Subriel Matias Parents: Meet Mother Viviana Matthew And Father

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Subriel Matias owes much of his success in his professional boxing career to the unwavering support of his parents.

Bonding with his father over televised boxing matches, Subriel’s early exposure to the sport ignited a passion that would eventually shape his destiny as a boxer.

Despite initial reservations from his mother about the sport’s inherent challenges, she ultimately embraced and wholeheartedly backed his career choice.

Subriel Matías Is The IBF Junior Welterweight Champion
Subriel Matías Is The Reigning IBF Junior Welterweight Champion (Source: Facebook)

Subriel Ahmed Matías Matthew, born on March 31, 1992, is a name that resonates in the world of professional boxing.

Holding the IBF junior welterweight title since February 2023, Matías has not only secured his place among the elite. He has also etched his mark in the annals of the sport.

His journey embarked with a debut against Juan Rojas on December 19, 2015, laying the foundation for what would become an illustrious career.

He reckons an impressive amateur record boasting 80 victories out of 100 bouts.

Currently ranked as The Ring’s No. 4-rated junior welterweight, Matías has a professional boxing record of 20-1. He boasts an awe-inspiring 20 knockouts to his credit.

Subriel Matias Parents: A Silent Force

Viviana Matthew, Subriel Matias’ mother, transcends the role of a mere spectator in her son’s boxing career, emerging as a silent but unwavering pillar of strength.

Originating from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Viviana played a crucial part in nurturing Subriel within their hometown, laying the foundation for his remarkable path in professional boxing.

A graduate of Santiago University of Technology, Viviana consistently provided steadfast support and encouragement to both Subriel and his younger sister, Chaneiry.

Subriel Matías With His Mother Vivian (Right) And Sister Chaneiry (Left)
Subriel Matías With His Mother Vivian (Right) And Sister Chaneiry (Left) (Source: Facebook)

Subriel’s relentless dedication to his craft finds its roots in the sacrifices and commitment of his mother. Her influence goes beyond the confines of his sporting career.

Their bond, rich with support and love, transcends the world of boxing. It underscores the profound impact a devoted parent can have on an athlete’s journey.

Her role has not only shaped Matias’ professional trajectory but has also contributed to the core values that define him as an individual.

While information about Subriel Matias’ father remains elusive, the scarcity of details doesn’t diminish the apparent pride both parents share in their son’s triumphant boxing career.

Their collective influence has played an instrumental role in molding Subriel into the accomplished athlete and person he is today.

Subriel Matias Family

In addition to his flourishing career, Subriel Matías revels in a harmonious and thriving marital life.

He is married to his wife Yachari Benabe, who is a graduate of Escuela Santiago Iglesias Pantin.

Perusing her Facebook profile, it becomes evident that Yachari passionately celebrates each of her husband’s victories.

She offers unwavering encouragement throughout his journey.

Subriel Matías Celebrating Christmas With Family
Subriel Matías Celebrating 2022 Christmas With Family (Source: Facebook)

The Matías family has expanded joyously with the arrival of three children.

Amelia Victoria, born in March 2019, Subrielyz, born in April 2020, and Darianys, born in February 2022, complete the heartwarming family portrait.

Residing happily in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, the Matías family continues to write their story of success and joy.

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