Tai Babilonia Husband: Is The Former Olympic Figure Skater Married?

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Tai Babilonia had a husband in Cary Butler, but it has been several years since they divorced. With her marriage to Cary, Tai had one son named Scout Butler.

After she ended her relationship with Butler, the former Olympic athlete was engaged to stand-up comedian David Brenner. Their relationship didn’t end in marriage, and they parted ways in 2009.  

Tai Pictured With Her Skating Partner Randy Gardner In 1977
Tai Pictured With Her Skating Partner Randy Gardner In 1977 (Source: Instagram)

The former pair skater, with her skating partner Randy Gardner, qualified for two Winter Olympics, 1976 and 1980. With Gardner, Tai won the 1979 World Figure Skating Championships and five US Figure Skating Championships. 

Today, Babilonia is seen sharing photos of her grandchild on her Instagram page. The Olympic athlete has come a long way.

From representing her country in international tournaments to having substance abuse problems, which fueled a suicide attempt in 1988, Babilonia is happier than ever in her life. 

Tai Babilonia Husband & Her Relationship With David Brenner

Tai Babilonia had a husband and was previously married. She was previously married to rock musician Cary Butler. 

They had a child from their wedding, but their relationship didn’t last long. In a 2002 article in the Los Angeles Times, it was written that Cary and Tai were divorced but still lived on the same block in Sherman Oaks. 

The article also mentioned that whenever Tai would be traveling, it is Cary who takes care of their son. But more than her relationship with Cary, it was her relationship with David Brenner that was quite famous.

The two never married but were engaged and spent time together from 2002 to 2009. Despite, their 23-year age gap, the couple seemed to have worked out their relationship but could never transform the engagement into a life-long marriage.

Tai Babilonia Pictured With Her Former Late Partner David Brenner
Tai Babilonia Pictured With Her Former Late Partner David Brenner (Source: Twitter)

Brenner passed away in 2014 at age 78. Many even mistaken Tai to be his wife when they were never married. In 2014, Babilonia took to her Facebook to share her grief over Brenner’s passing.

She wrote, “My heart is heavy as I write this. To say that my 8-year relationship with David Brenner was complicated would be an understatement.

He was the most generous, stubborn, classy, intense, loving (in his own Brenner way) & of course, hands down one of the most brilliantly funny entertainers ever!”

The former Olympic athlete wrote, “David was in a league all his own. I embrace the great & not so great times that we shared & that have changed my life & the life of my son Scout’s forever.”

During the time of his passing, Brenner was married to a woman named Ruth and has three sons from his previous relationships. 

Tai Babilonia Son: Meet Scout Gabriel Butler

Tai Babilonia’s only son, Scout Gabriel Butler, works with the Tonto Apache Police Department. Scout’s Instagram handle is filled with pictures of him on duty.

Only last year, a news article talked about Scout training completion with K9 Zara. The two had completed their training with the Gila River Police Department school for narcotics detection.

Tai Babilonia Pictured With Her Son Scout Gabriel Butler In 2023
Tai Babilonia Pictured With Her Son Scout Gabriel Butler In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Only last month, the police officer became a dad for the first time. He and his partner, Nevaeh Guerrero, welcomed their son, Ryett Scout Butler, into the world. 

Since then, Scout has shared several photographs of him and his family on his Instagram handle. Recently, Tai shared a photo of Ryett being held by his great-grandmother Cleo. 

Ryett, with his parents, had come to visit his grandmas in Arizona as they celebrated the festivities together.  

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