Who Is Martin Truex New Girlfriend, Emily Collins?

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The question currently circulating in the NASCAR world is: “Does the American professional stock car racing driver Martin Truex have a new girlfriend following the separation from Sherry Polex?”

The New Jersey-born driver competes in the NASCAR Cup Series for Joe Gibbs Racing.

He races alongside Christopher BellTy Gibbs, and Denny Hamlin for the JGR in the NASCAR Cup Series.

NASCAR Driver Martin Truex Jr
NASCAR Driver Martin Truex Jr. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, John Hunter Nemechek and Sammy Smith compete for the JGR in the Xfinity Series.

The 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion finished eleventh in the 2023 Cup Series standings with three wins and nine top 5s.

Who Is Martin Truex Jr. New Girlfriend, Emily Collins?

Fans are curious to know about the current relationship status of Martin Truex Jr if he has a new girlfriend after splitting with Sherry Pollex.

Unfortunately, only a little information is available to the fans as he has not posted anything about his better half nor made any statements to the public about his girlfriend.

However, there have been rumors circulating in the past about him being in a relationship with a woman named Emily Collins.

Martin Truex Jr. With His New Girlfriend Emily Collins
Martin Truex Jr. With His New Girlfriend Emily Collins (Source: Twitter)

These rumors were confirmed when the duo attended the red carpet together at the 2023 NASCAR Awards.

Emily Collins is a registered nurse from New Jersey and is available on Instagram under the handle @emily_collinsss.

Previous Relationship Timeline With Sherry Pollex

Martin Truex Jr. was previously in a relationship with Sherry Pollex for more than eighteen years.

The couple met in 2005 and started dating shortly after as their relationship grew quickly. Martin Truex Jr. bought a house in Mooresville, North Carolina, and moved in with Pollex.

The pair established the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, which assists children and families with pediatric cancer.

In 2014, Sherry was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer but was able to fight the disease.

She underwent three different surgeries to remove cancer after being diagnosed.

Martin Truex Jr With His Ex Girlfriend Sherry Pollex
Martin Truex Jr. With His Ex-Girlfriend Sherry Pollex (Source: Instagram)

Later, she opened the Sherry Strong Integrative Medicine Oncology Clinic in 2020. It addresses the physical and emotional needs of cancer patients.

Sherry also created a website, Sherry Strong, where she wrote blogs about her journey from suffering from cancer to beating it.

Furthermore, the website includes articles and videos focusing on ovarian cancer prevention and healthy food tips.

However, the duo broke up, as Martin revealed the sad news to the public on January 27, 2023.

He posted a social media story that read, “To my fans and partners… Sherry and I have made the decision to end our relationship.”

The racing driver also said he would continue supporting Sherry and requested fans to respect their privacy.

Unfortunately, Sherry died at 44 years old on September 17, 2023, after a lengthy battle with ovarian cancer.

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  1. Her name is Leanne Joy and she works doing media for Toyota. I wonder what her charity initiative will be at his foundation. Sherry is dying and was his partner for over 15 years. Martin Truex Jr is a heartless p***e of s**t. Those people in the garage and on Pitt road where Sherrys friends/family also and he just cut her out like nothing. Couldn’t even be her teammate until the end? She was a huge part of his life. Martin needs to just turn right and make the first exit and go the hell away.
    How does any woman stand next to him and not actually put/see herself in Sherrys shoes?
    be proud to publicly stand by him?
    That man is as selfish and cold hearted as they come.

    • i have to say i agree , no i don’t know the whole story but its pretty cold hearted to split from some one you have been so involved with for years who is battling a disease. what was so important ? it just seems cold to me i am not impressed .

    • I agree with you. No matter if she told him to leave & focus on his career or if he just left her, who the heck has his new gf stand next to him at races while Sherry is battling for her life. Seeing him with someone else could have made her lose her spirit. I pray not. He lost a fan in me & I think many others.

    • actually, thats is not correct. Sherry made him move on. He wanted to quit racing to be by her side, and she wouldnt let him, since she knew she wasnt going to make it.. They are both amazing human beings. He isnt cold hearted, hes an amazing man that was going to give up his dream for her.. She ended it so he wouldnt walk away from his dream of driving.. you cant judge people in those circumstances!! your not in their shoes or in the room with them, so you have no idea what they are going through..

      • Thank you for that. These people that judge just by seeing him with someone else not knowing the situation is unbelievable to me. I have been a Nascar fan for many many years and if you are a fan of his which I’m not I’m a Larson fan you would know he wouldn’t have done that to Sherry. He loved her with all his heart and you could see that in his eyes and by watches them. I just thought they were the cutest couple. I knew right away what she did. That it wasn’t him. So get off your high horses and be fans. Love not hate.

