Sky Sports Staunch in the Continued Fight Against Online Discrimination and Abuse

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Sky Sports Stands Resilient with the English Football-led Boycott and Suspends Posts on Social Media Platforms from April 30, 15:00 (UK) to May 3, 23:59 (UK)

The weekend has called for a united front. And Sky Sports supports the boycott spearheaded by English football.

The Sports Channel is not alone. 

The England and Wales Cricket Board, England Rugby, Premiership Rugby, Scottish Rugby, British Cycling, the Lawn Tennis Association, and the British Horseracing Authority have all shown solidarity in the advocacy. 

The Rugby Football League, Super League Europe, Rugby League World Cup 2021, the British Basketball League, and Women’s British Basketball League among others have also shown consolidation. 

On Friday, 3.00 pm (UK), Sky stopped posting sports news on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok. The boycott ends today at 11.59 pm (UK). 

There will be a social media boycott to protest against online abuse running throughout this weekend
April 30 to May 3, 2021: In the four-day boycott against online discriminatory behavior, Sky Stopped Posting on Social Media (Source: Sky Sports News)

In the joint effort that involves clubs, football’s governing bodies; broadcasters, BT Sport, At The Races, and talkSPORT; and the sporting community, the four-day boycott advocates anti-discriminatory action.

It urges social media companies to act more and become stringent.  

Sky Sports News spoke to Twitter: “Racist behavior, abuse, and harassment have absolutely no place on our service and alongside our partners in football, we condemn racism in all its forms. 

“Racism is a deep societal and complex issue and everyone has a role to play. We are committed to doing our part and continue to work closely with valued partners in football, government, and police, along with the working group convened by Kick It Out to identify ways to tackle this issue collectively – both online and away from social media.”

Since last year, in September, Twitter received over 30 million Tweets on football in the UK.

Over seven thousand Tweets were eliminated during that time because the messages were disrespectful and abusive. 

Football clubs will stage a three-day social media boycott next weekend in a bid to highlight the issue of online abuse
Four-day Boycott of Social Media Posting has been Carried Out in order to Raise Action Against Online Abuse (Source: Sky Sports News)

Facebook has similar concerns. And they own Instagram too. They aim to team up with the UK police on removing racially derogatory speeches. 

Facebook gave the following comment to Sky Sports News: “No one should have to experience abuse anywhere, and it’s against our policies to harass or discriminate against people on Instagram or Facebook…

“We agree with and have already made progress on many of the players’ suggestions, including taking tougher action against people breaking our rules in DMs….”

Sky Sports is intent on getting social media platforms to become even more proactive.

It aims to propel efforts that will help eradicate discriminatory messaging that are targeted at players, coaches, referees, or officials. 

The news channel wants sports fans to engage in an unbiased and racist-free manner when they exchange content on sporting events or persons. 

United We Stand Staunch





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