Sarah Jade, Ex-wife of Bautista: Wedding, Child & Birthday

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Sarah is a popular name in the world of Pole dancing and aerial performance. She is a highly successful dancer as well as a great teacher. Although the first thing that the media will tell you about Sarah Jade is that she is the estranged wife of Dave Bautista. But besides being known for her ex, Sarah has quite an introduction of her own. 

Sarah has established her own business venture ‘Buttercup Pole Dance Studio.’ Founded in 2011, buttercup has now become a hub for pole dance and aerial fitness enthusiasts. 

Sarah Jade, Pole Dancer (Source: Pinterest)
Sarah Jade, Pole Dancer (Source: Pinterest)

Despite starting dancing only after she turned18, Jade slowly turned herself into a pro.

Today, in this article, we will learn about the fascinating journey of Sarah Jade. Firstly, here are a few facts about her.

Quick Facts

Full Name Sarah Jade
Nick Name N/A
Birth Date December 12, 1987
Age 36 years old
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birth Place Tampa, Florida
Home Town Tampa, Florida
Resident Tampa, Florida
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
High School  N/A
College At the University of South Florida, a Sociology major
Height 5’3″/160 cm (1.61m)
Weight 55 kg (121lb)
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Married 2015 – Dave Bautista, now separated
Partner Yes, Unknown
Children No
Profession Pole Dancer, Entrepreneur
College  The University of Florida
Awards 2012 December
Net Worth $11 MILLION
Status Active
Related to Buttercup Pole Dance
Notable Titles Miss Pole Dance 2016
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Website Sarah Jade Pole Dancer
Merch  Bautista Unleashed (WWE), Funko Pop
Last Update March, 2024

Sarah Jade | Early Life & Family 

Sarah Jane was born 2024 years ago in Tampa, Florida. Her birthdate is December 12, 1987. Much information about her family and childhood is not public.

Nonetheless, we know that she was a single child in a regular middle-class family. However, no one in Jade’s family had a background in pole dancing or any dancing.

Sarah began her career as a self-taught dancer. Around 2006, she worked as a bartender in a strip club which sparked her interest in pole dancing.

In the meantime, she started watching videos of star pole dancers such as Alethea Austin and Karol Helms.

Inspired by the stars, she started practicing and learning, mostly as a hobby. She got a pole from an online store and learned from youtube videos.

Sarah Jade (Source: Instagram)
Sarah Jade (Source: Instagram)

And still, she never let her hobby affect her education. Sarah went to the University of South Florida and studied sociology. Consequently, She graduated cum laude in 2011.

After graduation, she started to take professional dancing classes. Her notable teacher was Zoraya Judd. Judd is a pro pole dancer and aerial pole performer.

Sarah Jade: Career

In 2012 she competed in the Florida pole dancing fitness championship. Subsequently, she won the most athletic award in the competition.

Similarly, in 2013, she again entered the competition where she won another most athletic award.

Her two consecutive wins established her as a rising star of pole dancing. But even so, she didn’t stop learning and polished her skills.

Despite being mostly self-learned, Sarah never stopped getting more projects. This was all due to her hard work and her unmatched style.

She took part in USPDF amateur nationals in 2011 and 2012. While she was just a competitor in 2011, she won second place in 2012.

In a short time, she had progressed quite a lot! The passion in her was now slowly changing into a full-time career.

Her other notable achievement was winning the title of Miss Pole Dance America in 2016.

Likewise, she has participated in events such as Florida Poile and aerial arts showcase, Nude Nite Aerialist (2015-2017), Pole for a purpose, etc. She is also a certified AFAA fitness instructor. 

Career As An Entrepreneur

Sarah has extended her love for pole dancing to her business as well. She is the founder of ‘Buttercup Pole Dance.’ It is a pole dance/ aerial dance studio.

It is situated in Tampa bay, Florida. Buttercup started small in 2011 with only 900 sq ft of area.

Subsequently, the studio started to attract more members, and the space started to get smaller. To allow more students to get into classes, buttercup had to be expanded.

Over the course of 8 years, the studio had expanded three times! It stands proudly now at a 42,000 sq ft area.

The studio offers varieties of classes, apparatus, and memberships. The memberships range from monthly to unlimited. There is also a provision for drop-in classes.

Her business mantra is to foster the community. Buttercup encourages friendships, and the team is treated like a family.

Sarah also sells her merch-related pole dancing. She has devoted most of her time to promoting the art of pole dancing with enthusiastic learners through her studio.

She wishes to enlighten more and more people about the benefits of pole dancing to mind-body and health.

Sarah Jade | Relationships

There is not much information regarding relationships of Sarah since she likes to keep these things private.

When Dave and Sarah started dating, it was the talk of the town. Dave already had two failed marriages, with three children and one grandchild.

Besides, the age gap between Dave and Sarah is 20 years. Well, as they say, age is just a number.

The couple was in love, and they didn’t care about what anyone said. They both seem to have a lot in common, Both are fitness enthusiasts and avid lovers of dogs.

Sarah and Dave's Wedding (Source: Twitter)
Sarah And Dave’s Wedding (Source: Twitter)

The pair got married in October 2015. On her big day, Sarah wore a greek inspired wedding gown with a sparkling headpiece.

