dynamic relationship.

Their story started at the University of Kentucky, where they crossed paths as students. The couple were first friends, later developed feelings for each other, and soon began dating. 

Finally, Riley tied the knot with the love of her life, Louis Barker, on May 29, 2022, after two months of engagement. 

Riley Gaines With Her Husband Louis Barker
Riley Gaines With Her Husband Louis Barker (Source: Instagram)

The athlete’s husband, Barker, owns LCB Constructions. As per his LinkedIn profile, he is a business student who was a co-founder of the Pool House, LLC. 

Additionally, Baker also had experience as a project manager at Chandler and Son from November 2021 to July 2023.

Riley Gaines’ Net Worth

Riley Gaines is one of the most accomplished female swimmers. Overcoming the journey filled with hurdles, sacrifices, and unwavering dedication, she has not only earned fame but also an impressive fortune. 

As per reports, Riley Gaines has amassed a net worth of around $1 million. She also earns thousands of dollars through sponsorships and endorsement deals. 

The former collegiate swimmer is famous for being vocal against transgender women competing in women’s sports. 

The individual who spoke out against an NCAA decision permitting Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete, to compete against her in a women’s championship race has recently resolved their lawsuit; under the agreement, Riley will receive $1.2 million.

Furthermore, there were reports of Gaines declining a $3 million contract from Nike.

However, she didn’t reject the offer but criticized the brand for disrespecting women by partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

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