Top 20 NFL Sleepers for This Year

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NFL season is underway, and the excitement for fantasy Football is scoring up. With managers looking for a differential pick in their team, having a sleeper is crucial to finding the edge in an ever-competitive league. So, stick around as we look at the Top 20 NFL Sleepers for 2024.

A sleeper in fantasy Football terms is a player who is drafted lower than they should be. Furthermore, with the possibility of scoring big from the otherwise undervalued players, sleepers could provide bang for the buck for the managers.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 20 NFL Sleepers for 2024

Top 20 NFL Sleepers for 2024

The following list is compiled from various trusted sources such as NBC and USA Today.

Before we dive deep, let’s take a sneak peek into the Top 20 NFL Sleepers for 2024.

Name Position (Average Draft Position)
20. Kareem Hunt Running Back (RB22)
19. Jamaal Williams Running Back (RB41)
18. James Robinson Running Back (RB19)
17. Chris Carson Running Back (RB17)
16. Gus Edwards Running Back (RB 30)
15. Emmanuel Sanders Wide Receiver (207 OVR)
14. Marquez Callaway Wide Receiver (133 OVR)
13. Michael Gallup Wide Receiver (120 OVR)
12. Courtland Sutton Wide Receiver (79 OVR)
11. Brandon Aiyuk Wide Receiver (64 OVR)
10. Dawson Knox Tight End (TE26)
9. Jared Cook Tight End (TE15)
8. Blake Jarwin Tight End (TE30)
7. Hunter Henry Tight End (TE18)
6. Jonnu Smith Tight End (TE17)
5. Trey Lance Quarterback (QB20)
4. Justin Fields Quarterback (QB17)
3. Trevor Lawrence  Quarterback (QB14)
2. Jameis Winston Quarterback (QB22)
1. Jalen Hurts Quarterback (QB12)

20. Kareem Hunt

Breaking in at the top 20 NFL Sleepers for 2024, Kareem AJ Hunt is an American running back who plays for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.

While Nick Chubb remains the primary choice, Kareem’s fantasy value will take off if Chubb’s season is somehow botched.

Kareem Hunt. (Source:

Furthermore, the 28-year-old may turn out to be an absolute peach of a buy, especially given that Browns play both Hunt and Chubb in their offense.

On the other hand, Kareem edged through the top 10 scoring for RBs despite having an RB2 Average Draft Position last season.

19. Jamaal Williams

Jamaal Malik Williams is an American footballing pro who plays as a running back for the Detriot Lions.

Williams heads into the season, hoping to have a fantastic season. Moreover, with D’Andre Swift unlikely to start the season, Jamaal hopes to cement his place further in the time.

Meanwhile, even if Swift returns, it looks highly likely that the 29-year-old will be toe-to-toe sharing touches on the field.

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18. James Robinson

Coming in at number 18, James Robinson is an American running back who currently represents the Jacksonville Jaguars.

James had a breakthrough season last year, surprising the NFL circuit with his performances. Furthermore, the Rockford-born athlete ranked seventh in points for running backs.

While it would be premature to expect similar heights from Robinson this season, the 25-year-old will inevitably be the go-to running back for the Jaguars.

Furthermore, the unfortunate season-long foot injury for Travis Etienne also strengthens Robinson’s case for regular matches.

17. Chris Carson

Christopher Dewayne Carson is a professional American footballing athlete who plays as a running back for the Seattle Seahawks.

Chris Carson. (Source:

Despite strong showings in his previous three seasons, Carson is drafted at a lowly 17th for running backs (RB) this year.  Moreover, the Mississippi-born athlete ranked impressively on 13th, 12th, and 11th in points per game respectively in each of his previous three seasons.

As such, Carson may turn out to be a massive steal at his current average draft position.

16. Gus Edwards

Augustus Edwards, or Gus Edwards, is a Liberian running back who currently represents the Baltimore Ravens.

