The Beal Brothers: Bradley Beal’s Brothers

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Named the NBA All-Rookie first team in 2013, Bradley Beal is a professional basketball player who plays for the Washington Wizards. The Beal brothers have contributed a lot to this victory.

Bradley plays in the position of shooting guard or small forward. In 2013, he ranked 3rd in the NBA Rookie of the Year awards.

Bradley Beal smiles or the camera
Bradley Beal smiles or the camera. (Source:

Bradley Beal is a fantastic and capable player who can consistently shoot from well beyond the 3-point line. His strong physique enables him to play against opponents who are physically bigger than him.

Bradley grew up with his 4 brothers, a pair of twins among them; he was the middle child among the 5 brothers.

His two older brothers, Brandon Beal and Bruce Beal, along with his two younger brothers, Byron Beal and Bryon Beal, are a key component of Bradley’s successful career.

Let us take a look look at some quick facts about the Beal brothers.

The Beal Brothers’ | Quick Facts

(First Brother) Name Brandon Elijah Beal, Elder
Birth Date October 28, 1985
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri
Nick Name None
Education St. John Vianney High School
Northern Illinois University
Horoscope Scorpio
Age 38 Years Old 
Height 6’3″ (191 cms)
Weight 250 lbs (113kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color N/A
Build Bulky and Athletic
Marital Status Married
Kids None
Net Worth N/A
(Second Brother) Name Bruce Elijah Beal, Elder
Birth Date December 27, 1987
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri
Nick Name None
Education St. John Vianney High School
Alabama State University
Horoscope Capricorn
Age 36 Years Old 
Height 6’4″ (193 cms)
Weight 300 lbs (136 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color N/A
Build Athletic
Marital Status Single
Kids None
Net Worth N/A
(Third Brother) Name Byron Elijah Beal, Younger
Birth Date May 15, 1995
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri
Nick Name None
Education Chaminade College Preparatory School
Lindenwood University
Horoscope Taurus
Age 29 Years Old 
Height 6’3″ (188 cms)
Weight 414 lbs (187 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color N/A
Build Plus size
Marital Status Single
Kids None
Net Worth N/A
(Fourth Brother) Name Bryon Elijah Beal, Younger
Birth Date May 15, 1995
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri
Nick Name None
Education Chaminade College Preparatory School
Lindenwood University
Horoscope Taurus
Age 29 Years Old 
Height 6’2″ (187 cms)
Weight 414 lbs (187 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color N/A
Build Plus size
Marital Status Single
Kids None
Net Worth N/A
Father’s Name Bobby Beal
Mother’s Name Besta Beal
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
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Who Are The Beal Brothers?

The eldest of the Beal brothers, Brandon Beal

Early life

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, on the 28th of October, 1985, Brando Beal was born the first child to his father, Bobby Beal, and his mother, Besta Beal.

Brandon attended St. John Vianney High School, located in Kirkwood, Missouri. 

As for college, he enrolled at Northern Illinois University. Academically he was not the brightest but where he shined was in the yard.

Talking about physical appearance, Bradley Beal stands at 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) in height and weighs about 250 lbs or 113 kg.

Personal Life

Brandon Beal got engaged to Ashley Buis on the 16th of September 2018, a former professional bodybuilder.

Later the couple got married in Kokomo, Indiana. Brandon was wearing a blue suit, while Ashley was seen in a white wedding dress.

The Beal Brothers in Brandon's wedding
The Beal Brothers in Brandon’s wedding (source:

The couple first met each other eight years before the wedding. It all started when Ashley was looking up photographers nearby to work with, as she was interested in modeling.

That is when she came across Brandon’s page’ she immediately fell for the man and decided to message him, saying, “Marry me?” to which Brandon swiftly replied, “elope?”. That was how they began their relationship.

In 2016, they started dating each other and decided to go on a journey around the United States. Ashley claims that they have done a lot of traveling together; even before dating, they were traveling together.

