Who Is Rylee Forkner, Austin Forkner Wife? Married Life & Kids

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Austin Forkner’s Wife, Rylee Forkner, is not only a stunning model and social media influencer but also Austin Forkner’s supporting partner in the motocross phenomenon.

Rylee Forkner has already made a lasting impression on the modeling and fashion industries as a model and influencer.

With her career in modeling and her support for her boyfriend in the motocross world, Rylee is still a fascinating character whose narrative is only starting. It holds out the possibility of many more successes and turning points in the future.

 Austin Lee Forkner, a prominent name in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross championship.
Austin Lee Forkner, A Prominent Name In The Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship (Source: Instagram)

Raised in Richards, Missouri, Auston Forkner emerged as a formidable force in the motocross world.

After taking home the AMA Horizon Award in 2015 and capturing the Monster Energy Cup Supermini Championships in 2012 and 2013, he made his professional debut in 2016 and won Rookie of the Year.

He presently races with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki, the most successful team in the sport’s history.

Forkner has suffered from injuries despite his many achievements. He was sidelined in 2022 because of a second injury sustained in the Pro Motocross season after suffering a collarbone injury during the Supercross season.

Forkner intends to make 2023 his final season in the 250SX Class as he prepares to compete for his maiden 250SX Class championship in the 450 Class during the Pro Motocross season.

Austin Forkner Wife, Rylee Forkner

Rylee Forkner, wife of Autin Forkner, was born in the United States on July 13, 1998.

Her rural upbringing prepared her for a career that would soon surpass the traditional bounds of the modeling profession.

Austin forkner And His Wife Rylee Forkner
Austin Forkner And His Wife, Rylee Forkner (Source: Instagram)

Rylee’s alluring appearance, flawless style, and energetic attitude launched her into high-profile modeling assignments and partnerships with renowned advertising companies.

Rylee’s career as a model includes associations with prestigious agencies such as Elite Miami, Elite White Cross Management, Elite La Modelling Agency, and The Monster Energy Girls.

Her modeling career began with appearances with The Monster Energy Girls, demonstrating her business flexibility. Her partnerships with several companies, such as Ada Ray, demonstrate her impact and resonance in the fashion industry.

Beyond the glamour of the modeling industry, Rylee is a pillar of support to Austin Forkner and his motocross community.  It is clear that Rylee is Austin’s pillar of support during difficult times, like after his recent collision at a Supercross race.

Austin Forkner: Navigating Challenges After Recent Supercross Injury

Austin Forkner was leading the race early and had the lead in points during a critical round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross championship.

But then, an unfortunate occurrence in a rhythm section changed the competition’s path and, more importantly, Austin’s direction.

Austin Forkner suffers a spinal and shoulder blade injury
Austin Forkner Suffers A Spinal And Shoulder Blade Injury (Source: Facebook)

Forkner attempted a tabletop leap but failed, sending his trajectory into a dangerous spin as he crashed into the next obstacle.

He was ejected from the bike and the track following the enormous collision caused by the impact. As word of the event spread, the motocross community held its breath along with fans throughout the globe.

After the collision, Austin’s racing team, Kawasaki, issued a statement revealing that he had suffered injuries to his scapula and spine.

Austin’s father, Mike Forkner, then disclosed more information on the severity of the injuries. The motocross world and supporters and well-wishers anxiously anticipated these updates, hoping that Austin’s recuperation would go well.

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