Joshua Kimmich Religion: Is The Munich Midfielder Christian? Parents

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Joshua Kimmich Religion: While Joshua Kimmich has maintained a private stance regarding his religious beliefs in public, some sources on the internet suggest that he is of Christian faith.

Joshua Walter Kimmich, born on 8 February 1995, stands as a prominent figure in German football.

He currently graces the Bundesliga with his exceptional talents as a defensive midfielder and right-back for Bayern Munich and represents the German national team.

Joshua Kimmich
Joshua Kimmich (Source: Instagram)

Renowned as one of the world’s premier midfielders, Kimmich’s reputation is built upon his extraordinary versatility, aggression, and masterful playmaking ability.

Many have drawn comparisons between Kimmich and the former Bayern Munich captain, Philipp Lahm, considering him as Lahm’s rightful successor on the field.

Joshua Kimmich Religion

Is The Munich Midfielder Christian?

Joshua Kimmich has consistently kept his faith and religious beliefs a private matter, refraining from public discussions on the topic.

Nevertheless, certain aspects of his behavior and habits have led to hints of his Christian faith.

Joshua Kimmich
Joshua Kimmich (Source: Instagram)

One noteworthy indicator is the armband he wears, prominently featuring a cross—a symbol closely associated with Christianity.

Moreover, on November 15, 2016, Kimmich had the privilege of meeting Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, the bishop of Rome, and the sovereign of the Vatican City State.

This exceptional encounter serves as a compelling indicator of Kimmich’s Christian faith and offers a poignant glimpse into his personal beliefs and values.

While Joshua may not openly discuss his religious convictions, these subtle cues suggest the presence of Christian faith in his life.

Joshua Kimmich Parents

Joshua Kimmich entered the world on the 8th of February in 1995 in Rottweil, Germany, lovingly welcomed by his parents, Anja and Berthold Kimmich.

As unwavering pillars of support, they have consistently stood as their son’s most dedicated fans, offering their unconditional encouragement throughout his journey.

However, the Kimmich family, in their preference for a low-profile existence, has chosen to keep the majority of their personal details shielded from the public eye.

Notably, Joshua’s father, Berthold, who had his own history as an amateur footballer, made a significant commitment.

Joshua Kimmich And His Father
Joshua Kimmich And His Father (Source:

He frequently embarked on a 110-kilometer round trip from their family home to Stuttgart to facilitate his son’s training and development.

The fruits of their collective dedication became evident when Kimmich Jr. earned the silver Fritz Walter Medal in the under-18 category in 2013, a prestigious accolade presented to Germany’s most promising young players.

His accomplishments continued to shine as he secured the bronze in the subsequent age category, trailing only behind FC Nurnberg’s Niklas Stark and Schalke 04’s Max Meyer.

These honors underscored his remarkable talent and drive on the path to football stardom.

Outside Of Soccer & Romantic Life

Joshua Kimmich is a loving father, blessed with two children – a son born in 2019 and a daughter welcomed into the world in October 2020, alongside his girlfriend Lina Meyer.

Kimmich’s commitment to making a positive impact was demonstrated through the launch of the “We Kick Corona” online initiative, which he co-founded with his Bayern Munich teammate, Leon Goretzka.

This initiative was designed to provide crucial support to charitable, social, and medical organizations during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite his early involvement in this charitable endeavor, Kimmich remained unvaccinated against COVID-19, a decision that ultimately led to his absence from pivotal matches for both the German national team and Bayern Munich.

In November 2021, after contracting COVID-19 and grappling with several distressing side effects, including a decline in lung capacity, Kimmich publicly expressed his regret regarding his initial hesitancy.

He announced his intention to receive the vaccination, acknowledging the importance of taking this step to safeguard his health and contribute to public safety.

In March 2023, Kimmich expanded his horizons by appearing in the German crime series “Tatort,” showcasing his versatility beyond the football pitch.

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