Ryan McLeod Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Alexie Andlauer?

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Ryan McLeod has no wife, but he is currently dating Alexie Andlauer. The young couple has their Instagram handle private, and the NHL hasn’t talked much about their relationship.

Though Ryan might’ve not shared much about his girlfriend, Alexie has been seen hanging out with other Edmonton Oilers players’ wives and girlfriends.

During the holidays, Alexie was seen with Ryan’s teammate Connor McDavid’s wife, Lauren Kyle. She also happens to be the daughter of the Canadian billionaire and Ottawa Senators owner Michael Andlauer. 

Ryan McLeod Seen In Action For The Edmonton Oilers
Ryan McLeod Seen In Action For The Edmonton Oilers (Source: Twitter)

The Edmonton Oilers’ older siblings, Michael and Matthew, are hockey players. Currently, Michael, who plays for the New Jersey Devils, has been granted indefinite leave along with his teammate Cal Foote

The two could allegedly be involved in an ongoing 2018 investigation of sexual assault. Three other players involved are said to be Alex Formenton, Carter Hart, and Dillon Dube.

Ryan McLeod Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Alexie Andlauer?

The Edmonton Oilers player Ryan McLeod isn’t married to his girlfriend, Alexie Andlauer. The two have kept their Instagram handles private, making it difficult to know much about their romantic life.

Last year, the couple dressed as Shark Boy and Lava Girl for Halloween. The Oilers Nation page shared the photo on their Instagram handle. 

Previously, a Reddit comment disclosed that Ryan and Alexie had been dating before he was drafted into the NHL. In 2022, Alexie was seen hanging out with Lauren Kyle, the fiance and soon-to-wife of Connor McDavid, the center of the Edmonton Oilers.

Last month, Lauren hosted a Christmas party at her and McDavid’s Edmonton home. Alexie and several other wives and girlfriends of the Edmonton Oilers players were invited to the fun event. 

Get To Know Alexie And Her Family

Ryan’s girlfriend, Alexie Andlauer, is a Parsons School of Design graduate. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2021. Since then, she has been working as a head of e-commerce operations at Tamara Mellon. 

Only a few NHL fans might know that Alexie is the daughter of a billionaire. Her father, Michael Andlauer, is a logistics billionaire who bought 90% of Ottawa Senators last year. 

Alexie Pictured With Her Family After Her Father, Michael Andlauer Buys Ottawa Senators
Alexie Pictured With Her Family After Her Father, Michael Andlauer, Buys Ottawa Senators (Source: Twitter)

He spent $950 million to buy the NHL team from previous owner Eugene Melnyk’s family. After Eugene passed away, his daughters retained 10% through his estate. 

Michael Andlauer was born in France but raised in Montreal and has spent more than three decades running Canadian logistics companies focused on healthcare. 

He previously invested in the hockey team Hamilton Bulldogs, in 2004, and in 2009 invested in the Montreal Canadiens as part of a group led by Geoff Molson. Michael later sold the Bulldogs to the Canadiens. 

Along with Alexie, Michael shares two older sons, Michael and Matthew, with his wife, Lucie. 

Ryan McLeod Family Enjoys Hockey

Ryan McLeod was raised in a family of hockey fans. McLeod was only 18 months old when he first started skating on ice. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers, Matthew and Michael. 

The youngest son of Richard and Judi McLeod, Ryan’s fascination with the game started early. In an interview, Richard said Ryan wouldn’t get involved in the play at times and would go around with a big smile and a stick in his hand. 

Ryan’s first coach was his dad. Richard trained Ryan on his C-cuts and taught him it was necessary in terms of finishing his stride. Judi was also involved in her son’s hockey lessons. 

Judi And Richard Seen Wearing The Oilers And The Devils Gear To Root For Their Two Sons
Judi And Richard Seen Wearing The Oilers And The Devils Gear To Root For Their Two Sons (Source: Twitter)

She would take Ryan to mother-and-son skating lessons when he was two. Judi is a high school teacher by trade, and Richard works in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. 

Last year, Richard established McLeod Hockey Enterprises and is also a Business Unit Director CV at AstraZeneca. Ryan’s oldest brother, Matthew, played hockey for four seasons at Canisius College.

The center is currently playing in the EIHL league for the Belfast Giants. His other brother, Michael McLeod, was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in 2016 and signed a one-year $1.4 million contract with the Devils last year. 

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