The race for the Premier League Golden Boot 2020-21

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Salah, Fernandes, and Kane lead the premier league scoreboard.

Premier League golden boot is a dream of every player each year; similarly, the race is very competitive this year.

The best attackers in the football world are participating in the race.

Mohamed Salah, Sergio Aguero, and Harry Kane are the ones who already have their honor must be there because of their highest score.

A haul of more than 20 goals is typically required for coming on the top, and there are many players in this season. 

Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah, Everton’s Dominic Calvert–Lewin, and Tottenham’s Son Heung-min are the pace-setter, moving forward during the early game weeks. 

After playing 28 games, Salah is the ‘Top Scorer’ in the Premier League despite not getting on the scoreboard in his last two games. It was after Liverpool lost the game 0 – 1 by Chelsea and Fulham. 

Leicester forwards Jamie Vardy continuing to hit the back of the net with regularity.

In contrast, Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes can be seen on the score sheet’s higher rank. Fernandes scored 16 goals and a penalty when Manchester united won by 0-2 goals.

Also, Kane jointly stands second on 16 goals by scoring twice in Tottenham’s 4-1 victory over crystal palace.

Moreover, harry Kane also has rediscovered a score that faltered in current seasons. Also,  Leeds united must be thankful for Patrik Bamford’s contributions in the match. 

Battle For The Top-Spot

Previously Jamie Vardy had one of the premier league golden boots in 2019-20 by scoring 23 goals in Leicester’s appearance in the 35 leagues.

It was Vardy’s first time to win the prize, where lastly could come closer in 2015-16 season with 24 goals; closer to Harry Kane, the winner of that season.

In this season, as a game played on March 14, 2021, Salah of Liverpool with 17 goals stays on the top of the score list. He is followed by Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United and Harry Kane of Tottenham. They have 16 goals each and remain on the top of the board.

Top contenders for Premier League's golden boots
Top contenders for Premier League’s golden boots

There is high competition on the scoreboard with the players of Liverpool, Manchester City and more. Viewers are more likely to get an exciting game this season due to the tough competition among the players.

To represent the player’s status based on assists, Harry Kane played 25 games with 13 assists, while Kevin De Bruyne Assists 11 within 23 matches.

Similarly, Bruno Fernandes played 28 games with 10 Assists; and are ranked first to third respectively based on assists.

Vardy won the golden boot in the 2019-20 season

With the top score of 23 goals, Jamie Vardy of Leicester city had become the top scorer of the season, being followed by Pierre-Emerick of Arsenal and Danny ings of Southampton scored 22 goals each and managed to stay in the second position.

However, the game seemed to be very tough among the players due to the competition ranges.

Jamie Vardy golden boot winning moment 2019-20 (Source: Premier League website)

In comparison to this season, Momahad salah of Liverpool, who currently rules at the first position, was the fifth rank in last season, also harry Kane was following Salah by the difference of one score even at the previous season.                              

It is quite an unpredictable premier league, but there lies a familiar feel for the golden boot race.

The high scorer is in the mix for winning a highly honored award with salah’s lead; the current holder of golden boot Jamie Vardy is in the top ten while harry Kane maintains his pace for obtaining the highest rank.

Club Ranking 

Manchester City played 30 games with 71 points manages to stay on the top of the list; Leicester City, having played 29 total games, manages to remain second, Manchester United following them, both have played 28 games and scored 54 points remains third.

Furthermore, the Liverpool playing 28 games has scored 43 points and manages to stay at the eighth rank. There Sheffield United played 29 games, including today’s match with 14 points, remains the last of the list.

Looking at the standing table, most clubs have already got a chance to play around 29 games to date.

Premiere League Club Ranking for 2020-21
Premier League Club Ranking for 2020-21

However, the scoreboard seems to remain behind yet. But then the game is still on, and nobody can make predictions now.

Just two months of the premier league season is left now, the professional footballer’s associations are set to ask players for voting for their players to make the player of the year.

The top scorer of the season also can win the award with the top goal and highest assist altogether. 

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