Shane Waldron Wife Meghan And Kids: Meet Bears New OC Family

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Shane Waldron wife, Meghan Waldron, shares two kids with the football coach. The couple is native to Oregon, and Mrs. Waldron has tried her best to keep herself out of the limelight.  

Meghan and Shane aren’t too active on social media. Unlike, the new Texas A&M coach, Jordan Peterson, Shane doesn’t post much about his family life. In fact, Shane has stopped using Facebook since 2018.

A Tufts University graduate, Shane Waldron’s coaching journey began with Notre Dame in 2005 as a graduate assistant. His first NFL job arrived in 2008 with the New England Patriots, and eight years later, he coached his second NFL team, the Washington Commanders.

Waldron Spent Four Three Seasons With Seahawks
Waldron Spent Four Three Seasons With Seahawks (Source: Twitter)

Waldron’s stay at Washington was only for a year after the Rams took him in as their tight ends coach. After four seasons with the Rams, Waldron joined the Seahawks in 2021, and now he is with the Bears. 

Shane was one of nine candidates the Bears requested to interview after firing former offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Waldron has worked with more starting quarterbacks than Getsy, with Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff, and Russell Wilson on his list.

Shane Waldron Wife, Meghan Waldron, And Kids

Shane Waldron wife, Meghan Waldron, doesn’t like making too many public appearances. There are only a few times the couple has been pictured, one of those occasions being the 2019 Los Angeles Rams training camp.

At the time, Shane was the Rams’ passing game coordinator & quarterbacks coach. He worked with the Rams for four seasons before moving to Seattle in 2021.

Unlike Alabama DC coach Kane Wommack’s wife, Melissa Wommack, Meghan isn’t very active on social media. She isn’t even added to her husband’s Facebook profile, nor that of his family. 

It is through the few photos shared by Shane on his social media handle we are updated about Meghan. The new Bears coach also doesn’t seem to be a big fan of social media, with his last post being in 2018. Even in his interviews, Shane has never spoken much about his married life. 

Shane Shared A Collage Picture Of His Family After The Birth Of His Second Daughter, Rylee In 2017
Shane Shared A Collage Picture Of His Family After The Birth Of His Second Daughter, Rylee, In 2017 (Source: Facebook)

Shane and Meghan are parents to two daughters-Lainey and Rylee. Their elder daughter, Lainey, was born in 2013, and Shane has shared several photos of his two kids on his profile. 

Previously, Lainey was also seen with her dad at the Washington Commanders practice camp. She sweetly posed beside her dad, who crouched to reach her height. 

In 2016, Shane shared a family photo of him and Meghan taking Lainey to a Washington Nationals baseball game. In 2017, Shane and Meghan welcomed a new addition to the family, Rylee Morgan, making Lainey the older sister. 

Shane’s last post on his Facebook handle happens to be the birthday party celebration of Rylee turning one. The little one could be seen with cake smudged over her face. 

Shane Waldron Family: Father A Former Athlete

The former Seahawks coach, Shane Waldron, was born in Portland, Oregon. He is the son of Jay and Karen Waldron, the Oregon natives. 

Shane’s father, Jay Waldron, is a former rugby player. Jay’s rugby career began at the University of Virginia in 1968. At Virginia, Jay mapped out his entire career.

He received his master’s degree, worked on his Ph.D., and then received his Juris Doctorate, all while competing as a player.

With Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, Jay specializes in environmental and energy law. He won the Oregon State Bar President’s Public Service Award for pro bono activities in 1991 and was the Founder of the East County Legal Clinic. 

Shane Pictured With His Dad, Jay Waldron, At The Rugby Hall Of Fame Event In 2017
Shane Pictured With His Dad, Jay Waldron, At The Rugby Hall Of Fame Event In 2017 (Source: Facebook)

After receiving his JD, Jay moved to the West Coast, where he began his legal career at Schwabe Williamson & Wyat and maintained his rugby career.

He played for the Portland Rugby Football Club and later for the Portland Old Boars and the Owls. He also played on teams that toured Europe and New Zealand in the 1970s.

After his playing days were over, Shane coached the Portland RFC from 1981-88 and coached the Pacific Northwest representative teams. In the mid-1980s, Jay was a rugby broadcaster for PSN and Fox. 

Jay has been part of the United States Rugby Football Foundation Board since 1988 and was inducted into the US Rugby Hall of Fame in 2017. Shane shared a photo from the Hall of Fame event on his social media handle on July 1, 2017.

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