Robert Milkins Wife: Who Is Mary J Brockwell?

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Robert Milkins’ wife, Mary J. Brockwell, is his second partner. The English snooker player has two kids with his previous partner, Ela. 

There isn’t much known about Mary and her married life with the 2023 Welsh Open Champion. The two have kept their married life out of the spotlight. 

Milkins is seen posting a few pictures of his three kids occasionally on Twitter, but other than that he doesn’t want to give too much information about his family. Growing up, Robert Milkins had to go through many tragic family incidents.

Robert Milkins Pictured During The Shanghai Masters On September 13, 2023
Robert Milkins Pictured During The Shanghai Masters On September 13, 2023 (Source: Twitter)

He lost his mum to cancer when he was 19, and later in life lost his sister. The latter incident is also said to have caused a great depression to him and affected his playing career, leading to his incident in Turkish Masters. 

But winning the Welsh Open tournament earlier this year certainly brought a spark into his life. Milkins admitted the prize money of £300,000 would help him greatly and ease the financial burden.

Robert Milkins Wife, Mary J. Brockwell

Robert Milkins’ wife, Mary J. Brockwell, has tried to keep herself out of the media scrutiny.

In recent years, the couple has gone through several ups and downs. But throughout that period, Mary has stayed strong beside her husband. 

In 2022, Milkins was fined £7,000 after a drunken episode at the inaugural Turkish Masters. He arrived drunk at the pre-tournament celebration and later had to be taken to Antalya Hospital to have his stomach pumped.

He also ended up cutting his chin open at the men’s toilets and was helped by WPBSA chairman Jason Ferguson. Later, Robert admitted his mental health was in a poor state leading up to the incident. 

Robert Milkins Poses With The Welsh Open Trophy Earlier This Year In February
Robert Milkins Poses With The Welsh Open Trophy Earlier This Year In February (Source: Facebook)

Robert had lost his sister less than two years ago, and her death had hit him hard. But after the incident in the Turkish Masters, Robert sorted himself out and went on a phenomenal run, which saw him win his first title.

His win at Gibraltar had lifted his earnings to £60,000 after having won only £10,000 the entire season. He paid the £7000 fine after winning at the Gibraltar Open.

Though Mary has never given interviews to any publication, this might not have been a lone fight for Robert. Earlier this year, after Robert won the Welsh Open, Mary made a rare public appearance with their kids. 

Mary stood proudly beside her husband as he won his second-ever trophy. There’s no doubt that Robert’s win was as special for him as it was for Mary after they had gone through. 

There was a point when the snooker player struggled to put food down for his kids, but after the victory in the Wales Open, the family could breathe a sigh of relief. 

Robert And Mary Share Three Kids 

The English snooker player shares three kids, one boy and two girls, with his wife, Mary J. Brockwell. 

But the two kids, Charlie and Elisha’s biological mother’s name is Ela, as reported by BBC in 2014. It isn’t known when Robert and Ela separated and when he got together with Mary. 

The snooker players’ first child, Charlie Milkins, was born in 2011, followed by his first daughter’s birth, Elisha Milkins, less than a year later. 

Robert Milkins Has Kept His Twitter Picture The Photo Of His Three Kids
Robert Milkins Has Kept His Twitter Picture The Photo Of His Three Kids (Source: Twitter)

The couple’s youngest child, Mia Milkins, was born in 2017, and Mia is the apple of her parents’ eyes. The 2023 Welsh Open champion has shared a few pictures of his kids on his Twitter handle. 

Previously, Robert had shared a snap of his son, Charlie, captioning the post, “All Champions start somewhere, my lad Charlie,” as his son posed in front of a snooker table, holding a cue stick. 

Robert has given clear hints that his son wants to continue his legacy and become a snooker player. But only time will tell whether Charlie’s interest in snooker will continue as he grows older. 

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