Sebastian Fundora Sister Gabriela Fundora: Boxer’s Age, Parents & Ethnicity

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Sebastian Fundora sister, Gabriela Fundora, follows in his footsteps, making them a promising sibling duo in the boxing world. 

The brother-sister duo are making waves with their remarkable skill and numerous victories. As the two belong from a sporting background, this, in turn, isn’t surprising.

Sebastian Fundora Is An Acclaimed A Professional Boxer
Sebastian Fundora Is An Acclaimed A Professional Boxer (Source: Instagram)

An American professional boxer, Sebastian Fundora, has garnered substantial recognition through his exceptional in-court prowess. 

The boxer made his professional debut in September 2016, defeating Jose Cardenas by a first-round knockout. 

Subsequently, he emerged victorious throughout the next three years, amassing a 12-0 record. 

Further, the professional held the WBC interim light middleweight title between April 2022 and April 2023.

Unfortunately, he lost the title in his second WBC interim defense against Brian Mendoza.

Moreover, to this day, the -year-old champ has fought in 22 bouts and boasts an impressive 20-2 record.

Given the record, he ranks as the third-best active light middleweight boxer by The Ring Magazine. 

Sebastian Fundora Sister, Gabriela Fundora

Born on March 29, 2003, Gabriela Fundora is an American professional boxer competing in the flyweight division.

Commencing her boxing journey at six, she and her brothers trained under their father’s wings.

Gabriela, in turn, has emerged as one of the most decorated fighters in women’s boxing history.

During her amateur career, she won numerous regional and national championships, including the 2017 USA National Junior Championship.

Sebastian Fundora Sister Posing With Her Belt
Sebastian Fundora Sister Posing With Her Belt (Source: Instagram)

Standing 5 foot 9 inches tall, she currently retains the IBF interim flyweight title and holds the WBC Latin American Championship and WBC Youth Championship title.

In addition, as per the record, she ranks as the best active flyweight boxer by the Ring Magazine.

Given her success, Gabriela acknowledges her brother as her ultimate source of inspiration and encouragement. Her brother is proud of his little sister’s achievements as well.

“My brother is someone I look up to, not only in boxing but in life in general. So, me and him being with each other keeps our family together, and it keeps me humble.”, she once mentioned.

All About The Boxer Familial Life

The Fundora family boasts a rich history deeply intertwined with the boxing world. Every family member has donned the gloves with pride, carrying forward the family’s legacy.

Well, both his parents hold acclaim as a former boxer. They were the ones who nurtured and ignited an early passion within their kids for boxing.

The boxer comes from a mixed ethnic background, with his father being of Cuban descent and his mother of Mexican heritage.

Sebastian’s father, Freddy Sr, is the one who deserves the most credit for his son’s success, as he coached and trained him.

The Boxer's Sister Along With Their Dad
The Boxer’s Sister Along With Their Dad (Source: Instagram)

When Sebastian was nine, the family moved from Florida to Coachella, California, in search of better opportunities.

His father later instilled a family boxing gym in Coachella, where he trained other boxers, including his kids.

Further, Sebastian’s mother, Monique, has also provided the kids with unwavering support and guidance. Besides him, Sebastian’s parents share five other kids.

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