Robert Bobroczky Bio: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Robert Bobroczky, anglicized Bobroczky, is a Hungarian professional basketball player who became a sensation due to his unbelievable height. Currently, he plays for the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. He is the second tallest basketball player in the world, behind Paul Sturgess.

Additionally, Robert was recruited in 2014; however, the American media recognized him after his video got viral on the internet in 2016. Therefore, he made his mark as a basketball prospect right then. During his time in the Italian Club Stella Azzurra, he was recorded as the tallest European basketball player.

Bobroczky, the second tallest basketball player
Bobroczky, the second tallest basketball player(source: Instagram)

Below provided short quick facts are about the player for your easygoing.

Quick Facts

Full NameRóbert Bobróczkyi
Date of BirthJuly 17, 2000
Birth PlaceArad, Romania
Nick NameBig Bob, B.O.B
Age21 Years Old
Height7 ft 7 inches (2.31 m)
Weight225 lbs (102 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Father’s NameZsigmond Bobroczky
Mother’s NameBrunhilde Bobroczky
EducationHigh school (Grand River Academy)

Training Centre (Spire Institute and Academy)

Marital StatusUnmarried
Body Measurements17 (US), 53 (EU)
ProfessionBasketball player
Jersey no.23
AffiliationSPIRE Institute (A.S Stella Azzurra)
Active Years2014-2020
Net Worth$ 20,000
Social Media (Hashtags)Instagram, Twitter
Last UpdateMay, 2022

Physical Attributes

Robert is known for his insanely crazy height. The player weighs 225 lbs (102 kg) and has a fair complexion with brown hair and black eyes. Though he is crazily tall, however, he is slim with a small oval face. He has a shoe size of 17 (US), 53 (EU), and a 140 cm (57 in) inseam.

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Robert Bobroczky | Family Details, Early Life, Height

Bobroczky was born in Arad, Romania, on July 17, 2000. He holds a Hungarian Nationality. Furthermore, he grew up with a Romanian-born Hungarian parent. His father is Zsigmond Bobroczky, and his mother is Brunhilde Bobroczky, and he does not have any siblings.

Robert was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer and is a Christian. On the one hand, Robert’s father is a former basketball player standing at 7 ft 1 inch. On the other hand, his mother is a former handball and volleyball player with a 6 ft 1-inch height. Truly, Robert’s father played professional basketball alongside the tallest player in basketball history, Gheorghe Muresan. They had teamed up for Romania’s national team.

Additionally, even at the young age of 8, he was taller than his mother by 1 inch. Gradually, till the age of 12, he surpassed his father’s height, standing tall at 7 ft 2 inches. At the age of 13, he was recorded to be taller than Robert Wadlow (World’s Tallest man) at the same age.

Robert Bobroczky
Robert Bobroczky / Instagram

Since his childhood days, he has been a medical science study subject due to his exceptional towering height.

However, his gigantic height is not a hormonal disease or overgrowth syndrome, as asked by many people. Moreover, his height is due to his healthy genetics (i.e., familial or constitutional tall stature).

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Robert Bobroczky | Career

Robert got encouragement to pursue basketball because of his height. When he first made his high school basketball debut, he weighed just 190 lb (86 kg).

Early Career

For the first time, in 2014, he was recruited by the amateur level basketball club based in Italy, A.S. Stella Azzurra. The very club is renowned for the growth of NBA power forward  Andrea Bargnani.

Many coaches also noted Robert, and as per his scouting report, he had an improved mid-range jumper and passing ability. In addition, his immense height and physical attributes made him an obvious mismatch against any of his opponents.

Robert with his win
Robert with his win / Instagram

On the contrary, due to his lack of muscle mass, he has limited endurance and mobility on the court. Therefore, his tremendous gait threatened him with early exhaustion compare to his fellow teammates in a single go. Hence, he was coached to work on his lean muscles and exhaustion problem.

Despite the problem, he partook with Stella Azzurra and contributed to winning the Under 15 championship title. As the match’s videos surfaced on the internet, he was seen dominating the much shorter competition and got quite popular in the Italian circuit. To add to it, he also got the attention of many national and international media houses.

High School Career

After his years in the A.S. Stella Azzurra, Robert moved to Geneva, Ohio, in the US. In 2016, he attended the prep school SPIRE Institute and Academy.

