Thairo Estrada Bio: Early Life, MLB, Wife, Net Worth & Gunshot

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There are two types of players in this world: Ones are those who make it happen, and others are those who watch it happen.

And Thairo Estrada is one of those baseball players who tremendously make it happen. Even if he is not winning, at least he is not giving it up.

Those who still have no idea of him, welcome to the right place. To pinpoint, Thairo Estrada is one of the professional baseball players for the San Francisco Giants in the MLB. 

Thairo Estrada
Thairo Estrada

It’s been more than a year that he has been in this field professionally. Estrada has been serving as an infielder there.

But it is a must say that he is a player who can go for multiple positions and can offer speed, offense, and defense at the same time. However, sources claim that he has been lagged when it comes to hitting.

Here, you will get to know the possible details about Thairo, from his birth in Venezuela to the official debut made in MLB, his journey from the very start to the shot in his right hip.

But before that, let’s take a glance at the must-known quick facts about the infielder guy, Thairo Estrada.

Also, please feel free to comment down in the box below if any of the details are missed or diverted.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Thairo Jose Estrada Villegas
Birth Date February 22, 1996
Birth Place Bejuma, Venezuela
Nick Name Not available
Religion Not Known
Nationality Venezuelans
Ethnicity Venezuelans
Education Not revealed yet
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Not known
Mother’s Name Not known
Siblings Not known
Age 28years old
Height 1.78 m (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight 86 kg (189 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Play Style Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Build Athlete
Marital Status Married
Kids a daughter and a son
Position Infielder
Profession MLB player
Net Worth six-digit figure
Salary $5,35,000
Currently Plays for New York Yankees
Jersey number #90 (New York Yankees)
League MLB
Professional debut 2013
Active Since 2019- present
Social Media Instagram
Merch Autograph, Rookie Card, Giants Jersey
Last Update July, 2024

Where is Thairo Estrada from? Early Life, Family, and Nationality

Starting with the basics, Thairo Estrada was born on February 22, 1996, in Bezuma, Venezuela. He is a Venezuelan by nationality and has a Venezuelan ethnicity. 

Despite many trials, we are unable to provide you with details about his parents and siblings.

Not even his education details are not there on the internet. But yes, scrolling down his Instagram post, we found his father’s picture.

Thairo posted this picture wishing his dad on father’s day, putting up a sweet caption. All his posts are in the Spanish language, though.

Thairo's Father
Thairo with his father

And, here’s presenting you the picture of his grandmother. Well, we still do not know that she is his paternal and maternal grandma.

Moreover, after searching several internet pages about Thairo’s childhood, we happen to find out something interesting.

As a ten-year-old kid, he grew up watching Felix Hernandez, a Venezuelan baseball pitcher, on his television screen.

Felix was the reality version of many other kids’ dreams residing back in Venezuela. He served as an idol to them and was loved for his kickass throwing.

The right guy had the most royal nickname, King Felix. Estrada was just ten years younger than his idol.

Thairo Estrada | Professional Career

Well, he initially started as an international free agent in August 2012 with the New York Yankees.

Estrada got to play professionally in 2013 with the Gulf Coast Yankees and made 278 bat-ins, with two home runs and 17 RBIs in 50 games.

Estrada spent his 2014 season with the Gulf Coast Yankees and Staten Island Yankees, where he gathered a scoring of .272 batting in 23 games.

He again spent the following season with the Staten Island Yankees and made two home runs and 23 RBIs in 63 games.

Similarly, Estrada again jumped into Charleston RiverDogs and Tampa Yankees for the 2016 season, where he slashed .290 batting with eight home runs in 118 games between the two teams combined.

The scoring made by Estrada was only escalating year after year. He was doing good in his professional career. Furthermore, he also played for the collegiate summer baseball team.

Likewise, Trenton was also titled to Eastern League All-Star. The 2017 season scoring goes as .301 batting with six home runs and 48 RBIs in 122 games.

Finally, Estrada earned a spot on the 40-man roster and enrolled for the Arizona Fall League’s Scottsdale Scorpions. Estrada missed the 2018 season due to a gun attack made by the teens.

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MLB Debut

Well, here comes the moment that Estrada has been desperately waiting for since his early days of life.

The Yankees finally promoted him to the major leagues on April 4, 2019, and he got to perform for the Yankees on April 21.

Not only that, but he also had his fairy tale turn into reality on Monday Night.

That was the very day when the rookie Estrada stepped at the Yankee Stadium to play against his childhood idol and his famous countryman Felix Hernandez

He led the game against the Mariners with a score of 4-0. He seamlessly became the hero for that night.

Moreover, for the season 2019, he became the first Bejuma netizen to be a major league member. He just hovered with congratulations, hugs, and best wishes.

You can find the latest news, stats, rankings, scouting reports, highlights, and much more information about Thairo Estrada on the Baseball America website.

Thairo Estrada | Career stats

New York Yankees
New York Yankees

Learn more about Thairo Estrada’s stats and scouting report on Baseball Cube and Baseball America.

