Sean Davis Parents: Mom Lynn Yamada Davis & Dad Keith Davis

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The parents of Sean Davis, Lynn Yamada Davis and Keith Davis, have been the pillars of support and love throughout his remarkable career.

This article delves into the life of Sean Davis, exploring his on-field achievements and the influence of his parents.

Sean Davis Joined Nashville SC In 2022
Sean Davis Joined Nashville SC In 2022 (Source: MLS)

Sean Akira Davis, born on February 8, 1993, is a prominent figure in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Hailing from Long Branch, New Jersey, Davis is currently playing as a midfielder for Nashville SC.

Firstly, his soccer journey began at Holmdel High School and progressed through various youth clubs.

Notably, Davis was selected to join U.S. Soccer’s Under-17 residency program after playing as a freshman at Holmdel High School.

A two-time captain at Duke University, Davis made a total of 65 appearances for the Blue Devils.

Eventually, Davis signed a homegrown contract with the New York Red Bulls on December 11, 2014.

Subsequently, Davis was named captain of the club in 2020 and made his 200th appearance in 2021. He was the first homegrown player to achieve both milestones.

The midfielder ultimately signed with Nashville SC in 2022 on a three-year deal as a free agent.

Sean Davis Parents

Davis’s upbringing in Holmdel Township was guided by the unwavering support of his parents, Keith and Lynn Yamada Davis.

The Davis family has played an integral role in Sean’s development, not only as a soccer player but also as an individual.

The nurturing environment provided by his parents has undoubtedly contributed to his success both on and off the field.

Meet Mom Lynn Yamada Davis

Lynn Yamada Davis, aka Lynja, was not only a dedicated mother but also a Japanese American celebrity chef.

Graduating from MIT and Columbia Business School, Lynn worked at AT&T Labs for 29 years afterwards.

She gained immense popularity through her viral TikTok and YouTube Shorts “Cooking with Lynja” videos, at the age of 63.

Lynn Davis Attending The 2022 YouTube Streamy Awards
Lynn Davis Attending The 2022 YouTube Streamy Awards (Source: NBC NEWS)

Her culinary expertise and engaging content garnered millions of subscribers and followers, making her a TikTok sensation.

She amassed over 17 million TikTok followers for her quirky cooking videos. The videos further showcased her dancing, silly expressions and explosive special effects.

Meanwhile, Lynn expanded her reach to YouTube and Instagram garnering millions of followers on each platform.

Named to Forbes “50 Over 50” list in 2023, Lynn’s fans are called “Lynja-turtles”, a pun of Ninja Turtles.

Apart from her Cooking adventures, Lynn Davis played a crucial role in the life of Sean Davis.

She reportedly served as the Holmdel recreation league soccer coach for her son when he was in sixth grade. It showcases her commitment to Sean’s professional development.

Meet Dad Keith Davis

On the paternal side, Keith Davis stands as a key figure in Sean’s life. Much like Lynn, Keith has been a pillar of support for Sean throughout his journey in soccer. 

Keith, a native of Sauquoit, New York, attended Pompano Beach High School growing up.

The Davis Family
The Davis Family (Source: Facebook)

Later, he attended the Community College of the Air Force and Brown Institute completing his Electronics and Communications Engineering in 1982.

Similarly, Keith embarked on a successful professional career, holding notable positions at AT&T and IBM ISSW.

Sean fondly acknowledges his father as his number one fan. He further emphasizes Keith’s pride in seeing his son lead the team on the soccer field.

Sean Davis’ Mom Lynn Yamada Davis Dies At 67

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Sean Davis faced the loss of his mother Lynn Yamada Davis.

As per reports, she passed away at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey, at the age of 67.

Lynn 'Lynja' Davis Has Won Three Streamy Awards
Lynn ‘Lynja’ Davis Has Won Three Streamy Awards (Source: Facebook)

Known for her charismatic presence on TikTok and YouTube, Lynn succumbed to complications from esophageal cancer on January 1, 2024.

Nonetheless, Lynn’s final moments were surrounded by her loved ones despite her health battles.

Lastly, her legacy as a loving mother, accomplished chef, and influential content creator lives on in the hearts of her family, friends, and the “Lynja-turtles”.



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