Ryan Truex Girlfriend Leah Schwandt Is His Biggest Supporter

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Matthew Ryan Truex, famous as Ryan Truex, has been with his friend-turned-girlfriend, Leah Schwandt, for over five years. With the tender support from his girlfriend, Truex is poised to be a racing star.

Born on March 18, 1992, in Mayetta, New Jersey, Ryan comes from a racing family. His father, Martin Truex Sr., and older brother, Martin Truex Jr., are accomplished drivers in their own right.

Ryan Truex is an American professional stock car racing driver who competes part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for Joe Gibbs Racing.

Ryan Truex After Winning A Race
Ryan Truex After Winning A Race (Source: Instagram)

Truex began his racing career in the NASCAR Camping World East Series, winning the championship in 2009 and 2010.

He has also competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Series, driving for various teams. Truex has faced challenges but has shown resilience in pursuing his racing career.

He has achieved notable finishes, including a second-place finish in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. He focuses on the Xfinity Series and has had successes with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Ryan Truex Girlfriend

Leah Schwandt, the girlfriend of Ryan Truex, is said to engage as an enthusiastic fitness enthusiast and social media personality. Although her profession remains unknown, she has gained popularity through her now-private Instagram account.

When her account was public, Schwandt actively interacted with her followers, amassing an impressive collection of 650 posts and attracting 1.1k followers.

Her engagement included sharing valuable beauty recommendations, offering inspiring fashion ideas, and providing helpful exercise tips to her audience.

Schwandt’s dedication to fitness and healthy living shined through in her frequent posts.

Ryan Truex With His Girlfriend And Two Dogs
Ryan Truex With His Girlfriend And Two Dogs (Source: Instagram)

In addition to focusing on fitness and fashion, Schwandt occasionally delved into cosmetics. She graciously provided her followers with cosmetic advice and recommendations for beauty products.

Her willingness to share insights into her skincare routine, offers makeup tips, and express her personal preferences for various beauty items was well-received by her audience.

It is worth noting that Leah Schwandt is a devoted dog lover. She shares her life with Ryan Truex; they have two beloved dogs. It emphasizes their shared love for animals and the joy they bring to their lives.


The exact timeline of when Ryan Truex and Leah Schwandt started dating remains unknown. However, it can be observed that Truex began featuring Leah on his Instagram posts in 2016. 

During an interview with Athletic 12, Truex openly discussed his preferred chore for a year, which turned out to be vacuuming. He explained that this responsibility had become a regular part of his routine due to the substantial amount of hair shed by him and Leah and their two large and fluffy dogs.

Leah Schwandt proves to be a highly supportive partner in Truex’s racing career. She attends all of his races, demonstrating her unwavering support and dedication.

Ryan With His Girlfriend Leah
Ryan With His Girlfriend Leah( Source: Instagram)

On December 10, 2019, Truex took to Instagram to celebrate Leah’s birthday by posting a picture of them together, expressing his heartfelt wishes for her special day.

In his Instagram post, Truex expressed his gratitude to Leah for teaching him the importance of finding balance in life beyond racing.

He acknowledged her influence in reminding him that there is more to life than just the racetrack. He even humorously added that she taught him that anything beyond medium rare is considered overcooked.

Ryan Truex and Leah Schwandt share a close bond as friends turned couple. Their relationship extends beyond romance. They enjoy a strong friendship that strengthens their connection.

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