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Sena Agbeko Wikipedia- The Ghanaian boxer was born in the African country but has spent the last decade in the US. Agbeko fought his first 15 matches in Ghana and came to the US to raise his competitive level. 

The 31-year-old boxer, Sena Agbeko, wanted to become a boxer from a young age. He was doing well in his homeland and was undefeated in 15 matches, but he knew if he wanted to take his career to the next level, the US was the best place for him.

Sena Agbeko Pictured Before His Fight Against David Morrell Jr
Sena Agbeko Pictured Before His Fight Against David Morrell Jr (Source: Instagram)

Sena lost the first match he fought on American soil but vowed to better himself. And so he did. He went nine games undefeated and lost only one fight between 2021 and his recent fight against David Morrell.

David Morrell Jr wiped the floor with Sena Agbeko, defeating him in the second round. Morrell was the favorite coming into the match and retained his WBA secondary super middleweight title in the main event of the “Showtime Championship Boxing.”

Sena Agbeko Wikipedia And Age

The Ghanaian boxer Sena Agbeko was born on March 1, 1992, making him 31. Agbeko moved to the US in 2013 and lived in various states, but the boxer calls Nashville, Tennessee, his primary home. 

Agbeko trained in Tennessee and made his pro debut in the US in 2014. His first fight was against Raymond Gatica in the middleweight division, but he lost that match. 

After his first fight, Sena moved to Las Vegas and trained at Mayweather Boxing Gym for a year. He then returned to Tennessee and settled in Nashville.

In Nashville, he trained with several Olympic-level coaches and started competing in various local-level competitions. He also competed in a few boxing events in Canada. 

Sena Agbeko Shares An Edit Of His Country's Flag Painted On His Face
Sena Agbeko Shares An Edit Of His Country’s Flag Painted On His Face (Source: Instagram)

Previously, in an interview with Minnesota Fight Night, Sena gave a brief history of his boxing journey. He talked about how difficult it is for an unknown boxer to rise through the ranks and book fights. 

Sena started booking more matches last year after signing with a new agency. His first match after signing with the new agency was against Apollo Thompson, which he won with a TKO.

His next fight was against Winfred Harris Jr, who was sure he would beat him. But Sena pulled up an upset, beating Windred with a TKO. His last match in 2022 was against Isaiah Steen, in which he was once again considered an underdog.

Steen was 16-0 before facing Sena, but the Ghanaian boxer got the best of him and won via unanimous decision. During his conversation with Minnesota Fight Night, Sena also confirmed he chose to come to the US to take his career to the next level. 

Sena Agbeko Family: Is He Related To Joseph Agbeko? 

Sena Agbeko comes from a country of boxing champions. He grew up idolizing the likes of Azumah Nelson and Ike Quartey. 

Sena has even shared a photo of him standing alongside Azumah Nelson. He captioned the post, “Happy birthday to the legendary Azumah Nelson. He told me I could punch! He inspires all of us.”

Joseph Agbeko also happens to be another boxer that Sena takes inspiration from. The two boxers aren’t related and are one of many cases of athletes sharing the same last name. 

It isn’t known whether Joseph has a brother, but Sena isn’t certainly one of them, or else he would’ve mentioned it in his interviews. He has taken Joseph’s name, but only to say he is one of the boxers who has made their nation proud. 

The Ghanaian Boxer Sena Agbeko Shares A Picture Of His Grandmom Holding His WBC Belt
The Ghanaian Boxer Sena Agbeko Shares A Picture Of His Grandmom Holding His WBC Belt (Source: Instagram)

Sena hasn’t given out much of his family details. Previously, in an interview, Sena said he came from a middle-class family and didn’t necessarily need to box for money. A rarity among the fighters. 

It was just that he loved the physical aspect of boxing and decided to pursue it. He said his parents took outstanding care of him, but he wanted to try something challenging like boxing. 

On his Instagram handle, Sena had previously shared a sweet post for his grandmom. The boxer talked about the memories they made together, and in the snap, his grandmom can be seen holding his WBC USA belt. 

Agbeko has also previously shared a photo of him with a mystery woman, whom he calls his partner. He hasn’t tagged the woman in the posts he has shared of her. 

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