Royce Reed Wiki & Age: Details On Her Parents, Kids & Ethnicity

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Despite having conservative views, the parents of Royce Reed never made her feel suffocated by imposing their values on her.

Her father was a soldier, and her mother has been her best friend and biggest confidant.

Royce Reed Is An Amazing Personality And A Single Mother
Royce Reed Is An Amazing Personality And A Single Mother (Source: Instagram)

Royce Lyndsay Reed is an actor, dancer, and, more importantly, a mother born in 1980.

Growing up in Orlando, she claims that she was always a good girl despite her claim of coming from a rough neighborhood.

Reed has always believed in hard work and struggle, so she never waited for success to come to her.

She was on Basketball Wives for four seasons before being fired, leaving the program, and departing.

However, she departed the show due to personal issues and conflicts with other cast members.

Before that, she worked as a cocktail waitress in Hooter and the Hospitality field at Disney World.

Royce is now in the spotlight after she has come forward, claiming what a horrible person her baby daddy, Dwight Howard, is.

Royce Reed’s Parents Were Strict, But They Raised Her Right 

Although Royce was raised by conservative parents, she never holds it against them. She adores the relationship her parents had and aspires to have something like them.

She keeps her father’s name, who used to be a soldier, away from the eyes of the public. Her mother’s name is Juanita Reed.

In an Instagram post, she mentioned that her mother is from Miami and her father is from Washington shores. All of her family, including her uncle, aunts, and others, are Rattlers.

Reed is extremely close with her parents, who have been the biggest pillar of support during her worst times.

Royce Reed Parents Have Always Been Able To Guide Her In The Right Direction
Royce Reed Parents Have Always Been Able To Guide Her In The Right Direction (Source: Instagram)

When she found out that Dwight had cheated on her with one of her dance teammates, she was considering abortion. The thought of her dance career slipping away from her also served as a catalyst. 

However, her parents talked her out of it, and she now has a lovely son named Braylon. It was her mother who got Reed into dance, gymnastics, and modeling.

Her parents did not let her date till she graduated high school. Her father told her, “You think I’m going to let some teenage boy come and pick you up and take you somewhere?“.

Reed’s parents have been married for more than 50 years now, and she looks up to them for finding inspiration in loyalty, sacrifice, and forgiveness.

Exploring Royce’s Sexuality: A Victim Of Sexual Abuse 

Growing up in a conservative family, Royce claims that it has always been difficult for her to understand her sexuality. 

As she was growing up, the act of sex was always more for the guy than for her. Her first real boyfriend also occupied much of her thoughts.

Due to this, it was tough for her as she always thought she was her person.

Royce Reed Claims That She Gets Better With Age Like Fine Wine
Royce Reed Claims That She Gets Better With Age Like Fine Wine (Source: Instagram)

During an interview with Carlos King, she disclosed that someone took her virginity. With a confused look, Carlos asked, “Did someone force you into it?”

To which she replied yes, and it was when she was at college. Due to this incident, she used to think that people were lying when they were saying that sex feels good.

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