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Early Career

Brandon played basketball and football during his high school years at St. John Vianney High School. As years passed by, he gave up on the former and focused on football.

As a senior in high school, he maintained an impressive stat, playing football throughout the year, and hence was honored with the title of All-East Bay Athletic League first team.

In his senior year, he had 14 receiving touchdowns paired with 756 receiving yards and a total of 56 receptions.

Regarding his college years, he played in the Mid-American Conference for 4 seasons from 2004 to 2008. He played under the expertise of head coach Thomas Hammock in the position of tight end.

Brandon played college football for the Northern Illinois University located at DeKalb, Illinois. In his senior year of college, he was the first-team all-conference and also the team captain.

Similarly, his career highlights include 3 catches against Bowling Green on the 25th of October, 2008. In the same match, he covered 34 yards in total. He also had 15 long receptions a career-high.


The Big Leagues

Brandon was extremely passionate and had his heart set on making it big in football. He was ready to be selected in the drafts, and he was more than ready to play in the big leagues, but unfortunately, he faced some serious injuries.

During a try-out match, he suffered a terrible injury that resulted in a torn ligament of his foot. As a result, he had to go through a year-long treatment and rehabilitation process.

After his recovery, he signed in with Arena Football in Chicago, but, unluckily, just after two years, he could not continue his football career any further due to his prior injuries on top of a few minor injuries.

By the time he got back up on his feet, his dream of being a National Football League star was long gone. Thus, he focused his effort and time on being a professional trainer.

After that, Brandon thought that maybe athleticism just was not his thing anymore. Although it broke his heart to admit that he had to abandon something he was once so passionate about, he accepted the reality.

In a way, he was forced to choose other careers to earn a living, and he had no other option.

 A Jazzy Unexpected Turnaround

Once a professional footballer, Brandon has turned himself into a successful financial analyst. 

In 2017, he engaged himself in financial services, pursuing a new career yet again. Despite having zero experience or knowledge about the business, he involved himself in the financial services business.

After 3 whole years, he gained enough insights and experience and had understood the inner workings to venture out on his own. Moreover, he established Beal Financial Group in June 2020 and made a name for himself.

Brandon entered the financial industry without any prior experience in this field or any academic background, but he found success here, which he wanted from football.

Bradon Beal seems to be a very genuine and helpful guy, as he has helped many families with financial protection. After establishing his own financial services institution, he has not stopped studying the business, nor has he throttled down his work ethic.

He has been working hard since the establishment and reportedly has earned $120,000 while doing so in a single month.

The story of Brandon’s immovable persistence has inspired many people across the internet. Also, his mentality of never giving up has earned many praises.

Brandon has always been helpful to others and is a loving person overall. He always wanted to help the helpless; perhaps that is one of the reasons why he established the Beal Financial Group. All things point out that he intends to help those struggling financially.

“There is no tomorrow. There is no ‘I’ll do it later.’ My sense of urgency to become the best version of myself is unparalleled.” boasts Brandon.

He has also written a book named “Save Smarter Not Harder,” which is about financial management.

Brandon Beal’s Net Worth

We have not stumbled upon an exact figure about his net worth. However, he was reportedly making $120,000 in a month.

The company was established in June 2020, which makes it 15 months old. Since every month does not yield the same income, we can assume that his net worth is around $1 million, give or take a couple hundred thousand.

The Second Oldest of the Beal Brothers, Bruce Beal

Early life

Bruce Beal was born on the 27th of December, 1987. He is a former college football player; he played for the Northern Illinois Huskies of the Mid-American Conference just like the eldest son, Brandon Beal.

Bruce Beal was born the second child of the Beal family. He was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, two years after Brandon. Similar to Brandon, he graduated from St. John Vianney High School, located in Kirkwood, Missouri.

From an early age, he gravitated toward sports and especially football. His older brother Brandon was one of the main reasons for him being attracted to football.

Towering at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm), the tallest of the five brothers, and weighing 300 lbs or 136 kg, Bruce had the perfect physique needed to be a successful football player. 

