Robyn Glaser Wikipedia And Age: Patriots Senior Advisor & EVP

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Robyn Glaser Wikipedia: The New England Patriots recently appointed Robyn Glaser as their new EVP and Senior Advisor to Jerod Mayo.

After a tough 2023-24 NFL season, the Patriots are revamping their organization as they brought in Glaser shortly after introducing Jerod Mayo as their new head coach.

With this new title, people are curious to know more about Robyn Glaser professionally and personally.

Patriots EVP and Senior Advisor Robyn Glaser
Patriots EVP and Senior Advisor Robyn Glaser (Source: MIT Climate & Sustainability Consortium)

Robyn Glaser is the Patriots’ Executive Vice President of Football Business and Senior Advisor to the head coach.

Before the recent title, Glaser has worked with the Kraft Group for nearly 17 years now. She first joined the company in 2007.

During her tenure with the Kraft Group, Robyn has worked in positions like the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Business Affairs and Chief Administrative and Compliance Officer. In her diverse role, Glaser has led many business projects and initiatives.

Moreover, Robyn has overseen various operations for the Patriots, including handling NFL relations, compliance, HR, finance, sports performance and tech deals, and the player social justice fund.

Moving on, it will be interesting to see how Glaser plays her role in influencing and reshaping the team’s future with her new key role.

Robyn Glaser Wikipedia And Age

Robyn Glaser has been working in the industry for over a decade; however, she does not have a Wikipedia. Her age has yet to be known to the public, but she celebrates her birthday on June 19th every year.

Glaser is a very dedicated person in terms of career. She has her JD degree and master’s in business administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

The potent combination of legal and business expertise laid the foundation for her impressive career trajectory.

Robyn Glaser Supporting Children Through 'Put Me In'
Robyn Glaser Supporting Children Through ‘Put Me In’ (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Robyn’s dedication extends far beyond the football business. Glaser actively participates in philanthropic efforts as well.

She is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Put Me In,” a non-profit organization empowering children of incarcerated parents through sports.

Furthermore, Glaser is one of Kraft’s senior business advisors, executing special projects and philanthropic initiatives.

Glaser As The Patriots’ New Senior Advisor & EVP

Recently, the Patriots strategically appointed Robyn Glaser as the Executive Vice President of Football Business and Senior Advisor to the Head Coach.

With almost 17 years at the Kraft Group since 2007, Glaser is a trusted figure for team owner Robert Kraft and President Jonathan Kraft.

In her extensive career, she handled league relations and compliance and was vital in supporting human resources, finance, and managing the player social justice fund initiative.

Robyn Glaser Appointed As Patriots' New EVP And Senior Advisor For The Head Coach
Robyn Glaser Appointed As Patriots’ New EVP And Senior Advisor For The Head Coach (Source: NBC Sports Boston)

In her new role, Robyn is expected to provide strategic insights. She has been a key figure in various business projects, philanthropic initiatives, and operational functions for the Patriots.

They have not yet disclosed Glaser’s specific duties regarding football operations. However, her promotion aligns with the team’s critical decisions on personnel and draft choices as they navigate the offseason.

Moreover, the head coach, Jerod Mayo, is keen on rebuilding the right team for a successful era for the Pats.

Glaser’s appointment is pivotal for the Patriots for a reshaped future under a new head coach, with her strategic insights at the forefront.

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