With the arrival of quarterback Lamar Jackson, Edwards’ numbers in terms of yards and touchdowns seem to be in jeopardy.

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However, with J.K Dobbins out for the season with an unfortunate ACL injury, Gus hopes to capitalize on being the primary back in a very offensive Ravens squad.

15. Emmanuel Sanders

Stepping into the top 15, Emmanuel Niamiah Sanders is an American wide receiver who plays for the Buffalo Bills.

Despite an impressive 45th rank among receivers last season, Sanders does not have the best representation in the league. Furthermore, the Bills wide receiver is undrafted in most leagues.

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While not ideal, it puts Sanders in flex consideration. Teaming up with Josh Allen, Sanders may turn out just the steal managers have been eyeing for.

Similarly, with Allen racking up incredible numbers last season, Sanders looks to pounce on Allen’s fondness of going deep.

14. Marquez Callaway

Marquez Antonio Callaway is an American footballing pro who plays as a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints.

Callaway has the opportunity to cement himself as Saints’ No. 1 receiver heading into the 2021 season as Micheal Thomas has been sidelined for a minimum of six weeks.

Similarly, managers are hopeful that the 26-year-old will have a breakthrough season. His strong showing in the preseason further supports the managers’ expectations on Callaway having a breakthrough season.

13. Michael Gallup

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael Gallup is an American wide receiver who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. 

Cowboys have their star man Dak Prescott back. With his return from injury, Cowboys and Gallup both look to have an excellent season together.

Furthermore, given Gallup’s incredible stats with a healthy Dak two years ago, both the wide receiver and the quarterback hope to emulate the same in 2024.

Moreover, Gallup amassed 146.7 fantasy points the same season that he and Dak played together

12. Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton is a professional footballing athlete who plays as a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos in the NFL.

A darkhorse in his own right, Sutton had a wonderfully consistent 2020. Moreover, he went through the season with a complete performance, missing just one game the entire season.

Courtland Sutton. (Source:

While fantasy managers may overlook him, Sutton’s credentials speak for themselves. The talented wide receiver featured in the 2019 Pro Bowl.

Furthermore, he is poised to play alongside Teddy Bridgewater, well-known for bringing out the best of wide receivers in the team.

11. Brandon Aiyuk

Coming in at number 11, Brandon Aiyuk is an American professional who plays as a wide receiver and return specialist (kick returner) for the San Francisco 49ers.

While not being considered as a deep sleeper, Aiyuk’s current draft provides an arguable case of being one. Moreover, if the 26-year-old could have a stellar season ahead provided that he manages to be fit.

On the other hand, the majority of fantasy football managers have enlisted Aiyuk as a WR3. However, it would be wise to initially focus on a WR and incorporate Aiyuk as either a WR1 or a WR2. 

10. Dawson Knox

Dipping our toes into the top 10, Dawson Alan Knox is an American tight end who currently represents the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

Knox finished 33rd in comparison to all tight ends in the league last season. However, his stats are skewed because of his five-game absence on the field. Furthermore, the 27-year-old had 24 catches to his name last season.

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However, Knox and the Buffalo Bills aim to improve on that heading into 2024.  Especially with Jos Allen in the squad, Knox will look forward to have a breakthrough season.

Moreover, classified as a deep sleeper, it is advisable to draft Knox primarily on deep leagues. But that is not to say that he won’t be a candidate to monitor the waiver wire.

9. Jared Cook

Jared Alan Cook is an American tight end who plays for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Cook heads on to the 2024 season as a 37-year-old. However, he still possesses a genuine threat in the red zone. 

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Picking Cook might turn out to be a gamble but given his 22 scores over the past three seasons suggests it would be more of a ‘calculated gamble,’ at the very least.

Moreover, the Chargers have Justin Hubert as their quarterback, who should be of immense help for Cook.

8. Blake Jarwin

At number 8 is Blake Jarwin, an American tight end who currently represents the Dallas Cowboys.

