6 Strongest Skate Deck For Newbie And Pro

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The durability of the skate deck totally depends upon the material used to manufacture and design the board. Some Skate deck seems strong, but when used, they don’t prove their strength.

The strength of the skate deck depends upon its body. When you do a flip and land on the board with full force, the body much not crack. Usually, when you ride and hit on the head or nose of the skate deck on the wall, you will notice some marks, which is pretty normal with the board.

However, some low-quality boards get marks and cracks with a light hit. Though these boards may look attractive but may not provide you with the strength, you are looking for.

Concave of the Skate deck 

Concaves are important when buying the board. When buying, you firstly need to critically judge the concave of the board.

Look at the concave, decide which shape of the concave can support you do a stunt or ticks. The shape of the concave gives you a sufficient foothold allowing you to skate more smoothly. Getting a shaped concave will help you slid, drift and turn.

You will different shapes concave in the store. Different shape concave is Radial concave, Progressive concave, W-concave, Tube, Asymmetrical, Convex and Flat.

Flat Concave

Flat concave is an old type of skate deck. They are completely flat and don’t have any shape in the body. As the concave is flat, they give enough space for your feet but only allow you to perform few tricks.


The arch of the board is shaped upward. The upward slide shape of the board is not for the beginner. There is a chance of a foot slip when beginner steps on the board. However, this shape is perfect for the experienced skater for a downhill ride and to perform a trick.


This type of board is perfect for giving power to the heel. The rails are slightly raised, which gives good heel support to perform tricks.

Radical Concave

This is a very common shape you will find on most of the skateboard. They are U shape decks that give better foot grip.

Progressive concave

Progressive concave is similar to radical concave but with the wall at the side of the board. This design results secure footing and locked-in the feel.


This design has an extra curve at the center of the board. The W-concave allows you to shift energy from the heel towards your toe, and you will get more precision, responsiveness and briskness while skating.


This design is somewhere near radical concave and has a sharp angle along the rails of the deck. The intention of this design is to assist you when there is a sudden shift in energy.

Design Of The Skate Deck

The design of skateboards has evolved. You will find various design of skate deck in the store which has their specification.

Each design is constructed to accommodate the demands of different riding conditions, performing tricks, cruising down the street, dropping in a bowl or half-pipe, or speeding down a hill.

Talking about the design skate deck, basically, there are two types: short skate deck and long skate deck. Short decks are made to perform a trick, and long skate decks are designed for cruising.

 If you look at the skate deck broadly, you will find four types of a skateboard.


 As these skate decks are designed to perform a trick, they are usually used by many pro skaters. If you are a park skater, a shortboard is best for you. However, this doesn’t mean that beginners cannot use these. If you are a beginner, you can start your first skate lesson on the shortboard.

Usually, the truck width of the shortboard matches the board widths of the board. And the wheels are typically smaller and harder on shortboard compared to other boards.


Cruiser board has a kicktail and perfect to roll on the street. These decks are mid-length and are perfect to hit the street. These skate decks may not be perfect for showing tricks but they are best to roll around the street.

The shape of the cruiser is wide. The length of the board may be confused with the longboard, however, they are pretty smaller than a longboard and are a bit longer to put them in shortboard categories.

Long Board

Longboards are for the professional skater and are design for downhill racing. The long length of the skate board is pretty much effective to perfect some wowing trick.

As they are ride by the pro skater, they are used in racing events. These skateboards have more stability and speed than other classic board.

Old School

These types of a deck are perfect for the skating pool and to carve the street. The old school design skateboard has a flat nose and kicktails, which is not that attractive but good for skating.

The shape and the design of the old-school skate may not allow you to do all the tricks. These old-school decks don’t often support flip tricks.

What’s Important While Choosing A Skateboard?

Length, Wide, Wheel base, Mounting holes, Rails, Effective Foot Platform, ply and, Nose and Tail  

These are the factor you need to focus on while choosing a skateboard. Let’s discuss them in detail.


Usually, the length of the board are 28’’ and 32’’. Shortboard has a narrow profile, while longboard has a wide profile. You can also find a longboard which is longer than normal length, these boards are for pro skaters.

Length of the board depends upon you need. If you want to perform some tricks and cruise on the street, you can choose a shortboard. A long skateboard is for a pro rider to practice balancing and maintain stability.


The wide of the deck depend upon your height and shoe size. The range of the skate deck falls between 7.5’’ and 8.7’’. And for youngers, wide of the deck range from 6.5” to 7.3”.

If you are taller than 5.3’’ and your shoe size is 9 or above then you will need a skateboard with a wide 7.5 or more.

