Sandi Morris: Pole Vault, Husband & Net Worth

Sandi Morris is an energetic star of the world of Pole Vault. An Olympian and a world record holder, Sandi won the hearts of many sports enthusiasts with her stylish vaults.

Born 29 years ago to athletic parents, Sandi started sports when she was a kid. She played in high school and university till she turned pro in 2015.

Subsequently, with hard work, dedication, and continuous training, and paved her way for the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Sandi Morris Olympic
Sandi Morris with her Olympic Gold 

Sandi’s personal best vault is 5m, and she aims to jump even higher in the days to come.

In this article, we will explore the highs and lows of this Pole Vaulter. First of all, here are some interesting quick facts about her:

Sandi Morris: Quick Facts

Full NameSandi Morris
Nick NameSandi
Age[Calculate_years datestring=”06/08/1992″]
BirthdateJuly 8, 1992
Zodiac SignCancer
BirthplaceDowners Grove, Illinois
HometownGreenville, S.C.
MotherKerry Morris
FatherHarry Morris
High SchoolGreenville High School
UniversityUniversity of Arkansas
 MajorBroadcast Communication
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandTyrone Smith 
Height1.73m (5’8″)
Weight137 lbs (62 kgs)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Shoe SizeN/A
SportTrack & Field
EventPole Vault
Turned Pro2015
Personal Best 5.00m ( 16 ft 5 in)
Net Worth$150 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook
Affiliated BrandsNike, Trackwired, Now, Hyperspace Ventures
Pole Vault Merch Shoes, Bungee
Last UpdateAugust, 2022

Sandi Morris: Body Measurements

Sandi Morris is a gorgeous lady with blonde hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. She is fair-skinned with a slim and toned body.

At present, she stands at the height of 1.73 meters (5 feet 8 inches) while weighing 137 lbs (62 kgs). 


To maintain herself in shape, Morris hits the gym on a regular basis. She had also shared some glimpses of her training routine on her Instagram account.

For her strength training session, she lifts weights 2 to 3 times a week. 

Usually, Morris starts her exercise routine with six exercises for ten reps which include the following. 

  • Lateral Lunge With Medicine Ball
  • Romanian Stiff-Leg Deadlift
  • Overhead Push-Press
  • Banded Prayer Squat
  • Banded Fly
  • Step-Up Jump Lunge
  • Banded Row

Sandi Morris: Family and Early Life

Sandi Morris was born July 8, 1992, to parents Harry Morris and Kerry Morris. She has two sisters. Growing up, Sandi was a tomboy.

Sandi loved being outside and interacting with nature. In addition to that, she was fond of climbing trees and making mud pies in the backyard.

She was naturally athletic and could spend hours outdoors. Another big part of her personality that she developed as a kid was her love for animals. 

Sandi Morris early life
Sandi Morris as a kid

Her athleticism wasn’t a surprise to anyone, though. Both of her parents did sports during their time too. Her father did Pole Vaulting in college. Her mother, Kerry, was a pentathlete.

Shelly started track and field at the young age of six. She tried many disciplines first before being dedicated to pole vaulting.

Likewise, the school coach noticed her height and pace and thought she would be a good pole vaulter.

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High School

She completed her high school education at Greenville High School, a medium-sized school in South Carolina.

While she studied there, her mother, Kerry, was a track and field coach a the school.

But surprisingly, Sandi refused to be coached by her dad or mom. So they had to find a good coach them.

In the process, they found Rusty Shealy. He is considered one of the best pole vaulting coaches of all time.

Watch her performance right here >>

So her parents took her to Shealy’s cap in Columbia once every week to train her. The training did good for her, and she started vaulting 10 feet.

In the meantime, Shealy began to travel to Greenville to tutor local kids. Shelly began to make significant progress and compete for junior and senior titles.

She broke the state record by vaulting 12-7 in her final season.