For his freshman year, he was coached in the American style first, bulking him up. This is because the American style of basketball plays more physically rather than the European style. On January 14, 2017, he made a debut with the SPIRE Institute and Academy after a year of training. Following it, in 2018, he started attending nearby Grand River Academy.

According to the source, SPIRE Institute covers his training and boarding costs worth approximately $55k a year. Besides it, they provide him a medical facility of several sessions with the psychologists and treatment through Cleveland Clinic.

As of 2020, Robert went to Rochester University to complete his higher academic degree.

Robert Bobroczky | Height Problems

Until now, we were amazed by the high stature of Bobroczky, and that sounded pretty cool. However, things don’t get really cool for him as he faces countermeasures from his height.

Robert was named the youngest high school basketball player alive. Although Robert has no tumor or gigantism, he does have scoliosis, which means a curve spine. Due to his abnormal height, he has a sideways curvature of the spine.

Robert Bobroczky Standing Tall Height
Robert Bobroczky Standing Tall Height

Similarly, Bobroczky faces knee pain and a neck bend, which will be going for the long term. From an early age of 14, his parents took him to the Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington. Back then, it was reported that the doctors feared if his unusual growth would stop. But as we see now, it seems as he has stopped growing.

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Robert Bobroczky | RU Men’s Basketball

As of 2020, Rochester University Men’s Basketball signed in Robert Bobroczky. Robert had spent four years at SPIRE Institute and Academy at Geneva, Ohio.

The coach of Klint Pleasant stated, “We’re excited about welcoming Robert into our program. He’s hungry to play and has a desire to work on his strength in hopes of assimilating to the physicality of the college game. His size will be unmatched, and he has a skill set and coordination to build upon.”

Robert Bobroczky | Net Worth

As of 2022, Robert is estimated to have a net worth of $ 20,000. More details on his salary are not disclosed.

Robert Bobroczky | Love Life

Until today’s date, Robert has no girlfriend, as there is no news about it. Maybe, he is well-focused on his career and the games. Obviously, the term “marriage” hasn’t occurred as he is still really young. However, his sexual orientation is straight.

Facts of Robert Bobroczky

  • Robert is multilingual. He can speak English, Italian, Serbian, and Hungarian. However, his mother tongue is Romanian.
  • He likes horror movies, science fiction novels, “old school” music, and NBA 2k.
  • Robert taught himself to play the piano from Youtube.
  • During his English presentation in class, he was to prepare about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. However, Robert joked about the Indiana Jones movie.
  • Robert is a straight-A student.
  • Bobroczky has featured in the top magazines as ESPN, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and other outlets.

Bobroczky during a game
Bobroczky during a game/ Instagram

Robert Bobroczky | Returned confidence

Being one of the world’s tallest players and even surpassing your friend’s height does not always sound cool. Robert had to go through many irrelevant thoughts as he grew up.

He shares how he felt like an outcast, always someone’s interest, laughs, jitters, and amazement. Being a youth, iT is mentally tiring to be something extra rather than being normal. Similarly, Bobroczky always felt eyes bore in him, which was awkward.

The first intuition of him was to ignore it; however, it didn’t work every single day.

However, as he grew up, he found teammates to support him and like the way he is. He found comfort in the basketball court, joked with his trainer Brandon Strausser and talk about his favorite player, Kristaps Porzingis.

“I had to look up for the first time,” Bobroczky says. “We talked about never being shy, never feeling sorry for ourselves, just accept it, be happy and live with it.”

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Robert Bobroczky | Social Media

Bobroczky, as per the source, has no social media accounts, and that’s one of the reasons why so little is known about him. Therefore, to know more about him, we provide you the hashtags page.

Instagram hashtag#robertbobroczky
Twitter hashtag#bobroczky

Robert Bobroczky FAQs

Is Robert Bobroczky playing for the NBA?

Rob Bobroczky may not be playing for the NBA. As his height limits the playing time, and an intense workout or matches may worsen his health.

Is Robert Bobroczky Still Growing? Does he have Gigantism?

From his recent highlights, it seems that Robert has stopped growing his height. Also he doesn’t have Gigantism. His father is over 7ft and his mother is 6 feet tall. So this is the clue on why Robert is so tall.

What is the shoe size of Robert?

Robert wears the shoe size of 17.

What language does Rob Bobroczky speak? 

Rob Bobroczky speaks Romanian, Hungarian, English, Serbian, and Italian.

What is the Jersey Number of Rob?

Rob wears the Jersey Number of 23.

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