Wheel Base

Wheel base is the area between the two sets of mounting holes drilled into the deck. The range of wheel base falls between 13” to 15”. The desired distance is usually set by the rider’s height and personal choice.

Narrow wheelbase decks are perfect for a short guy. Whereas tall people prefer a wider wheelbase for skating down the road.

Nose And Tail

The nose is the front of the deck, whereas the tail is the back of the deck. For a new skater, it might be difficult to identify the differences. Normally, the deck has a graphic that indicates the nose.

Another way to identify the nose and tail of the skateboard is by its kick. It is usually the nose that has a bigger kick. The tail of the skateboard has a mellower kick.

Mounting Holes

Skateboard normal has one mounting hole. Only some skateboard has two set or multiple set of mounting holes.

Mountain holes drilled in the skateboard are where the skateboard’s trucks are attached. Some have multiple set of mounting hole to adjust trucks.


The shape of the rails has a major effect in your riding. They are the rod running along the length of the deck.

Most of the skate deck has round rails to support flip and some rails are sharp. Rail are to keep your shoes in place while sliding.

Effective Foot Platform

Effective Foot Platform is the area at the top of the deck when your foot goes. It is the area between the front and rear trucks.

In a simple word, the Effective Foot Platform is the area somewhere in the middle of the board. It is the part between mounting holes.


Ply is the multiple layers of the wood tightly pressed to make the deck. Top-quality ply defines the durability of the skate deck.

Skateboards are designed with a cross-grain pattern to make them strong and durable. Boards with just one single piece of wood are not that strong.

Anti-Hero Skateboard Deck 8.5

Anti-Hero Skateboard Deck
Anti-Hero Skateboard Deck

This skateboard deck from Anti-hero is pretty long and wide. Perfect for the pro rider. If you want to perform any trick, this board is what you need.

Talking about its concave, it doesn’t have a tremendous amount of concave. It has pretty little concave. We can state that this skateboard has moderate concave which can give you enough grip to do a flip trick.

The nose and the tail of Skate Deck 8.5 are very genuine. Like other decks, the tail in the deck is not pointed. The tail and nose are pretty round, giving them a semi-circle shape.

As the deck is an updated version, it very obvious that they are heavy than before. In the beginning, you will feel this board is heavy than your old one. And you might not be able to perform the same trick you could easily perform on your old board. However, on using it for one week or so, you will be able to do tricks as before.

And another feature that you might not like at the beginning is its stiffness. Keeping durability on the priority, Anti-hero has used high-quality plies, which makes the deck stiff than other decks. However, it will lose its stiffness when you continue riding it for a week.

At the beginning of the ride, you might not be able to perform the flip trick as smoothly as on your old board. You might have to put some power to perform tricks when the board is new. But once you are used to riding this board, you could your trick better than on your old one.

This board is sure to last longer. And you will not see cracks or marks on the nose or tail when you hit the pillar while riding. Even though you intentionally hit the deck on the wall you will barely see the marks on the nose or tail. This board is your if durability is your priority.

Baker Deck 8”x31.5”

Baker sakteboard
Baker skateboard

Have you ever felt you are doing flip trick wrong when you ride on the new board? This deck will surely not make you feel that. Do technical tricks, advanced tricks or normal flip tricks.

You won’t feel you are doing a trick wrong when you ride on this. While riding this skate gives great comfort because of its concave design.

This 8”X 31.5” Baker board has a mellow concave which gives grip while riding. Baker does best at what they do. They have provided all the comfort you will need for riding. And they also have provided sufficient space for your feet need to ride.

The nose and the tail of the board is pretty wide which gives enough space for you to do a nose and tail slide. Also, you will not feel any difficulties while doing tricks with nose or tail.

When used for the longest time, you might stain your hand with red color. The paint issue should not bother you much when you get this durable deck.

Ride this skateboard on the road or do your favorite tricks. You will not feel any different from your old one. However, you might feel a bit different than your previous one. You will surely get a better experience when you ride on this Baker skateboard.

Like other decks they are also not very flexible when you buy them new. It might also not support you while doing flips or tricks. But continue riding will make it much flexible supporting you in every normal to advance tricks.

Element Section #9

Element Section #9
Element Section #9

This deck measures 7.75”X 31.25” making them perfect for youngers. The nose and the tail of the board is wide enough to perform a nose or tailslide. You can also easily perform a trick with a nose or tail. The nose and tail have a pretty wide area.

What’s interesting about Element is that they are in the industry since 1992. So, they know what they are doing. Actually, they are pro at what they do.

