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Allison Stokke is an American track and field athlete and a fitness model. She is the most adorned and accomplished pole vaulter in the history of sports, who broke several American records for high school pole vaulting. 

She was labeled as one of the sexiest female athletes of the modern day and became an internet sensation overnight.

Despite being a successful and awe-inspiring athlete, the American’s performance got overshadowed by fanatics who sought to sexualize her.

Allison Stokke A Pole Female Vaulter (Source: Scrolller)

Indeed, a heinous act potentially challenged them to shatter her reputation. The support of a few enthusiasts and fellow female athletes encouraged her to shove away the incidents as a minor setback.

As of 2022, Alisson has a net worth of around $5 million.

The 35-year-old athlete is a pole vaulter who, in the meantime, also works as a fitness model.

Being a record-breaker at 17, the time hasn’t slowed Allison down, and she is still as adept as she was in her youth.

Hilary Clinton once said,” Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” Honestly, the woman of our discussion today, Allison Stokke, is one such talent. 

Before getting into details about the pole vaulter’s life and career, here are some quick facts about her. 

Allison Stokke | Quick Facts

Full Name Allison Rebecca Stokke Fowler
Birth Date March 22, 1989
Birth Place Newport Beach, California, U.S.
Nick Name Allison
Religion/Heritage Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Newport Harbor High School / University of California, Berkeley
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Allan Stokke
Mother’s Name Cindy Stokke
Siblings Yes (David Stokke)
Age 35 Years Old
Height 5’7″/1.70 m/170 cm
Weight 58kg / 128 lb. 
Shoe Size 9.5
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Build Mesomorphic (Athletic)
Married Yes
Husband Rickie Fowler
Children A Girl (Maya)
Profession Track and Field Athlete (Pole Vaulting); Fitness Model
Net Worth $5 Million
College Team California Golden Bears
Active Since 2005
Initial Career Gymnast
Honors 2 NCAA Division I Championships, All-American NCAA Indoor Championships, All-Academic Honors
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Merch Posters, Autographed Picture
Last Update June, 2024

Allison Stokke | Early Life, Parents, & Education

Celebrating her birthday on March 22 every year, Allison was born in the summer of 1989 in Newport Beach, California (U.S.). Also, Allan and Cindy were proud parents of two beautiful children.

Similarly, Stokke has an older brother named David, a youth gymnast who competed nationally. Eventually, a young Allison followed suit and entered gymnastics.

Stokke’s right decision paved the way for other athletic endeavors.

After enrolling in a local high school, Newport Harbor High School, the Californian joined the pole vaulting group. Subsequently, over time, Allison became a country-wide sensation.

Allison Stokke
Allison Stokke On Her Wedding Day (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, at the age of just 15 years, the Newport native stood victorious in 2004’s 15-16 United States title, making a great 3.81m (12’6″) leap.

The high schooler broke the highest vaulting record as a freshman with a leap of 3.86m (12’7 3/4″).

The record-breaking streak persisted as she surpassed a record set by a sophomore by ranking a 4.11m (13’5 3/4″) leap in 2005.

However, incredible feats don’t come without consequences; Stokke broke her leg twice after missing landings.

After almost giving heart palpitations to all those who followed her avidly, the high schooler went on to get top rank at the CIF California State Meet.

Also, she concluded her senior year with the second rank in high school records and eighth place in the National Junior Championship the same year.

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Allison Stokke | Age, Height, & Body Measurements 

Born in 1989, Allison is 35 years old. In like manner, the pole vaulter is just a bonafide hottie, and we say this with the utmost respect to the talented athlete.

It is only likely for athletes to show off their physical prowess, be it on social media or in competitions. A seemingly rotund person cannot aim to be a pole vaulter. While the sport looks appealing, it has its dangers.

Hence, their athletic frame of Allison is quite natural. Moreover, the Californian measures 34 inches in the breast, 25 inches in the waist, and 34 inches in the hips and weighs a suitable 58 kg(128 lb.).

Allison Stokke
Allison Stokke (Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, the American pole vaulter stands at a perfect height of 5’7″ (1.70 m) and wears a shoe of size 9.5. Most importantly, Allison is recognizable with a muscular physique, brown eyes, and a smile accentuating her beautiful face.

