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Steve Nash daughter are lucky charms that he believes, more than anything else, inspired him to be an evergreen NBA star.

Besides being a renowned basketball legend, Steve Nash is a proud father of five children. They are Lola Nash, Bella Nash, Matteo Joel Nash, Luca Sun Nash, and Ruby Jean Nash. 

His three kids, Lola, Bella, and Matteo, are from his marriage with his first wife. And, Luca and Ruby Jean with his second wife. Although Nash had a complicated divorce with his first wife, he shares a good relationship with all his children. 

NBA veteran with his twin daughters Lola and Bella Nash (Source: Zimbio)
Steve Nash with his twin daughters, Lola and Bella Nash (Source: Zimbio)

You will learn everything about Steve’s daughters in this article, so stick with us till the end. However, first, here are some quick facts about Nash’s daughters.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lola Nash 
Date of Birth October 14, 2004
Age 19 years old
Zodiac Sign Libra
Birth Place United States 
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity 
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Father Steve Nash
Mother Alejandra Amarilla
Siblings Four (Bella Nash, Matteo Joel Nash, Luca Sun Nash & Ruby Jean Nash)
Social Media Instagram, TikTok
Full Name Bella Nash
Date of Birth October 14, 2004
Age 19 years old
Birthplace United States 
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Siblings Four (Lola Nash, Matteo Joel Nash, Luca Sun Nash & Ruby Jean Nash)
Social Media Instagram, TikTok
Full Name Ruby Jean Nash (Youngest daughter)
Date of Birth June 26, 2019
Age 4 years old
Birthplace United States
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light Brown 
Siblings Four (Lola Nash, Bella Nash, Matteo Joel Nash & Luca Sun Nash)
Father Steve Nash
Mother Lilla Fredrick
Grandparents John Nash and Jean Nash
Steve Nash’s Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook 
Steve Nash Merch Nash (Amazon Prime Video), Steve Nash: The Unlikely Ascent of a Superstar (Hardcover)
Last Update February 2024

Steve Nash Daughter | Parents

Father, Steve Nash

Steve Nash is a renowned Canadian professional basketball coach and a former player. The NBA veteran is currently serving as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

The modern basketball legend Nash was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, to a Welsh mother and English father on February 7, 1974. His father is John Nash, and his mother is Jean Nash.

When Steve was eighteen months old, his family migrated to Regina, Canada. He later went to Mount Douglas Secondary School in British Columbia for his schooling.

Furthermore, Steve began playing basketball at the age of 12. He played high school basketball for two different teams in Victoria, British Columbia. Nash initially played for St. Michaels during high school; likewise, he played for Santa Clara during college.

Steve Nash with the Phoenix Suns (Source: HuffPost)
Steve Nash with the Phoenix Suns (Source: HuffPost)

Nash kicked off his professional career from the Phoenix Suns, after he got selected as the fifteenth overall pick in the first-round of the 1996 NBA draft.

Consequently, he played for three teams, namely the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and Los Angeles Lakers, throughout his 19-year NBA playing career. Nash officially ended his long professional career in 2015.

The Phoenix Suns presented Nash with the Ring Of Honor on October 30, 2015. Similarly, he has been awarded WCC player of the year two times. Nash began his coaching career as a head coach for Brooklyn Nets on September 3, 2020.

Although he never won the NBA championship, Steve Nash is considered one of the most successful point guards in NBA history.

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Alejandra Amarilla

Alejandra Amarilla was born in Paraguay, South America, in 1974. But, sadly, there are not many details about her parents as she avoids disclosing them.

Likewise, her educational background and her childhood days are also unknown to the public. Only little is known about her past life; however, various sources confirm that she has been fascinated by the media industry since she was little.

Alejandra began her professional career as a filmmaker. She is the writer and also the executive producer of the renowned documentary titled Landfill Harmonic, which was released in 2015.

Besides, Amarilla is a philanthropist and a social activist who has helped thousands and thousands of needy families throughout the globe.

Alejandra has dedicated herself to supporting those living in extreme poverty. She has devoted herself to work for the upliftment of children and women across the globe.

However, Alejandra is mainly recognized as the former wife of veteran Canadian basketball player Steve Nash

Lilla Frederick

Lilla Frederick was born in Orange Country, California, United States, on July 3, 1990. Her father is Duncan Frederick, and her mother is Linda Frederick. Lilla was brought up with her four siblings.

Lilla completed her high school in 2008 at Cornelia Conelly High School. She later graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts from Pepperdine University in California. 

Apart from her academic achievements, Lilla was an accomplished volleyball player. She began playing volleyball during her school days. She officially started her professional career in 2009 after being selected by the United States Women’s Junior National Group. 

However, she has stopped playing professional volleyball and spends more time with her kids. Besides volleyball, she also enjoys watching movies and swimming. In addition,  she enjoys eating Chinese dishes. 

