Tajon Buchanan Sister: Is He Related To Kadeisha Buchanan?

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Kadeisha Buchanan isn’t a sister to Tajon Buchanan. The Canadian soccer players, Tajon and Kadeisha Buchanan aren’t related but are simply another case of athletes sharing the same last name.

They did grow up in the same area and played in the youth teams of Brampton. If Tajon was part of Brampton YSC, then Kadeisha played for Brampton Brams United. But Tajon isn’t one of the ten siblings that Kadeisha has in her family. 

Tajon Celebrates Canada Qualifying For 2022 World Cup As He Runs To The Field Carrying The National Flag
Tajon Celebrates Canada Qualifying For 2022 World Cup As He Runs To The Field Carrying The National Flag (Source: Instagram)

In the last five years, Tajon Buchanan has shown stupendous growth in his gameplay. He went from playing for an unknown club to becoming the hottest soccer prospect in Canada. 

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Italian club and Serie A giants Inter Milan are closing in on signing the talented player. If the deal goes through, the Canadian will link up with former Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund player Henrikh Mkhitaryan and 2022 World Cup winner Lautaro Martinez. 

Tajon Buchanan Sister: Is He Related To Kadeisha Buchanan?

The Canadian soccer star Tajon Buchanan doesn’t have a sister and isn’t related to Kadeisha Buchanan.

Tajon, in fact, doesn’t have any siblings and is the only child of his parents. On his social media, the soccer player has shared less of his personal life and more of his professional life. 

In recent years, as Tajon rose through the ranks, the young player has been confused by many fans for being one of the siblings of fellow Canadian women’s soccer player Kadeisha Buchanan. And though they might share the same name, the soccer players do not share the same bloodline.

Kadeisha Buchanan Pictured Wither Her Family Members Including All Of Her Sisters In 2020
Kadeisha Buchanan Pictured With Her Family Members, Including All Of Her Sisters In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Tajon grew up with no siblings, whereas Kadeisha is one of 11 siblings in her household. She is the youngest of seven sisters and has shared several pictures with her family members on social media. We can confirm we didn’t see Tajon in any of them. 

The Chelsea player’s parents are from Jamaica and raised their kids in Brampton, Canada. And though Tajon also comes from Jamaican descent, the two do not have any relationship whatsoever. 

The two Canadian soccer stars had a similar start to their youth careers, as they played for teams from Brampton. The two have represented their country several times on the international stage, with Kadeisha having won the title of Canadian Player of the Year three times. 

Tajon Buchanan Family 

Tajon Buchannan’s parents both hail from the Caribbean nation. He was only seven when his father passed away, and his mother, Geraldeen Taylor, raised him as a single mother.

But as much as an impact his mom had in his life, Tajon’s coach, Chrys Chrysanthou, played an integral role in his life. He met the soccer coach while training with Brampton and later at Mississauga Falcons. 

During his early years, Chrys said Tajon was different from other kids in the sense that he was much more reserved and would never hug back his teammates, not knowing how to show love and appreciation.

But over time, Tajon started to pick up on the habits. In 2014, as coach Chrys announced to his team he would be leaving the Falcons for a team in Colorado, US, Tajon insisted on coming along with him. 

Tajon Buchanan Pictured With The Supporters Shield In 2021
Tajon Buchanan Pictured With The Supporters Shield In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Tajon confronted Chrys, saying he might fall into the rabbit hole of bad habits if he doesn’t have him along his side. Chrys tried explaining to Tajon why he won’t be able to take him to the US with him, but the youngster was stubborn.

So, at 15, Tajon left his family and moved in with Chrys’s family, who didn’t hesitate in accepting the teenager into their home. After he became part of the Chrysanthou family, one of the first things he learned was to be disciplined and accountable. 

If Chrys’ kids rushed to complete their homework, Tajon would fire up the PlayStation. But he soon understood discipline is necessary in every field of life. If he wanted to succeed as an athlete, he had to develop the habits first in other places as well. 

Since then, Tajon hasn’t turned back and has gone on to become a rising young talent for Canada Soccer Team. 

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