Simon Raiwalui Wife: Is The Fiji Head Coach Married?

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Simon Raiwalui, the Fijian rugby legend, is married to his wife Melanie Raiwalui.

While Simon and Melanie are rather private about their personal details, Simon’s social media presence reveals a warm and humorous side of his family life.

This article explores Simon Raiwalui’s personal life, focusing on his relationship status and family life.

Simon Raiwalui, the fiji head coach
Simon Raiwalui, The Fiji Head Coach (Source: Twitter)

Simon Raiwalui is a former Fijian rugby union player and the current head coach of the Flying Fijians.

He was born in New Zealand but grew up in Australia, where he played for the Australian Schoolboys and Manly.

Simon moved to England in 1997 and played for Sale Sharks, Newport and Saracens. Further, he qualified for Fiji through his parents and debuted against the All Blacks.

The player played in the 1999 Rugby World Cup and retired from international rugby in 2003. However, he came back in 2006 to play for the Pacific Islanders.

Simon became the head coach of Fiji in 2020 and has led them to impressive wins over England, Australia, and Wales. 

Simon Raiwalui Wife

The rugby coach has been happily married for a considerable amount of time, and his wife’s name is Melanie Raiwalui.

Melanie and Simon prefer to keep the details of their relationship private, and we do not know much about their journey together.

However, Simon occasionally mentions his wife in his social media posts, giving us a small peek into their life together.

In one touching post, he revealed the deep love and respect he has for his wife.

He shared that if his late father were alive today, he would have adored Melanie and been immensely proud of his grandchildren.

This heartfelt tribute speaks volumes about the bond between Simon and his wife.

Further, in a playful post, he shared a snapshot of his wife’s gardening efforts, accompanied by a humorous caption.

Simon quipped, “My wife was bored and decided to trim the trees in the backyard; safe to say she is not entering any gardener of the year awards! 🤦🏾‍♂️

This lighthearted moment showcases the humor and camaraderie within the Raiwalui family.

Simon Is A Father To Three Children!

Simon and Melanie are proud parents to three children.

Their eldest son, Jacob, was born in June 1997 in Australia, just before Simon embarked on his rugby journey in Europe. Simon’s family later joined him.

Likewise, their youngest son, whose name remains undisclosed, was born in Gwent, Wales, where Simon was actively involved in the rugby scene.

Simon Raiwalui Family Picture
Simon Raiwalui Family Picture (Source: Twitter)

Simon and Melanie’s daughter, Layla, was born in London. Simon’s social media posts reflect a close father-daughter relationship.

For instance, once, Simon fondly shared moments of Layla’s day working with the water police.

He mentioned Layla’s enthusiasm about the experience, albeit missing out on commandeering the boat or being issued a taser or gun.

Also, Simon proudly remarked, “That’s my girl!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Fiji Head Coach, Simon Raiwalui, Married?

Yes, the Fiji head coach is a married man. His wife’s name is Melanie Raiwalui, and they have three kids together. 


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