Rob Dyrdek Parents Patty And Gene Dyrdek Are His Inspiration

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Rob Dyrdek feels grateful that his parents supported him and his unorthodox career choices. The famous TV personality credits his parents for not judging him and being by his side at every step.

Rob Dyrdek’s parents, Patty and Gene Dyrdek come from a humble background. However, their son chose to make a name for himself in an extravagant field.

Nonetheless, the couple are proud of their son. Also, the two are a constant feature on Rob’s social media accounts.

Famous TV Personality And Entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek
Famous TV Personality And Entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek (Source: IMDB)

Rob Stanely Dyrdek is a 49-year-old former professional skateboarder, actor, producer, reality TV personality, and also an entrepreneur. 

With a whopping 7 million followers on Instagram, Rob built his career from professional skateboarding. He started when he was just 12, and by 17, he had already formed his own skateboard company.

Furthermore, he opened the world’s first skate plaza in his hometown, Kettering, in the state of Ohio.

Along with that, Rob moved into the world of TV, where he did multiple skateboarding skits. He became famous for the MTV reality series Rob & Big, which featured him and his bodyguard.

Dyrdek has since produced and appeared in multiple shows and movies. His most notable works include shows like Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Currently, Rob is a serial entrepreneur, he invests in startups through his firm, Dyrdek Machine.

Meet The Parents of Rob Dyrdek: Patty and Gene Dyrdek

The media personality is the youngest son of Patty and Gene Dyrdek. The couple have opened up about their private life to some extent.

The two have been married for over 50 years and appeared on one of Rob’s tv shows.

Furthermore, they enjoy their retired life with their grandchildren.

Mother Patty Dyrdek

Rob’s mother, Patty, is 79-year-old and celebrated her birthday on December 8. She supported her family as a homemaker.

Rob With His Mother Pat Dyrdek
Rob With His Mother Patty (Source: Instagram)

When she first saw her son perform dangerous stunts on live television, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She still scolds him when he reveals he’s a high school dropout on his podcast.

Rob surprised her mother back in 2014 by organizing a cameo role in her favorite soap opera, The Bold and Beautiful. 

Moreover, she has an active Instagram account with 116K followers and posts photos of her family.

Father Gene Dyrdek

Gene Dyrdek is 83-year-old and celebrates his birthday on August 12. He was a suits salesman during his working days.

Rob With His Dad Gene Dyrdek
Rob With His Dad Gene (Source: Instagram)

The father-son duo love spending time together. They often play golf, where the older Dyrdek wins pretty much always.

Furthermore, he even appeared on his son’s show Ridiculousness and played golf. In 2018, the old golfer fractured his wrist on the golf course.

He is also on Instagram with 11K followers.

Rob Dyrdek: Married Life And Kids

The versatile persona is also a family man who is married and has two kids.

Rob’s wife, Bryiana Dyrdek, is a beauty icon, model, and entrepreneur. She is also Rob’s long-time girlfriend.

Rob Dyrdek With His Wife And Kids
Dyrdek Family (Source: Instagram)

The Mrs.Queen of the World 2022 married her husband back in 2015, and today they share two kids: a son and a daughter.

Their son Kodah Dash celebrates his birthday on September 9. He is a preschool graduate and is into cars and toys.

Meanwhile, his little sister Nala is following in her mother’s footsteps. She won the title of World Most Beautiful Little Miss and celebrates her birthday on December 29. 


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