  2. Why do people run away from one another. You’re suppose to stand by your partner to death do you part. I’ve seen so many leave due to health reasons put the shoe on the other foot. If you were in bad health would you want your spouse to hop up and walk away. This is personal due to a family member he left is wife because she has cancer and he seeing another woman then he divorced is wife. To me like that doesn’t have a heart.

    • You have no ideal what your talking about do a little research before you try to comment on something you know nothing about. 1st they was never married they just had a long time boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. 2nd Sherry was diagnosed in 2014 if you read the article you would know that she had 3 different surgeries and has been cancer free for several years now. 3rd when THEY announced THEY was splitting up it was amicable it was a decision THEY agreed on together. He said he will always stand behind her in her cancer fundraisers and they will continue to be good friends.

    • They weren’t married and he has no obligation. Sometimes relationships end and health should not be a determining factor

  3. Her name is Leanne Joy and she works for Toyota. Martin is a heartless man. Is he really bringing a date to his recent partner of the last 17 years funeral? Is that really what nice guys do? Martin is going downhill. Take the new girlfriend and turn right to exit.

  4. So Martin is bringing a date to Sherrys funeral? How heartless can this man be. He is so dumb. No woman with standards would be okay with this trash. Like, he doesn’t believe in until death do us part. And for sure doesn’t know what a ride or die is. Like, your ex of over 15 years is kicked out of her home to go die so he can get his bed warmed?

    • She is doing well no, no funeral, they spite an it was both there choice. I’m sure she didn’t want to stop him from have A family . He’s ready to retire, I. Sure he would do anything for Sherry. Martin Truex is a true Gentleman

  5. so he is bringing a date to his ex girlfriends funeral? He is a cold hearted jackass and she works for Toyota doing social media and marketing. Girl run he isn’t the “ride or die” or a “til death do us part” type. Those were her friends and family for over 15 years and you just kinda snuck right into her spot while her physical health is in decline.

  6. its heartless when Sherry was apart of his life for 15 years and near the end when she needs/wants someone to stand by her…He already has 2.0 on deck to take over Sherrys role/position. He lacks compassion and empathy. Someone needs to wake him up from his mid life crisis and help him find his soul.

  7. Her name is Emily Collins she is an RN from New Jersey. This is no shock she’s been around since last year won’t be needing that job with her new position.

  8. Seriously people? Sherry is not dying in the near future. People split up for a variety of reasons. If you are not an insider to the situation, you need to stop second guessing why they split and not throw around accusations that at this time are unfounded. In other words, MYOB.

  9. Lol, Sherrys birthday Martin told her to pack her s**t up and leave their home of 20 years. So for nurse Emily’s birthday he could give her a Reno budget and Sherrys closets.

  10. Her name is Emily Collins and she’s a nurse from New Jersey. He made the insta announcement because he had cover himself with the “overlap”. Basically for Sherrys birthday she got an eviction, nurse Collins got Sherrys closet and a Reno budget. Emily has been working her way into his inner circle for awhile and mem day was just her official pit road debut. She is tr**h. The look on JMorris face said enough. Like hide your pill popping wet nurse and have some discretion. Sherry gave you 15+ and formed friendships and bonds also. You’ll send the PJ to get laid but not to help your FRIEND get medical treatment. Nurse Collins twitter account didn’t age well, this racist chick fits the ignorant of NASCAR they were trying to forget. Someone should remind Martin family can be toxic also. They need to do better vetting before they let anyone into nursing school.

  11. just to comment, i dont think people need to get so involved in others personal lives. its clear we dont have all the facts. butt out!

  12. This is personal business and the only thing worse than any cancer diagnosis is getting remission and then relapse, beat it again and then refractory relapse within six months. My husband got diagnosed with a rare type of Lymphoma the same year as Sherry! If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything because it’s deep. Don’t judge people so easily.

  13. why doesn’t everyone mind their own business. all your opinons are like a-holes everybody has one, if you don’t know them personnely or anything valid about their lives then just keep your big mouths shut.

  14. Sherry has passed away on Sept 17. Martin left her in January of this year. Why couldn’t he stay with her thru her final journey? Even if she told him to move on, would you? But he met someone & stood with her at the races while Sherry was dying. Awful & shameful. My heart is broken for Sherry.

  15. You all think they split on good terms? That it was mutual? If you followed Sherry on IG, you’d see it wasn’t mutual. She posted a quote about not ever really knowing someone & “if he wanted to he would.” It doesn’t sound amicable to me.

  16. Wow – so much judgment when no one knows how the breakup went down, or really ANY of the details of this private relationship. It amazes me how quick people are to jump to conclusions.


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