Their quality stander meets the requirement of every rider. They have used rift wood to make the skate deck which means the deck is durable. How rough tricks you perform on the deck, this deck from Element will support your tough landing.

And its durability is not linked with a heavyweight. Rather its weight is light. You don’t have to put power on the deck to flip, it will support your flip trick when minimal force is applied.

They use thick ply of wood to add strength to the board, which makes them stiff. The board will not flex more. However, this board will support you in performing technical tricks. Advance skater prefers deck from Element to show-off their tricks.

As most of the new board, they also take time to adjust. Rolling on the street may not be the problem, but you might have a problem doing flips. Once this deck becomes your best friend, you will be able to do tricks more easily.

You will find this deck more manageable to perform tasks compare to other newly purchases decks. Some newly purchases decks are quite difficult to handle, but that’s not the case with this deck, you will find it easier to handle.

KPC PRO Skateboard

KPC PRO Skateboard
KPC PRO Skateboard

Cool and attractive graphic design on this skateboard makes the skater ride it on the street. It has great POP, which makes it awesome at tricks.

This board is commonly linked with a pro rider. However, they are also perfect for beginners. The structure of the board gives enough support to learn skating and to perform tricks.

The modern concave of this deck provides the required comfort to perform tricks a lot easier. The KPC light, which seems like it is only for kids or youngsters however, it can be ride by the heavy adult too.

The impressive feature of KPC PRO Skateboard is its impressive design, durability, and lightweight. Due to its lightweight and durability even, a beginner can learn tricks easily. If you are a beginner and want to learn the trick you this is the right skateboard for you.

The amazing construction catches the eyes of many riders. And the frame of this board is strong enough that it can handle a strong hit. And the body is built strong enough that it can handle your force landing.

KPC PRO Skateboard provides beginner and intermediate riders a great experience which makes them the best skateboard for the beginner and intermediate rider. Though they name this board a pro skateboard, without a doubt, a newbie can ride them with proper guidance.   

Overall construction and design of this board are great. If you have not bought a board yet, then this surely can be your first board.

Baker Brand Logo Deck- 8.0

Baker Brand logo Deck- 8.0
Baker Brand logo Deck- 8.0

Next in the list, we again have a deck from Baker. You will find many decks with different features in the store. Some might be lightweight but durable, some may be heavy and may not support with flip tricks, some may have wide nose and tail, and others may have narrow nose and tail.

Most skateboard lack some feature. There are only a few skate brands that are best at everything. Baker is one such brand that is loved by the skater.

One reason why skaters love baker is because they are crack-proof. You will find no pressure crack even if you land heavily on the board. A pro skater would love to ride on them because of their smooth ride and strength.

The canvas is quite mellow. It’s not too flat and not too curved. Its shape gives you a good grip for a fast and smooth ride allowing you to do technical tricks.

As this article is base on listing strong skate decks, there is no doubt that this model from Baker is of high quality. The durability of the Baker is not to be doubted.

Smash the Baker on the wall. You will hardly see any marks on the nose or tail of the board. Even if you smash the frame on the wall, you won’t see a crack.

If you are searching for a bigger board, this could be the one. For sure, this board is a treat for the skater.

Krown Rookies Complete Skateboard

Krown Rookies skateboard
Krown Rookies skateboard

This cool-looking Krown Rookies measures 7.5” X 31”. You can get this board in four different colors. They are available in red, green, blue and which white background with a red background.

The eye-catching graphic of this board attracts most riders. Fire graphic on this board attracts most riders which makes this board from Krown is favorite of riders. Whether you new in the riding or you are a pro at riding, this board support you with every moves.

Average length, graphics and design of the skateboard makes it the best choice of most of the rider. Flex and the foot comfort this deck has is the reason why it the choice of most beginners as well as a pro rider.

The moderate concave design of the board gives you support to ride and perfect grip, not allowing you to fall of the board. And nose and the tail of the board are pretty round, giving you enough support to perform tricky and advance tricks.

As the name suggests, this board is for the rookies’ riders. Perfect to practice and perform technical tricks. This board is so supportive because it is constructed narrow and has lightweight. Because of its narrow design, large-footed people may not find it best. Other than this, you will there is not any drawbacks in Krown Rookies.

Learning tricks on Rookies is not a difficult task, as it has a modern concave, which gives you comfort and more pop, making it easier to perform more tricks.  

Board with modern curve support while learning a trick. So, if you are looking for something fancy, comfortable, and skate that gives you a good grip, then this is the board you would want to buy.

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