Thairo Estrada | Personal Life, Wife & Kids

We all have a few questions running in our head regarding a young infielder like Thairo Estrada, who is attractively charming.

Well, all thanks to his Instagram profile at least we could get a hold of his personal life.

Otherwise, it is quite difficult to dig into his personal life as there are no such revelations made about his private life on the internet.

Getting back to the point, Thairo seems like a married guy. He has married his long-time girlfriend.

However, the name remains unknown. And yes, of course, he has a beautiful daughter and a smart son.

Thairo's Beautiful Family
Thairo’s Beautiful Family

Together, they share a delighted life and display a strong bond, which is usually a must ingredient for a small family and happy family.

And Let’s not deny the fact Estrada does make an adorable, loving father. Additionally, one more interesting fact, he calls his wife, Queen.

With every Instagram post of him with his wife, he has denoted his wife by saying, “My Queen.”

Not only that, the duo often seems to visit random new places, and restaurants, try new dishes, and make time for an outing, vacation, or adventurous trip sometimes.

Besides that, Estrada has also been caught spending time with his hometown kids. Here is an Instagram post to prove it.

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Yankees’ Estrada survived a gunshot wound.

Well, it is a strange story. When did it happen? How did it happen? And Why did it happen?

Actually, it was a destiny game and was bound to happen. On January 28, 2018, Estrada was in his place in Bejuma, Venezuela, in a restaurant with his wife.

And out of nowhere, two teenagers came across asking for their cell phone or some cash.

When Estrada responded to them with a No, we have not carried any one of them. Having their pockets searched, people out there heard a loud bang.

Estrada was all set to attend the spring training, but all of a sudden, he got shot on his right hip. His wife was not harmed, thankfully. He had to undergo surgery on January 29.

The bullet was not removed until July 2018, and prior to that, he was okay with doing normal upper-body workouts and riding stationary bicycles.

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Thairo Estrada | Net Worth and Salary

Estrada is broadly praised for his defensive versatility. He is one of the Yankees’ potential players who has quite blossomed into a star, especially after the major league debut.

Yes, there are certain complaints and dissatisfaction regarding his hit below league average. But, he has been trying to cover up all of those issues.

Talking about his net worth and salary, according to facts presented by,

Thairo Estrada has an accumulated net worth of over six-digit figures. However, the digits are not disclosed properly as of 2024.

Sadly, his exact net worth, contract details, and career earnings are not disclosed to the public. But we will update you about it once it is known.

Moreover, regarding his salary, a normal MLB player adds a pretty much good amount of $535,000 to his bank account as an annual salary.

Also, the Yankees implement the wage arbitration system to pay the salary to their players. 

They divide the players into three segments while hiring and making agreements. The segments include pre-arbitration players, wage arbitration players, and free agents.

To add on, if we explore his Instagram account, we can surely say Estrada is content with what he has.

To count on his property and assets. Estrada has his home and luxurious car. Well, we have not seen his house, though.

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Thairo Estrada | Social Media Presence:

Moving onto his social media presence, Thairo is quite a finite personality. He seems fairly active on his Instagram account and has flooded his profile with 236 posts. That’s a lot again.

Estrada likes giving an update of his life no matter what topic it is. He keeps posting about his wife, kids, family, outdoor vacation trips, tournaments, any celebrations, adventures.

It can be anything. He never lets his fans get bored. Estrada has quite a moderate number of followers on his Instagram handle

. However, his fanbase stands loyal and supportive of him. What is more required than that to an athlete?

You can also give this Yankees prospect Estrada a follow and get a peek into his life. Follow him on @thairo22estrada.

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Thairo Estrada | Some FAQs:

Where did the last name Estrada originate from?

The Estrada surname originates from many places in Spain and Portugal named Estrada from Estrada, meaning “road.”

It is derived from the Latin stata, which denotes a “road or paved way,” which in turn derives from “sternere,” meaning “to strew or cover.” 

Not to mention Estrada is the 52nd most common Hispanic surname.

Who missed Thairo Estrada’s home run call?

John Sterling missed Thairo Estrada’s home run call. Thairo Estrada belts his first career home run for the Yankees in the 2019 season, but Sterling didn’t have a home run call ready for Thairo.

What is the Nationality of Thairo Estrada?

Thairo Estrada is Venezuelan by Nationality.

What is Thairo Estrada’s prospect ranking?

Thairo Estrada’s prospect ranking is #9.

Did San Francisco Giants draft Thairo Estrada for the 2021 season?

No, the Yankees traded Thairo Estrada to the San Francisco Giants in exchange for cash considerations on April 11, 2021.

What was Thairo Estrada’s record during his Giants debut match?

Estrada had the best game in his debut match with the Giants against the Arizona Diamondbacks. In the match, Thairo notched his first-ever 3-for-5 with a grand slam, a double, and five RBIs.

Why did the Yankees place Thairo Estrada on the injured list?

The Yankees placed infielder Thairo Estrada on the 10-day injured list due to a right hamstring strain injury.

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