Steven Borden Jr Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is Sting Son?

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Steven Borden Jr. is the son of legendary professional wrestler Sting, leading to fan intrigue about his life details such as age.

Subsequently, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to his name, although his diverse career deserves recognition.

Professional Wrestling Legend Sting
Professional Wrestling Legend Sting (Source: WWE)

Sting is one of the most well-recognized and respected professional wrestlers in the history of the craft.

Subsequently, his prominent stints at World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Impact Wrestling made him immortal among wrestling fans. He also made short appearances for WWE.

He won countless wrestling championships and took part in some of the most legendary moments in history.

Sting’s last venture into professional wrestling occurred within All Elite Wrestling (AEW). As an iconic figure in the wrestling world, he is easily identifiable by his distinctive face paint and signature in-ring moves.

Steven Borden Jr Age And Wikipedia

Speaking of Steven Borden Jr, he is the son of the iconic wrestler Sting. Although exact details of his age are not available, according to his Instagram posts, he is in his thirties.

He is a fitness influencer and former college football player for the University of Kentucky. During his days at the gridiron, he played as a linebacker.

Steven Boden Jr, Son Of Sting
Steven Boden Jr, Son Of Sting (Source: Instagram)

Originating from Atlanta, Georgia, he was born into the family of Steve (Sting) and Sue Borden, suggesting that his upbringing likely influenced his character and values.

During college, he majored in integrated strategic communications. Throughout his college tenure, he actively engaged in community events.

Notably, he participated in a Special Olympics event in 2013 and contributed to a service event at Elkhorn Calvary Church in 2014, underscoring his dedication to community service.

A Notable Football Career

In his senior year at Waxahachie High School, he made a significant impact as a defensive end, contributing to the team’s impressive 12-1 record and guiding them to the quarterfinals of the state Class AAAA playoffs.

Subsequently, his stellar performance on the field earned him well-deserved first-team all-district honors. Under the guidance of Coach David Ream at Waxahachie, he honed his skills and played a crucial role in the team’s success.

Before his stint at Waxahachie, he spent three seasons at Santa Clarita Christian High School in California, showcasing his versatility by playing various positions like quarterback, receiver, and linebacker.

Steven Boden Jr Had A Notable Amateur Football Career
Steven Boden Jr Had A Notable Amateur Football Career (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, his athletic abilities extended beyond football as he actively participated in basketball during high school. This diverse athletic background suggests a well-rounded and talented individual with a passion for sports.

During his college years, his well-rounded skill set, characterized by a favorable blend of size and athleticism, not only solidified his position as a formidable tight end but also made him a valuable asset as a wide receiver.

In his junior year, he made a significant impact with three catches for 63 yards and a touchdown, notably contributing to the team’s success.

To summarize, Steven had a fruitful amateur football career, excelling in high school and college with his talents.

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