Taylor Hendricks Brother Tyler Hendricks: An Unbreakable Bond

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Taylor Hendricks’ brother, Tyler Hendricks, is his twin brother and a UCF Knights player. Following in Taylor’s footsteps, Tyler also played basketball alongside his brother.

The NBA star, Taylor Hendricks, has a twin brother named Taylor Hendricks.

Like Taylor, Tyler also has a keen interest in basketball and played with his brother in UCF Knights.

Taylor and Tyler share a strong bond and are active in basketball scenarios. They also have an older brother named Jamal.

Taylor Hendricks With His Twin Brother Tyler
Taylor Hendricks With His Twin Brother Tyler (Source: Instagram)

Taylor Hendricks is an American basketball player playing for the Utah Jazz of the NBA.

Born on November 22, 2003, to his father and mother, Danielle Hendricks, Taylor studied at NSU University School.

After his sophomore year, he joined Calvary Christian Academy, where he won Broward County Player of the Year as a senior.

Taylor became a four-star rated recruit and chose UCF over offers from schools like Florida, Florida State, Miami (Florida), LSU, Memphis, and Iowa State to play collegiate basketball.

As the Knight’s starting power forward, Taylor entered his freshman season at UFC and opened the season with a 23-point on November 8, 2022.

He was the American Athletic Conference (AAC) Rookie of the Week for a conference record for four consecutive weeks from November 21 to December 12.

Taylor also won the All-AAC Second team and the All-Freshman team. Following his freshman season, Taylor declared for the 2023 NBA draft, forgoing the remainder of his college eligibility.

In the 2023 NBA draft, Utah Jazz drafted Taylor with the ninth overall pick.

Taylor Hendricks Brother: Tyler Hendricks

The twin brother of Jazz star player Taylor Hendricks, Tyler Hendricks, is making a name for himself in the basketball world just like his brother.

Like Taylor, Tyler has played basketball since he was five, following in his brother’s footsteps.

The two brothers not only have the same birthday but also have a similar athletic journey.

Tyler Hendricks had the opportunity to choose from several prestigious scholarship offers, including Florida, Florida State, Miami, and LSU, but ultimately decided to join the University of Central Florida.

Tyler Hendricks Practicing Basketball
Tyler Hendricks Practicing Basketball (Source: Instagram)

While Taylor Hendricks led Calvary Christian Academy to two Florida 3A state championships, Tyler played an integral role in their success. 

His contributions to the team’s success showcased his skills and dedication to the sport.

Beyond basketball, he is also pursuing a degree in business, showcasing his dedication to his academic and professional growth.

An Unbreakable Bond

Taylor Hendricks and his twin brother Tyler Hendricks share an unbreakable bond.

With exceptional athleticism and a natural ability to dominate on the court, they were destined to make their mark in the sports world.

Growing up in a household where basketball was a way of life, their dream came true when Taylor signed with the Jazz and Tyler with UCF.

Coaches and players admire the Hendricks brothers for their compassion and dedication.

Taylor and Tyler Hendricks With Their Mom
Taylor and Tyler Hendricks With Their Mom (Source: Instagram)

Their bond as brothers remains unbreakable as they push each other to new heights fostering continuous improvement and unwavering support.

Whether on the court or in life, their bond remains unbreakable.

The basketball world adores the talent and unity displayed by the Hendricks brother, an extraordinary testament to the power of brotherhood.

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