Rondae Hollis Jefferson Parents: Who Are Ross And Rylanda?

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Ross and Rylanda Hollis are the parents of former NBA player Rondae Hollis Jefferson. Rondae’s father was mostly absent during his life and raised solely by his mother.

No amount of wealth or actions could compensate for his mother’s efforts. Rylanda Hollis left no stone unturned to raise her boys, Rondae and Rahlir.

Now, let’s dive into Rondae’s Hollis career, from growing up in one of the most dangerous places in the US to showcasing his talents in the NBA for six straight seasons.

Rondae Hollis Jefferson In The Ongoing FIBA World Cup
Rondae Hollis Jefferson In The Ongoing FIBA World Cup (Source: Instagram)

Rondae Hollis Jefferson attended Chester High School in Pennsylvania, where he kickstarted a remarkable basketball career.

The Pennsylvania-born enrolled at the University of Arizona despite having other offers from schools like Florida and Syracuse.

After forgoing two years of college eligibility, the Portland Trail Blazers drafted the power forward in the 2015 NBA Draft.

However, the Blazers traded him to the Brooklyn Nets, along with Steve Blake, in exchange for Mason Plumlee and Pat Connaughton.

Jefferson played for the Brooklyn Nets (2015-2019), Toronto Raptors (2019-2020), and Portland Trail Blazers (2021) in the NBA.

Besides, he represents Jordan on the international stage and is currently competing for the team at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Rondae Hollis Jefferson Parents: Who Are Ross And Rylanda?

Hailing from Chester, Pennsylvania, Rondae Hollis Jefferson was born on January 3, 1995, to his parents, Ross and Rylanda Hollis.

His upbringing revolved around his older brother Rahlir, who also became a professional basketball athlete.

Not much is known about their father, as he was mainly out of the picture in their life. Moreover, Ross had to serve jail time.

Rondae's Mom In Tears After Her Son Bought Her A New House
Rondae’s Mom In Tears After Her Son Bought Her A New House (Source: Daily Mail)

Rylanda worked multiple jobs to fulfill her children’s needs & wants.

She divided her shifts as a dietary supervisor at a retirement home during the day and as a bartender at night.

This resulted in the boys being unable to see their mom more often. She would arrive home late from work and leave out the door to get to her daytime job.

Today, Rylanda is witnessing the outcome of her efforts, knowing she did the right thing.

Furthermore, giving props to another person who played a significant role in Rahlir and Rondae’s proper upbringing was their grandfather.

Their grandfather always looked out for them when their mother wasn’t around and was at work.

A Troublesome Childhood

Born and bred in Chester, Rondae’s childhood was surrounded by many life-threatening incidents.

During that time, Chester had long held one of the highest per-capita murder rates in the US. Moreover, the residents of Chester had a 1 in 37 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime.

When he was 12, he played a game with his friends that the first person to reach a house in a neighborhood in Chester would win.

He was unaware of the imminent danger approaching on that bright day.

After reaching the corner, one of the men grabbed a gun. Nonetheless, no one was hurt that day.

Jordan's Power Forward Rondae Hollis Jefferson
Jordan’s Power Forward Rondae Hollis Jefferson (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Another heart-wrenching incident occurred on August 5, 2008. Rondae’s uncle, Karim Alexander, who helped his family in countless ways, was murdered in cold blood.

Karim was walking around the corner of his home, talking with a friend, when someone ran up to him, shot and killed. Sadly, the whereabouts of the killer were never found.

Rondae was 13 at that time. Despite this, he carried the pain of Alexander’s murder and his sacrifice and maintained his focus.

He excelled in high school, earned a scholarship to Arizona & played in the NBA.

Today, he attributes all his success to his family, especially his mother, uncles, and grandfather- a testament to their hardships.

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