Jarwin was sidelined with an ACL injury for almost the entirety of last season. With just a game under his belt in 2020, he is often underlooked by managers heading into 2024. 

Blake is another player on this list who benefitted back when Dak Prescott was healthy. With the team eyeing to throw early and often in 2024, Jarwin’s role will be pivotal in getting the Cowboys across the line.

Not to mention, Jarwin has amassed 58 receptions for 672 yards during his 33 games in the NFL. Additionally, the talented tight end has six touchdowns to his name during the same period. 

7. Hunter Henry

Hunter Henry is an American tight end who plays for the New England Patriots.

While Henry and his compatriot Smith may never reach the heights of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, but they still add value to the fantasy managers for their commanding presence on the pitch. Furthermore, their stats are incredibly fantasy-football-friendly.

Hunter Henry. (Source:

Despite struggling with injuries for most of last year, Henry still ended up on the top-15 tight end list the previous season.

6. Jonnu Smith 

Jonnu Andre Smith is an American tight end who plays alongside Hunter Henry as a tight end for the New England Patriots.

Despite ranking ninth among tight ends, Smith is either drafted as a TE2 or not drafted. Furthermore, the skilled tight end scored an impressive 7.1 points per season last season. 

Smith could turn out to have another top-ten-season, but managers don’t seem to rate him as highly as he deserves to be.

5. Trey Lance

Moving into the top 5, Trey Lance is one of the youngest athletes present in the NFL. Born on May 9, 2000, Lance is an American quarterback who plays for the San Franciso 49ers.

While his season may start on the bench, it seems likely that Lance will bulldoze his way into a start this season. Furthermore, his rushing ability should be of massive value for the managers once Lance starts playing.

Also, the 24-year-old should be on managers’ waiver wire watch list for the start of the year.

4. Justin Fields

Justin Skyler Fields is an American quarterback who currently represents the Chicago Bears.

While fielding Justin as a QB1 right from the off may not be a good move, it is wise to draft him in all two-QB leagues. Furthermore, Fields’s late-season upside may turn out to be the trump card managers’ vie for in one-QB leagues.

Justin Fields. (Source:

On the other hand, the Bears will likely start the season with Andy Dalton in the quarterback position. However, Fields is expected to take his place at some point during the season.

3. Trevor Lawrence

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, William Trevor Lawrence is an American quarterback who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Similar to Hurts, Lawrence is not considered a deep sleeper. However, Lawrence has not been counted as a QB1 in most leagues despite the upside he offers.

Moreover, the 24-year-old may turn out to be a cheeky buy, especially in two-QB leagues. Furthermore, Lawrence will be an excellent backup in one-QB leagues, provided the managers opt for backups.

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2. Jameis Winston

On to our top 2, Jameis Lanaed Winston is an American quarterback who plays for the New Orleans Saints.

With great seasons under his belt, Winston ranked third among quarterbacks in 2019. Furthermore, the exceptional quarterback threw 30 interceptions, and 33 touchdown passes.

His 22nd draft is most definitely low and should be on the radar for a differential pick. Moreover, Winston could turn out to be the ace in the hole late in the drafts.

1. Jalen Hurts

Topping the top 20 NFL Sleepers for 2024, Jalen Alexander Hurts is an American quarterback who currently represents the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hurts is not considered a deep sleeper in comparison to all the players on the list. However, being the last QB1 draft in 12-team leagues, Hurts could easily provide the necessary oomph in the team.

Jalen Hurts. (Source:

Moreover, Hurts should not be an immediate buy but will turn out to be a steal if snatched near his average draft position. With nine touchdowns in four matches last season, Hurts may add incredible value to the team with his impeccable rushing ability.


The introduction of fantasy football has triggered interesting metrics while selecting players. From nailed-on starters to sleepers, managers look to score the maximum points throughout the season.

As such, the players mentioned is a brief list compiled to find the edge in your fantasy team – with the top 20 NFL Sleepers for 2024.

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