In his high school days at St. John Vianney, he used to play the baritone saxophone in the symphonic and jazz bands. So we must say he has quite good taste in music.

Later, Bruce enrolled in Alabama State University.

Bruce was the first among the brothers to notice Bradley’s talent for the sport. Bradley hit eight three-pointers in the first half of a game, and Bruce reportedly said that his little brother would make it to the NBA one day.

Apparently, everyone thought this imagination of Bruce was unreal, and people called him crazy for it. But deep down, Bruce had all the faith that Bradley would make it big one day.

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Personal Life

Bruce Beal recently got engaged to Ivory Lynn in early June 2021. Ivory is a professional home decor personnel who also does home renovation.

Besides that, Lynn also runs a YouTube channel named Ivory Lynn, where she posts many DIY tutorials. Her tutorials are about affordable home decor, meals, and even drinks.


Bruce played high school football for St. John Vianney High School, where he was named the first-team all-conference two times. He was entitled to the honor on both offense and defense and All-State. He used to play as a linebacker and an offensive guard.

In comparison to his older brother’s high school accomplishments, Bruce had a better performance.

Bruce continued to play football in college. He played college football for Alabama State University under the team named the Alabama State Hornets. He played college football for four years, from 2006 to 2010.

During his college years, he was named the first-team SWAC two times. Moreover, he also accepted honorable mention and second-team SWAC honors.

In 2008, he was named first-team All-American. In remembrance of his fortunate season, Bruce started on the offensive line for the Alabama State Hornets career.

Bruce Beal’s Net Worth

Information regarding Bruce Beal’s net worth is unavailable at the moment.

Likewise, the facts about his career after college are also unavailable, so there is no basis for us to assume any figure.

The Second Youngest, Byron

Early Years

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, just like the other brother, on the 15th of May, 1995, Byron is a former college football player.

He was born the fourth child to his father, Bobby Beal, and his mother, Besta Beal</. He was born after Bradley.

Unlike Bruce and Brandon, Byron Beal went to Chaminade College Preparatory School at Creve Coeur, Missouri.

Just like his 6 feet tall brothers, he is also 6 feet tall with 3 inches added on it or 190 cm. And he weighs about 314 lbs or 187kg.

As for college, he went to Lindenwood University, located in Saint Charles, Missouri. He studied and played for the college for four years, from 2014 to 2018.

Early Career

Byron played high school football for Chaminade College Preparatory School under the command of coach Ron Graham.

In both of his final two seasons, he was selected as first-team All-State Class AAAA. He achieved a total of 63 tackles and 11 sacks in his senior year. There, he started as an offensive guard.

Later in 2014, as a freshman at Lindenwood University, he played 13 games in the position of reserve defensive end, recording 11 tackles, among which three were four losses and two sacks.

In the same year, Byron was entitled to first-team All-HAAC honors.

In his sophomore year of college, Byron changed his position and moved into the starting lineup. He also turned in a breakout campaign.

That same year, in 2015, he was a second-team All-HAAC selection. He maintained a respectable stat that year with 64 tackles, including 18.5 for loss. In addition, he recorded 11 sacks and one forced fumble.

In his senior year of college at Lindenwood University, he was named one of the most high-yielding defensive players in the entire National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA).

He recorded 59 tackles, including 28.5 for loss, his career’s best, 11 sacks, and a total of four forced fumbles.

Byron Beal’s Net Worth

Currently, we do not have any info about his jobs after college or his professional career.

The youngest among the Beal brothers, Bryon Beal

Early Years

Bryon Beal is a former college football player of the Mid-American Conference. He played for the Lindenwood Lions in various positions. 

Byron and Bryon Beal are twins, born on May 15, 1995. He is the youngest son of the Beal family.

Like his twin brother Byron, he went to Chaminade College Preparatory School located at Creve Coeur, Missouri.

He played three different sports in high school. He played both football and basketball well; the third sport is unknown.

Bryon is the shortest and heaviest among the Beal brothers, measuring 6 feet 2 inches (188 cms) and weighing about 414 lbs or 187 kgs.