On the other hand, if one checks her Instagram, one can find many posts related to fitness and her pole vaulting career. Honestly, young girls and even boys can draw inspiration from this beautiful athlete who works incredibly hard to improve in every instance.

With an innate passion for Pole Vaulting, the Californian isn’t going to quit anytime soon. Allison finds time to work out even when she is enjoying a holiday. Furthermore, her marriage to a sports star preserves her career as a pole vaulter.

Training & Diet

Moving on, we will talk about Allison’s exercise routine and the dietary regime to keep up against younger aspirants, even at 35.

Similarly, the Californian engages in weight training, cardio, flexibility movements, and underwater work.

Allison Stokke During Her Exercise Session (Source: Twitter)

Besides, while not practicing pole vaulting, Stokke enjoys power yoga, a form that aids relaxation and boosts focus. Similarly, Allison promotes the ingestion of wholesome food products.

As such, the American pole vaulter occasionally eats avocado toast seasoned with olive oil, sea salt, and red pepper.

Notwithstanding that, Stokke also dines on Macaroni and Cheese, Fresh Berries, and Green Leafy Vegetables.

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Allison Stokke | Career 

From high school fame to subsequent professional growth, Allison was never disappointed. Nobody would believe one could make a career out of pole vaulting if someone wrote on the internet.

Indeed, Stokke is living proof. The more we talk about this heartthrob, the less it feels. Nonetheless, we will try to keep it short and let you enjoy the discussion on Californian’s illustrious careers.

Before stepping into a professional career, sudden overnight fame caused her to lose sleep. While it may indicate a more inhibited and timid nature, Allison had become an object of desire, and she was just 17 at that time.

Fame From The Internet | A 2007 Photo Incident

To illustrate, when you are a female athlete, people mostly remain interested because of your looks and the amount of skin you put on display. In the 21st century, the objectification of women has not stopped.

First, a journalist residing in California, with Allison’s consent, took photos of her competing in a pole vaulting event. The images found their way to many websites, one mainly gained popularity when a website named With Leather reposted it.

The website remark about the sexiness exuded by the athlete. One heading read:

Pole Vaulting is Sexy, Barely Legal! ”

In this instance, the photographer who took those photos was innocent and felt the images were inappropriately handled.

Allison Stokke Before Jumping (Source: Reddit)

However, it was too late to do anything; the images made their way to a broad audience and suddenly charted Stokke to a height of popularity.

The Californian came forth to express her deep disappointment after the incident. Consequently, the number of stalkers and perverts grew, and her emails started blowing up with many modeling requests.

Furthermore, Allison became an object of desire, a “sex symbol” against her own will.

In all honesty, these incidents nullify all the achievements and sporting success obtained by a female athlete. Hence, awareness must be spread to reduce the sexualization of women in general.

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Career After Unprecedented Fame

Above all, the newfound fame became both a curse and a blessing. As more photographic journalists attended Stokke’s competitions, the internet remained, and the fan-following took a vertical climb.

Meanwhile, the American pole vaulter studied at the University of California, Berkley, on a sporting scholarship to acquire a degree in Sociology.

At the same time, she participated in events like the Pac-10 Conference and the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation.

Being a part of the Californian Golden Bears collegiate track team, Stokke excelled at the collegiate level setting a 4.11 m (13’5 3/4″) jump record in her first year.

Allison Stokke
Allison Stokke During The Competition (Source:

Similarly, the American pole vaulter found more success in the second year, as she topped a 4.21m (13’9 1/2″) leap.

Moreover, the Californian was under the guidance of a five-time former All-American, Scott Slover. Simultaneously, Stokke landed 8th and 7th place at the Pac-10 and MPSF Indoor Championships, respectively.

Similarly, in Division I of the NCAA Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships, Allison made a 19th-place finish, with the best vault being 3.90m (12’9 1/2″).


Unfortunately, the streak of lousy performance continued as she completed the eighth position at the Pac-10, which dissolved her chances for NCAA Championships.

Even though Allison landed the 8th spot at the NCAA Indoor Championship in 2011 after clearing a 4.10m (13-05.25) jump, the association granted her All-American status. The event was held within the compounds of Texas A&M University.