Her high school career consisted of her winning titles in South Carolina High School League twice, in 2009 and 2010. Not only Pole Vault, but she also played volleyball during high school. 


Sandi was one of the top sought-out vaulter recruits for college. For the first two years of university, she went to the University of North Carolina.

For two seasons in North Carolina, she was a three-time all America performer.  At NCAA outdoor championships, she finished 11th with a final clearance of 13-7.25.

Whereas, in the 2011 Acc Outdoor championship, she secured third place. During UNC, her indoor personal best was 13-10.5, while her outdoor best was 14-1.25. 

At the 2010 USATF Junior Olympics, she won a national title.

During these years, Sandi felt like her progress was stalled at the UNC. She was neither doing well in class nor in class.

University of Arkansas

After two years, in 2013, Morris transferred to uni of Arkansas. She is a graduate of broadcast journalism.

Her coach at Arkansas was Bryan Compton, an Olympics gold winner and six national titles holders.

Under his wing, she grew immensely, now jumping higher than ever. At this time, she also broke the American outdoor record.

In 2013, she ended fourth place in the NCAA championships with a final clearance of 14-3.25.

During the Arkansas final qualifier, she established a personal best of 14-6.25. Due to some reasons, she did not compete during the outdoor season. 

Sandi Morris in Uni of Arkansas
Sandi Morris in Uni of Arkansas

She started the 2014 season with sixth place at Clyde Littlefield texas relays. Later that year, she stood first at the SEC outdoor championships.

Eventually, she finished this season with fourth place at NCAA outdoor championships.

Sandi ended her final year as a razorback with excellent performances. During this year, she was announced NCAA indoor champion, SEC Indoor and outdoor championship.

She was also awarded SEC indoor field athlete of the year. Out of nine events, she competed during the indoor season.

She won eight! Also, she set a record in NCAA outdoors with a jump of 4.72m/15-5.75

Finally, Morris graduated in 2015 and started her professional career. 

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Sandi Morris: Professional Career

In the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, she placed 5th with a jump of 4.70. Her indoor personal best is 4.95, which she set in 2016 in Portland. 

In July 2016, Morris jumped 4.93m at the American track league in Houston, creating a new American outdoor record in the pole vault.

Similarly, in the 2016 Diamond league in Brussels, she cleared 5.00m, setting new U.S women’s outdoor pole vault record.

The 2016 Rio Olympics was her first one, where she managed to bag a silver medal. In the World Championships(2017) held in London, she won silver.

While in 2018, she won gold with a 4.95m jump. In the 2019 Doha World championships, she jumped 4.90, winning a silver.


No doubt, Sandi is a gifted sportswoman. But it is also essential for any professional athlete to have hobbies outside sports as well. Sandi enjoys horseback riding, singing, and playing guitar and violin.

Another hobby she enjoys is gardening. She has a lot of indoor plants as well as outdoor ones in her backyard.

In her recent Instagram post, she joked that her house was turning into a jungle.

She is a lover of animals, mostly reptiles. Once she had around 28 snakes, but being a full-time athlete with frequent traveling barely leaves any time for 28.

So she had to downsize it to three. She now pets two red tail boas and a ball python.

Sandi with her python
Sandi with her python

She also has two Italian greyhounds, Rango and Nim. In addition to that, she pets two birds, Indi and Juniper. 

The multi-talented athlete has also recorded a song in collaboration with the swiss band baba shrimps.

Sandi Morris: Husband

Sandi Morris has been dating her now-husband Tyrone Smith since 2016. They attended the 2016 Olympics together, where they got to know each other.

Tyron is three times Olympic long jumper. He was born in Bermuda but was raised in the USA. In the 2016 Olympics, he was the flag bearer of Bermuda in the parade of the nations.

During the 2018 diamond league final meet in Zurich, Tyrone flew from the USA to surprise her with a ring. Though she didn’t win the games, she went home with the natural diamond on her fingers. 

