Stan Wawrinka Girlfriend: Who Is The Tennis Player Dating In 2024?

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Stan Wawrinka Girlfriend: According to confirmed reports, the Swiss tennis player has remained single since his last relationship with Donna Vekic.

While specific sources speculate about a potential new girlfriend as of 2024, neither Stan nor verified sources have confirmed this claim.

Swiss Professional Tennis Player Stan Wawrinka
Swiss Professional Tennis Player Stan Wawrinka (Source: Twitter)

Stanislas Wawrinka is a Swiss tennis star who reached world No. 3 in singles on January 27, 2014, as recognized by the ATP.

His remarkable career includes winning three major titles: the Australian Open (2014), French Open (2015), and US Open (2016).

Wawrinka began playing tennis at eight and turned pro at 17. He represented Switzerland in various competitions, including winning gold in doubles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with Roger Federer.

Similarly, he later succeeded in the Masters tournaments and was a crucial player in Switzerland’s 2014 Davis Cup win.

Wawrinka’s late-career surge earned him the nickname “tennis’s great latecomer.”

Stan Wawrinka’s Girlfriend Update 2024

Stan Wawrinka’s initial romantic involvement was with his former wife, Ilham Vuilloud.

Ilham is a Swiss television presenter and former fashion model. She began a relationship with Stan in 2009.

After residing in Lausanne for several months, they officially tied the knot in December 2009.

Their union welcomed a daughter, Alexis Wawrinka, in 2010; however, they separated within a year.

Despite attempting to reconcile, their efforts proved unsuccessful, leading to their official divorce in 2015.

After his divorce, Wawrinka commenced a relationship with Donna Vekic in 2015.

Stan Wawrinka And Her Ex-Girlfriend Donna Vekic
Stan Wawrinka And Her Ex-Girlfriend Donna Vekic (Source: Tennis World USA)

Their relationship became public knowledge when Nick Kyrgios referenced it during a match in Montreal, linking Vekic with Wawrinka and his friend Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Wawrinka and Vekic were together for four years until they split in 2019.

As of 2024, there are no definitive updates on Stan Wawrinka’s girlfriend.

Although there have been mentions of a girlfriend named Sarah during a gratitude expression to his team in Umag in 2023.

Another source suggests Olivia Rossi, but these details remain unverifiable.

Known for his commitment to privacy, Wawrinka refrains from publicizing his personal life.

Also, on platforms like Instagram and X, he has maintained his account to share his achievements in tennis.

Stan’s Commercial Endorsements

As of June 2016, Stan Wawrinka has embraced a distinctive equipment setup, donning Yonex clothing and footwear.

He exerts the Yonex VCORE 95D racquet featuring the striking Yonex Vcore Duel G paint job.

Similarly, this switch marked a departure from his previous racquet, the Yonex VCORE Tour 97.

Known for his precision on the court, Wawrinka entrusts his performance to Babolat’s RPM Blast strings.

Stan Wawrinka Practicing In Yonex Attire
Stan Wawrinka Practicing In Yonex Attire (Source: Instagram)

The strings are meticulously tensioned at 27 kilograms for the main strings and 25 kilograms for the cross strings.

In the past, Wawrinka’s arsenal included Head tennis racquets such as the Microgel Prestige Pro and Flexpoint Prestige MidPlus, followed by the YouTek Prestige Pro MidPlus.

Beyond his equipment preferences, Wawrinka extends his influence beyond the tennis court.

Finally, he serves as an ambassador for the TGV Lyria train service, with his image adorning the exterior of the high-speed trains that traverse between France and Switzerland.

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