Sorana Cirstea Parents Mihai And Liliana Are Her Inspiration

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Since her early days, Sorana Cirstea parents, Mihai and Liliana, have laid the foundation for her successful athletic career.

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Sorana currently lives with her family in Targoviste, her parent’s hometown.

Sorana Cirstea Winning An Award
Sorana Cirstea Winning An Award (Source: Facebook)

The Romanian professional tennis player Sorana Cirstea has been playing professionally since 2006. 

Sorana enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2008, winning her first WTA Tour title and entering into the top 40 of the world rankings. 

However, she struggled with form for a few years, endured multiple injuries, and ultimately tumbled out of the top 100. Despite these upsetting incidents, Sorana strived to rebound to winning form, proving her potential in the games. 

Known for her powerful groundstrokes, she has won two singles and five doubles titles on the WTA Tour. Also, to date, Sorana has attained a career-high ranking of world No.21 in singles and No.35 in double. 

Even today, the athlete continues to exhibit her talent on the court, hoping to secure a significant win.

Sorana Cirstea Parents: Mihai And Liliana

Mihai and Liliana Cirstea, Sorana Cirtea parents, have been the pillars of support throughout her athletic career. 

They have played an instrumental role in guiding her to reach the heights of the tennis world.

Also, the player’s mother was the one who ignited the passion within her, introducing her to the sports at the tender age of 4.

Sorana Cirstea With Her Mother And Brother
Sorana Cirstea With Her Mother And Brother (Source: Facebook)

Her mother has profoundly played a pivotal role in shaping her tennis career from a young age. During her formative years, she spent countless hours guiding Sorana, practicing with her, and driving her around for training sessions.   

Not to forget, her father also deserves the credit for her accomplishments. His unyielding encouragement has been a driving force behind her growth as a player and person. 

Regarding their background, her mother, Liliana, attended ASE Bucuresti, an academy of economic studies.

On the other hand, Sorana’s father owns an ice cream factory in his hometown. Apart from this, no further details are out yet.

Adding up to one of her supporters, her brother, Mihnea, also falls on the list. Unlike her athletic sister, he pursues a career in law. 

More About Her Playing Style

The right-handed player has given only a few eye-catching performances, however, she is well-recognized for her unique playing style.

Sorana’s strong backhand is her potential weapon, allowing her to dictate play. Her backhand is her most reliable groundstrokes, and she can usually hit winners with this shot.

Likewise, her forehand hit is generally quick and flat, enabling her to generate consistent power. Although her forehand is powerful, it could be somewhat erratic, leading to unforced errors.

Sorana Cirstea Playing Tennis
Sorana Cirstea Playing Tennis (Source: Instagram)

Also, she can generate sharp angles from her backhand and forehand, which often produces winners.

Known as an aggressive baseliner, Sorana plays a high-risk game, resulting in a high number of winners as well as unforced errors.

As per Tennis Spy, her gameplay is supported by her long strides, which helps her to cover ground excellently while not having to move quickly.

In addition, her first serve is comparatively powerful, reaching a speed of 175km/h, enabling her to serve aces and take command from the start.

Nevertheless, Sorana has recorded 519-391(57.0%) in his singles match, while he has 151-122 (55.3%) in his double game.

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