Early Career

In high school, Bryon was a two-time All-league selection and was the lineman of the year in the Moore League. He was a first-team all-conference selection, and also named him the second-team All-state.

Additionally, he was a suggested name for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Dream Team for both football and basketball.

In college, he discontinued the other two games focusing just on football. In the first year of his college, he played 11 games in total in the position of a left guard.

Likewise, in his sophomore year, he started the first seven games of the season as a left tackle.

After that, he was unfortunate enough to suffer a tragic and serious injury that kept him out for the rest of the season. He broke his fibula and dislocated his ankle in the seventh game.

Relationship Between The Beal Brothers

During Early Years

Growing up together, there was a chain of inspiration among the Beal brothers, who inspired and motivated the next, etc. As a result, the Beal brothers have a ‘never-ending, always fresh’ bond, always supportive of each other.

One can take a look at their Instagram and can instantly conclude that their brotherhood is inseparable. The Beal brothers play a vital role in the making of Bradley.

Bruce and Brandon, Bradley’s older brothers, would toughen him up by deliberately playing hard fouls to make him physically and mentally tough. This would happen at the neighborhood YMCA basketball court.

The Beal Brothers at Present

Beal has said a few words about his brothers’ influence on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “They (The Beal brothers) push me to where I am today, and I have always given them credit because they never let me get complacent with anything, and I respect that.”

Moreover, he added, “Brandon was my favorite basketball player, and Bruce pushed me in the gym for countless hours.

It’s great to have two role models who you look up to, and at the same time, they’re your brothers and family. That really hits home.”

The beal brothers with their mother
The Beal brothers with their mother (Source:

“I’m the first one in my family to be a professional athlete, so I take that to heart and actually do it for them,” said Beal.

He further added, “Because some of them were that close and did not make it, and I feel that I do necessarily owe it to them, but I am doing it for them. They are living through me, almost.”

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The Beal Brothers & Parental Influence

The Beal Brothers’ father, Bobby Beal, is a former college football player. He played for the Kentucky State University as an outside linebacker from 1978 to 1982.

Similarly, their mother, Besta Beal, is also a former college athlete who played basketball for the same university her husband played for from 1978 to 1982.

They met each other at Kentucky State University and decided to date each other soon after. And now, they have 5 children together, all male and all over 6 feet tall.

Bradley Beal after his first contract signing
Bradley Beal after his first contract signing. (source:

The couple themselves, being 6 ft 1 inch tall (Besta) and 6 ft 5 inches (Bobby), formed this family of athletes.

Both the parents being sports lovers and former athletes, introduced their children to sports from an early age and helped them develop a passion for sports. They were more than happy to see their children grow up playing and excelling at different games.

The couple initially shaped their children’s views and mentality. They also taught the Beal brothers the important wisdom of support and motivation.

The Beal brothers looked after each other and still are as close to each other as they were in childhood.

Social Media Links


Bradley Beal: bradbeal3

Brandon Beal: brandonebeal

Bruce Beal: bambam2068

Byron Beal: byronbeal

Bryon Beal: bigdealbeal99


Bradley Beal: Bradley Beal


Bradley Beal: @RealDealBeal23

Brandon Beal: @BrandonEBeal

Bruce Beal: @GotDamnBB_68

Byron Beal: @ByronBeal

Bryon Beal: @BigDealBeal99

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old was Bradley Beal drafted?

Bradley Beal was drafted when he was 19 years old. In 2012, he was drafted by the Washington Wizards as the third overall pick.

Did Brandon Beal sing “Twerk It Like Miley”?

Brandon Beal did sing the song “Twerk It Like Miley,” but he is another Brandon Beal, an American singer and songwriter born in 1983. People can be misled easily as the names are the same.

Did Nelly walk Bradley Beal to school?

Apparently, the rapper Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., better known by his stage name Nelly lived in the same neighborhood as Bradley. And yes, Nelly used to walk Bradley Beal to school sometimes when he was little.

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