Sandi Morris with her husband
Sandi Morris and Tyrone Smith on their wedding

The young couple got married in October 2019 in a beautiful ceremony.

Tyron is now 36. years old and planning retirement. He did MBA from the University of Texas and has worked with Sony Playstation as a brand marketer.

He was expecting the Tokyo Olympics to be his last one. Sandi and Tyrone were looking forward to creating memories in the game that they could share with their kids someday.

But unfortunately, Olympics got postponed, and so have Tyrone’s plans for retiring.

Throughout their relationship, Sandi and Tyrone have not been able to live in the same city. They are also planning to make it happen soon.

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Sandi Morris: Net Worth

Being extraordinary in her games, Sandi Morris has been able to make a lot during her long career. Her total net worth is expected to be between $1m-$10m.

Star athletes in track and field generally don’t make as much as other sportspersons do. On top of that, pole vaulting is an expensive sport. 

Sandi makes a decent income with her prize money, appearance money, and brand endorsements. Well, she has a brand deal with Nike and is the ambassador of NOW Foods.  

She sometimes hosts garage sales for an extra bit of income. She made one such sale in 2016 to raise money for her sister’s flight to Rio.

Just like everyone, the pandemic has been difficult for athletes too.

During the lockdown, she sold gears that she no longer used and said she was able to make ‘one-third of what she usually makes.’

Building her own pole vault pit

Morris often trains at the University of Arkansas, but most of the schools were closed when the pandemic hit. But a pandemic doesn’t mean the end of training for an elite athlete. She had to find a place to train.

During ordinary times, she would only visit her parents once or two times every year. Sandi went back to her hometown after the pandemic and shared her situation with her father.

The family had talked about building their own pole vault pit for a long time but without any concrete action. The pandemic situation left no other option than to do it finally.

Sandi Morris building her pole vault pit
Sandi Morris, while building her pole vault pit.

After taking help from neighbors, developers, athletes, and designers around town, they managed to build a pole vault facility on their local soccer field from scratch in a month.

Sandi continued training in every way possible. She turned their garage into a weight room and used community fields for the fitness circuit.

One of her sisters is a fitness therapist who was a massive help to her.

Sandi Morris: Social Media

The refreshing personality of Sandi Morris shines through her social media. There are opposing sides to social media, but it is an easy platform for an athlete to connect with fans.

Sandi posts photos and videos and even writes blogs to share with her fans.

Sandi has a nine years old Youtube channel where she shares a video about pretty much everything, her pets, her games, and sometimes random vlogs.

She recently made a house tour video where she showed off her house plants and pet pythons. She has said that creating and editing videos is one of the things she enjoys.

Similarly, her Instagram, followed by 119k people, has more than a thousand photos and videos.

Instagram: 119k Followers

Facebook: 93k Followers

Twitter: 22.2k Followers 

Youtube: 1.71k subscribers

You can also follow her Tumblr

Frequently Asked Question

Does Sandi Morris have Olympic Gold?

Sandi won a silver in the 2016 Rio Lympics. She was eagerly looking forward to getting that gold in the 2020 Olympics, but they were postponed due to the covid pandemic.

Sandi is currently training hard for the 2021 Olympics.

Does Sandi Morris have children?

No, Sandi Morris doesn’t have children yet. She married fellow Olympian Tyrone Smith in 2019. But she has a lot of pets, including three pythons.

What injury did Sandi Morris have?

During the qualifying round in Tokyo, Sandi Morris underwent a hip injury and was unable to continue in the competition.

After rain delayed her qualifying round attempt, Morris’ pole snapped mid-air, leading to an injury and preventing her from completing three more attempts at the bar.

What is Sandi Morris’s pole vault record?

In July 2016, Morris jumped 4.93m at the American track league in Houston, creating a new American outdoor record in the pole vault.

Similarly, in the 2016 Diamond league in Brussels, she cleared 5.00m, setting new U.S women’s outdoor pole vault record.

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