Samantha Hyden Obituary: What Is Volleyball Player Cause Of Death?

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Samantha Hyden Obituary: Her death has taken the world by shock. Her untimely demise at such a young age has prompted questions about the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Her passing has undoubtedly deeply affected her family and those in her circle. The loss of such youthful talent is immeasurable.

John Hyden Samantha Hyden's Father
John Hyden, Samantha Hyden’s Father (Source: Instagram)

John Hyden is an American volleyball who showcased his talent both indoors and on the beach. He earned All-American honors and set records as a San Diego State University player.

Furthermore, he was also included in the university’s Hall of Fame. Transitioning to professional play, Hyden made his mark on the beach volleyball circuit. He is also a two-time Olympian and is the oldest male player to win an AVP tournament at 45. 

In addition to his professional playing career, John Hyden is also the coach and proprietor of Hyden Beach.

Samantha Hyden Obituary

Samantha Hyden is the daughter of renowned volleyball player John Hyden and his wife, Robyn Hyden. 

Born on June 1, 2006, in Franklin, United States, Samantha tragically passed away in February 2024 at the age of 17, leaving behind a legacy of love and joy.

The heartbreaking announcement came from Kortney Dalrymple, a colleague of John, who refrained from disclosing the cause of her passing.

Samantha was born into a family with strong ties to the volleyball community, and many people were impacted by her lively personality and love of the game.

Samantha With Her Family
Samantha With Her Family (Source: Instagram)

In 2018, Samantha and her family moved to Franklin, Tennessee, from San Diego, and she fully accepted her role in the Hyden Beach neighborhood. In 2022, Samantha achieved notable success in the No Gi and Gi divisions, earning Gold and Bronze medals, respectively.

Together with her parents and brother Jackson, she helped create Hyden Beach. It was a place designed to encourage skill improvement and fellowship among beach volleyball fans. 

Samantha’s untimely demise has left a profound void in the hearts of those who knew her. Many, including members of beach volleyball communities, expressed their shock and sorrow after hearing the news.

The impact of her absence is immeasurable, yet the outpouring of support from the community serves as a source of solace during this difficult time.

As the community mourns the loss of a bright and promising young life, Samantha’s memory will continue to live on in the hearts of all who knew her.

Samantha Hyden GoFundMe Raises More Than $50,000

Kortney Dalrymple, the COO of Hyden Beach, created a fundraiser on GoFundMe for Samantha’s funeral and memorial. 

In his announcement, he described Samantha as a vibrant and cherished young woman with a promising future. Further conveying his grief, he extended condolences on behalf of Hyden Beach.

Moreover, USA Volleyball player Nicole Marie Christner and Hyden Beach resident Lindsay Pillatsch Young were two of the many people who sent touching notes pleading for help for Samantha’s family during this trying time.

Picture Of Samantha Posted By Her Father John
Picture Of Samantha Posted By Her Father John (Source: Instagram)

With the support of many, the campaign has garnered an overwhelming response. They collected over $50,000 over a short period, with people from all over the United States contributing to help the family.

Furthermore, messages overflowing with support for the family are being posted, with many offering words of comfort. 

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