Likewise, the sleeveless ivory gown flaunted her body and arms full of tattoos. Only family and close friends attended the small ceremony. 

Thereafter, they spent a few years in marital bliss. They even owned dogs together. But, it did not last long.

Fans speculated something was wrong when they noticed that both were absent from each other’s social media. Dave had deleted his tweet regarding their wedding.


Dave wrote a tweet in November 2019 announcing he’s single again. His close friends and WWE starts to reply by providing sympathy to him.

Later in an interview, Dave confirmed that he and Sarah were no longer together. Furthermore, he got a tattoo to mark the start of his new life.

Sarah stayed mostly silent about this whole fiasco.

Sarah is now dating a man whose name she has not disclosed. She occasionally shares a photo of them.

Update 2022

For the current year update, Sarah is a successful pole dancer and last performed at Rise Above Performing Arts Center for a night.


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 About Dave Bautista

David Michael Bautista is an actor, former wrestler, and MMA artist. Popularly known as Dave Bautista, he was born in January 1969 in Washington.

He rose to fame after signing with WWF (World Wrestling Foundation).

Former WWE Star, Dave Bautista (Source: Pinterest)
Former WWE Star, Dave Bautista (Source: Pinterest)

With a height of 6 ft 4 inches and a weight of 125 kgs, it didn’t take long for Bautista to be a household name for wrestling fans.

Consequently, he went on to become a six-time world champion.

Marriages And Relationships

His first marriage was with Glenda. They got hitched in 1990 and divorced in 1998. The duo has two daughters named Keilani and Athena.

Afterward, he tied knots with Angie, a fitness enthusiast. They have a son Oliver. The couple divorced in 2006 but remain good friends. He has two grandsons through his eldest daughter Keilani. 

When he was dating Sarah, he talked about how difficult pole dancing is. As his ex-wife, Dave is also a big-time lover of dogs.

When the couple separated, Sarah took custody of their dogs.

Acting Career

Bautista retired from his successful wrestling career in 2019. Since then, he has enjoyed working in movies and now calls himself an actor first.

Bautista started acting in 2006. His first film was ‘The man with the iron fists,’ a martial arts film. Furthermore, he has acted and starred in many TV shows as well.

In the 2014 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, he starred as Drax the Destroyer. He has acted in other big productions like Spectre, Avengers, etc. He plays a CIA agent in his last released film, ‘My Spy.’

Bautista, Chloe
Dave Bautista, In His Film My Spy With His Co-Star (Source: Twitter)

Dave is also a bodybuilder and a tattoo lover. Some of his tattoos include flags of gree and the Philippines, tribal-style tattoos, dragons, sun, etc.

He also has the word “Angel‘ tattooed on his biceps, a tribute to Angie. What is more, he got a new tattoo of Medusa in Jan 2021.

Dave is rumored to be dating WWE’s Dana Brook in recent times. Fans speculated something was going on where they found the duo was flirting on Twitter comments. 

Sarah Jade | Body measurements

Being a dancer, one has to take excellent care of their body and health. Accordingly, Sarah has taken great care of her body.

Even though her height and weight are slightly lower, she has maintained her figure very well.

She stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall (1.61m). At the same time, she weighs around 55 kg (121lb). Nevertheless, her body is very flexible and strong. 

She often dyes her long brown hair with vivid colors such as pink and blue. She is also a tattoo lover. Most of her tattoos are roses, and others consist of her dog. 

Sarah Jade | Net Worth

As of 2021, Sarah has a net worth of more than $200,000. Her successful career as a pole dancer is her major source of income.

Other than that, her institute is also one of its kind and has turned out to be a really successful venture.

Besides, Sarah also takes on brand endorsement projects that add up to her net worth. She is the face of the ‘bad kitty’ brand.

This brand features clothing, accessories, and all sorts of products required for pole dancing.

Another brand that she endorses is ‘Grata Designs.’ It is a fitness clothing brand. Besides, she is also associated with Nightshade designs, a pole dancing shoewear brand.

Sarah now lives in Tempa, Florida, with her dogs. 

Social Media Presence 

For a long time, Sarah kept her social media accounts under a lock, meaning it was not open to the public’s eye.

The number of mean comments that artists like pole dancers receive on social media platforms is staggeringly high. Therefore, this act by Sarah is understandable.

Finally, she has recently unlocked her Instagram account. More than 40k fans now follow her. From 2015-to 2016, she used to write blogs related to pole dancing on her website.

Jade is also pretty active on Twitter and likes to share her thoughts via tweets and retweets.

Her Social media is full of cute photos of her dogs. She has also shared that her pitbull Frankie has Cancer and is undergoing chemo treatment.

Instagram: 44.6K Followers 

Facebook:11K Followers 

Twitter: 1,330 Followers 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dave Bautista divorced?

Dave Bautista married Sarah Jade in 2015. After four years of marriage, they separated in early 2019. 

Where does Sarah Jade teach pole dancing?

Sarah Jade has an institute for pole dancing and aerial fitness. This studio is called Buttercup Pole Dance and is located in Tampa, Florida.

Sarah also travels around the states to give dance workshops. You can learn more about their classes on their website.

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