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Steve Nash Daughter | Relationship With Daughters

Steve and Alejandra met each other in 2001 in Manhattan and soon fell in love. He married Alejandra on June 11, 2005. However, the couple was already blessed with twin daughters on October 14, 2004.

The duo spent their first five years in peace and plenty, but everything started going downhill after they announced their third child.

Immediately after the birth of third child, a son named Matteo, on November 12, 2010, Nash announced his separation from Alejandra.

Moreover, a bizarre custody battle took place regarding the custody of their three children. At last, Nash won the case, and the court allowed him to raise his three children together with his second wife, Lilla Frederick.

Steve Nash with his family (Source: Media Referee)
Steve Nash with his family (Source: Media Referee)

Although the relationship between Nash and Amarilla is not great now, Nash shares a healthy relationship with his children. After separation, Alejandra preferred to stay single, whereas Nash married Lilla in September 2016. 

As a result, Nash and Lilla had their first child, a son named Luca Sun Nash, on July 9, 2017. And, second child, a girl named Ruby Jane Nash, on June 26, 2019. 

Nash lives with his wife Lilla and his kids. Lola, Bella, and Matteo share a healthy relationship with their stepmother, Lilla, and their half-siblings. We can see all children share a prosperous relationship with Lilla as they upload images on different social media.

Steve Nash Daughter | Lola Nash

Steve’s daughter Lola Nash was born on October 14, 2004, in the United States.

Lola is Nash’s daughter from his first wife, Alejandra Amarilla. She shares her birth date and upbringing with her fraternal twin sister Bella Nash. Currently, she attends the Chadwick High School in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California.

Apart from her studies, Lola plays volleyball for her High School team and is doing well. Her stepmother, Lilla, probably helps her with her game as she was a professional athlete a few years ago.

Nash is currently a junior and will graduate in the year 2023 from Chadwick High School, but she has not made it clear whether she will still pursue sports after graduation.

Besides, not much about her is known except that she is a Canadian national like her father, Nash. 

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Body Features

Born on October 14, 2004, Lola is currently 19 years old.

The exact detail on her body measurement is not available, but according to different sources, her height is 5 feet 7 inches. Details about her weight are currently unknown.

About her facial features, her hair is brown, and she has stunning hazel eyes. Likewise, she has a pale complexion.

Social Media Presence

Though it is unknown to many, Lola is currently active on a few social media platforms.

Lola uses Tiktok and Instagram, where she shares her lifestyle with her few thousand followers. She goes by the name “Lordddnashie” on TikTok and has over 8,600 followers. 

She goes by the name “lolaaanash” on Instagram and has more than 6800 followers. However, her Instagram account is private.

Steve Nash Daughter | Bella Nash

Bella Nash was born on October 14, 2004.

Bella is also the daughter of Nash’s first wife, Alejandra Amarilla. She was brought up together with her fraternal twin sister Lola Nash.

Steve Nash's daughter Bella Nash (Source: Instagram)
Steve Nash’s daughter, Bella Nash (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Bella goes to the same school as Lola for schooling, which is Chadwick High School, located in Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA.

Bella also plays volleyball for her high school. Like her twin sister Lola, Bella will graduate her high school in 2023. 

Body Features

As Bella was born on October 14, 2004, she is 19 years old.

According to sources, her height is 5 feet 9 inches, and she has gorgeous black hair. She also has beautiful grey eyes. But sadly, detail about her body weight is unknown to the public. 

Social Media Presence

Bella is active on a few social media, particularly TikTok and Instagram.

Bella goes by the name “mooshicallsmedaddy” in her Tiktok account and has over 14000 followers. She shares short videos of her enjoying her daily life. Sometimes, her celebrity dad Steve Nash also appears in her videos.

Bella has 8900 followers on her Instagram account, which goes by her original name, “bellaanash.” She often uploads pictures of her vacations and enjoying herself with her loved ones.

Unlike her sister, her Instagram account is public, and she has more followers than her twin sister, Lola. 

Steve Nash Daughter | Ruby Jean Nash

Ruby Jean Nash was born on June 26, 2019, as the youngest child of Steve Nash.

Ruby is the daughter of Steve and his second wife, Lilla. As the youngest child of the Nash family, we can assume she is pampered and loved by everybody.

As she is the youngest among her siblings, all her siblings love her and spend quality time together. We can see all of them in their family photos.

Body Features

Since her birth date was June 26, 2019, Ruby Jean is currently 4 years old.

Ruby has beautiful black eyes and light-brown colored hair, as we can see in the pictures shared by her father on his Instagram account. She weighed around 7lb (3kg) at the time of her birth.

Steve Nash Daughter | FAQs

How many children does Steve Nash have?

Steve Nash has five children. He has three daughters and two sons. The NBA veteran has two daughters and a son with his first wife, Alejandra, including a son and daughter with his second wife, Lilla.

How many MVPs does Steve Nash have?

Steve Nash won 2 MVP awards throughout his 19 years NBA career. Similarly, he has been awarded WCC player of the year two times. 

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