Allison In NCCA Indoor Championship (Source: Flickr)

Later that year, the American pole vaulter graduated from Berkeley and directed her absolute focus to the pole vault. Despite having poor rankings among other American athletes, the endeavor persevered.

Eventually, Stokke recorded a lifetime best leap of 4.36m (14’3 1/2″) in 2012, as the American desperately aimed to qualify for the London Olympics.

Unfortunately, the Californian had to return home after failing to impress at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

After that, the athlete faced a decline in form as she managed 4.20m in 2013 and only a 3.95m jump in 2014.

However, after landing eighth at the Chula Vista OTC High-Performance Meet in 2016, Stokke found her form as she went to record 4.27m securing third place at the 2017 Austin Longhorn Invitational.

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Allison Stokke | Net Worth, Salary & Incomes

In particular, starting her career in her junior year in school, Allison has come a long way to amass a staggering net worth of $5 million. Moreover, the money stems from prizes and her endorsement deals.

Stokke partnered with the globally renowned sporting brand, Nike, to promote health and exercise requirements.

Hence, on Instagram, we can notice her draped in Nike sportswear, which, by the way, is incredibly comfortable.

Further, the fitness model also appeared in an ad campaign for GoPro. GoPro is a company that produces action cameras, mobile apps, and video-editing software.

Allison In A Photoshoot As A Fitness Model (Source: Pinterest)

At the same time, Allison is also GAP’s face, a famous clothing brand, and Uniqlo Co. Ltd., which has its roots in Japanese designers.

Concurrently, the pole vaulter turned fitness model has a contract with agencies that grant her a $15k salary per photoshoot. The amount may vary on the nature, duration, and location of photoshoots.

Contrarily, Allison’s husband, Rickie Fowler, has a whopping net worth of $20 million. The Fowler family doesn’t have a hard time getting around.

Accordingly, Allison relishes a well-deserved vacation, traveling to different places, and is accustomed to new and intriguing cultures.

Allison Stokke | Relationship Status, Husband & Kids 

To answer the question of the large fandom, yes, Ms. Stokke is now Mrs. Fowler. Rickie Fowler is an American professional golfer born on December 13, 1988.

Besides, Fowler achieved complete success at his amateur levels and is still washing out his opponents as a professional.

Allison With Her Family
Allison With Her Family (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Allison and Rickie first met in 2017 through mutual friends, immediately struck a chord, and began dating. For instance, their first public appearance as a couple was during the Motocross Race event in 2017.

The couple has not shied away from expressing their love for one another on social media.

The lovebirds are head over heels for each other. At the same time, they support each other in any significant event they participate in.

The beautiful couple is happily married and has a beautiful baby together.

As for Allison’s husband, Fowler is going through a hard time into 2022, as he misses his first three cuts until his T55th finishes at the Genesis Invitational.

He only played one major, the PGA Championship, where he tied for 23rd. Fowler could barely retain his Tour card, finishing 125th in the FedEx Cup, claiming the last spot.

Allison Stokke | Social Media Presence

Allison is available on Instagram @allisonstokke, Twitter @StokkeAllison, and Facebook @Allison Stokke. However, she does not post often.

You can find updates about her life and her athletic life.

Instagram: 690Kfollowers

Twitter: 47.6K followers

Facebook: 134K followers

Allison Stokke | Popularity

Allison is famous as a pole vaulter and fitness model for Nike and Athleta.

However, her images at age seventeen were all over the internet, making her an internet phenomenon.

Allison Stokke
Allison Stokke Popularity Graph (Source: Google)

The above graph illustrates the popularity of the pole vaulter all over the world.

Allison Stokke | FAQs

Was Allison Stokke a caddy?

Yes, in 2018, she served as a caddy for her now-husband, Rickie Fowler. Moreover, she went viral at the 2018 Masters.

How many medals had Allison Stoke won?

The former vaulter has not won any medals in her pole vaulting career. Nevertheless, she has received many honors and has set some records.

She had achieved All-American honors and regional-level all-academic honors.

How are Allison Stoke’s outfits?

The Nike model has a fantastic fashion sense and often wears casual, comfortable, trendy outfits. She can be seen in athletic wear a lot.

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