Robeilys Peinado Bio: Early Life, Pole Vault & Net Worth

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Robeilys Peinado is a professional Venezuelan athlete. Further, she is a prodigy in the scene for her exceptional pole vaulting skills. 

Additionally, Robeilys finished third at the 2017 World Championship held in London. Besides, she has also won numerous medals in several age categories throughout the years. 

Robeilys gained national attention after her stunning performance in IAAF World Challenge Meeting Madrid 2017.

Moreover, before her pole vaulting career, she was a gymnast. However, Peinado switched to pole vault at the age of 12 because of her tall height. 

Robeilys Peinado celebrates after her successful vault
Robeilys Peinado celebrates after her successful vault

Ever since she has been taking over the pole vaulting scene. Robeilys had even set a personal best in Cochabamba in 2018. 

During the event, she set a personal best of 4.70 meters. Also, the respective record is the current national record as well. 

Quick Facts

Name Robeilys Peinado
Nickname “Mendez”
Fullname Robeilys Mariley Peinado Méndez
Birthdate November 26, 1997
Birthplace Caracas, Venezuela
Age 26 years old
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Ox
Nationality Venezuelan
Body type Athletic
Hair color Black
Skin Dark
Height 5’4″ (163cm)
Weight 110 lb (50 kg)
Profession Track and field
Specialization Pole Vault
Gender Female
Club OSOT Szczecin
Coached by Vyacheslav Kalinichenko
World Championships 2017 London (Bronze)
Youth Olympic Games 2014 Nanjing (Silver)
South American Championships
  • 2015 Lima (Gold)
  • 2017 Asunción (Gold)
  • Robert Peinado
  • Maurilys Mendez
Relationship status Dating
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth $2 million
Pole Vault Merch  Tshirt, Pole
Last Update May, 2024

Robeilys Peinado | Early life

Robeilys was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on November 26, 1997. She was born to her father, Robert Peinado, and mother, Maurilys Mendez. 

Further, despite her rising popularity, not much is known about the athlete. Thus, no information regarding the athlete’s personal life or family has been disclosed. 

Robeilys Peinado and family
Robeilys Peinado celebrating an occasion with her family.

One of the reasons might be that Robeilys prefers to live her life in privacy. Consequently, she chooses her family and personal life to be far away from media attention as well. 

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Robeilys Peinado | Age, Height & Weight

The exceptional athlete is just 26 years of age. Yet, at such a young age, Robeilys has achieved wonders as a pole vaulter. 

Additionally, her physicality has played a big part in her success. The super athlete stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches and weighs around 63 kg. 

Thus, Robeilys has been able to perform exceptionally because of her balanced stature. Moreover, she is known to be quite strict regarding her diet. 

Besides, Robeilys’s intense workout session has also helped her maintain her strength and flexibility. 

Robeilys Peinado | Is she married or in a relationship with anyone?

Despite being a private person, Robeilys is quite open about her relationship status. She is currently in a relationship with Cecilio Correa.

Further, Correa is a professional tennis player. However, not much is known about him as well. 

Robeilys Peinado and Cecilio Correa
Robeilys Peinado with her boyfriend.

Nonetheless, you can follow him for the latest update on Instagram. He goes by the username @cecilio_correa on the respective platform. 

Robeilys Peinado | Career

Every year IAAF World Championship produces medalists who rise during the occasion. Robeilys is one of those athletes who rose at this edition in London. 

However, the critics and the spectators did not expect her to be among the medalists. Further, Robeilys was also outside the top 10 during the 2017 world list. 

Additionally, she did not make it to US publication Track and Field News. None of them had her on their list of top 10 predictions for the event. 

Also, she was struggling to find her best form for future occasions. Nonetheless, Robeilys Peinado was able to equal her national record of 4.65m.

Thus, Reinado’s second attempt at the London 2017 women’s pole vault would be proven to be fruitful. Further, she clinched third place at the event with Cuba’s 2015 world champion Yarisley Silva

Moreover, she became the youngest women’s pole vault medalist and finalist as well. 

Besides, Robeilys wrote her name in Venezuela’s sporting history books. The athlete achieved the feat by becoming the first Venezuelan to win a medal at the IAAF World Championships.

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Teenage talent

Ever since her teenage years, Robeilys Peinado has had a fine track record. Furthermore, Robeilys was the 2013 world youth champion as well.

In addition, she holds the best outdoor mark for the 17 and 18-year-old categories. 

Moreover, Robeilys was the silver medalist at the IAAF World U20 Championships. The event was held in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Robeilys Peinado focuses before vault
Robeilys Peinado prepares for her vault.

Besides, Robeilys suffered an injury before the Olympic Games. During the training session, she had broken a pole while attempting a jump. 

Moreover, the shards sliced between her forefinger and thumb. Consequently, it had a major effect on her mentally and physically. 

Also, the doctors warned her because of potential nerve damage. Besides, her coach Wiaczesław Kaliniczenko believed that she might not be able to regain her full strength. Further, they were hoping that the injury would not affect her gripping ability. 

Nonetheless, the worst-case scenarios came to pass by. Thus, Robeilys began her training after her return to the Polish city of Szczecin. 

Consequently, the progress was noticeable as she was preparing to compete again. 

Back at the top

Robeilys adds five centimeters during the IAAF Diamond League. The results beat her previous record that stood since 2015 when Robeilys cleared 4.65m. 

Furthermore, the height was equal to her record in London. During the event, Robeilys set a record of 4.75 m in her second attempt. 

Besides, after her initial return, she became an exotic figure in Szczecin. The Polish media have adopted Robeilys Peinado as one of their own in recent times. 

Most of the headlines on their newspaper read, “A Venezuelan medal minted in Poland.”

Regarding such articles, Robeilys quoted,

“I believe that going to live and train in Europe was the right step for me to take. I train in Poland, and everyone knows Poland is a cold country, but this does not matter anymore.”

Robeilys Peinado | Social Media Presence

The professional pole vault athlete has gained immense popularity in Social media. Peinado is active on Twitter by the username @robeilys_ruby. Additionally, she has over 22k followers on the respective platform. 

On the other hand, you can follow her on Instagram as well. She has over 40k followers under the same username @robeilys_ruby. 

Robeilys Peinado | Net Worth

Robeilys is a young athlete who has been soaring to new heights at just in her 20s. Thus, there are years ahead of her when she can attain her goals and objectives. 

Consequently, she will be able to earn herself a fortune as well. Nonetheless, currently, the national pole vaulter has been living a lavish lifestyle as well.

In addition, Peinado trains in a well-facilitated training center with her coach and teammates. 

Thus, she has nothing to worry about as of now. But, on the other hand, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. 

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Queries on Robeilys Peinado

Is Robeilys Brazilian?

No, she was born in Venezuela; her nationality is Venezuelan. 

Is she married?

No, Peinado is currently in a relationship, but she does not intend to marry as of now. 

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