The Trail Blazers tied the series 2-2 with the Nuggets

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Portland Trail Blazers faced Denver Nuggets at Moda Center for Game 4 after losing to the Nuggets in the previous two games.

The Blazers defeated the Nuggets 115-95 on Saturday night.

With the win, the Blazers now have evened out the series 2-2 behind brilliant shooting from Norman Powell.

The Blazers had the low scoring night from their key player Damian Lillard but with Powell and other Blazers players stepping up, the Blazers came up with the win.

Norman had one of the best night scoring career playoff-high points in the match.

Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony celebrated his birthday with the win.

On the other hand, Nikola Jokic led the Nuggets and finished with one of the worst scoring points in this season.

The Blazers started with a lead in the first quarter and dominated the Nuggets throughout the game and ultimately finished the night with a win.

Portland started strong in the first quarter.

Norman Powell scored a layup to start the game for the Blazers.

Michael Porter Jr lost the ball to Powell, as a result, Powell got another bucket on the other side and a four-point lead for the Blazers.

Jusuf Nurkic then dropped a layup leading to a 6-0 run with over a minute into the quarter.

Austin Rivers finally scored a bucket for the nuggets from behind the three-point line.

Aaron Gordan subsequently dropped another bucket. Facundo Campazzo bounced a pass to Nikola Jokic for a dunk, cutting the lead to a point.

Powell then dropped a three-pointer, extending the lead again. Austin Rivers answered back with a three-pointer as well.

CJ McCollum then dropped a three-pointer on Powell’s pass.

Michael Porter jr dropped a three-pointer right back cutting the lead within a point.

Nurkic dropped a layup, giving a four-point lead halfway into the quarter.

Powell then dropped a three-pointer over Aaron Gordon, extending the lead to seven points.

CJ dropped another three-pointer, leading to a 9-0 run with 4:17 remaining in the quarter.

Monte Morris then dropped a layup and Nurkic answered back with a floater.

Subsequently, Morris dropped a three-pointer JaMychal Green‘s pass. Jokic then dropped a jumper, cutting the lead to six points with under two minutes left to play in the quarter.

Carmelo Anthony then dropped a three-pointer, Jokic subsequently knocked down a dunk.

And Nurkic answered back with a floater. The quarter ended 32-24 with the Trail Blazers in the lead.

The Blazers continued to dominate the second quarter.

Green dropped a bucket on Paul Millsap‘s miss, starting the quarter for the Nuggets.

Anthony then dropped a mid-range jump shot and Green answered back with a three-pointer.

Markus Howard then dropped a three-pointer, cutting the lead to two-point with 8:30 minutes remaining in the second quarter.

McCollum came up with a jumper and Morris pass to Green for a floater gave another bucket.

Green came up with another bucket again, tying the game at 36-36 with 7:15 minutes remaining in the quarter.

McCollum quickly answered back with a floater taking the lead back.

Robert Covington dropped a layup on McCollum’s pass. Nurkic dropped a layup right back.

They were 38-42 with 3:36 remaining in the quarter.

Powell dropped another three-pointer subsequently, extending the lead to seven points.

Damian Lillard dropped another bucket just inside the arc for a two-pointer.

McCollum then hit a bucket off the glass to take a 10-point lead.

The Blazers continued to dominate the Nuggets as Nurkic dropped a floater.

Michael dropped a three-pointer on Jokc’s pass. Covington then answered back with a three-pointer.

Jokic then hit a jumper with 44.2 seconds remaining in the quarter.

The quarter ended 47-57 with the Blazers taking 10 point lead.

The Blazers explosive third quarter.

McCollum drew a foul, dropping a one-handed jumper. Powell then dropped a layup over Jokic.

Covington then dropped a three-pointer, taking 20 point lead with 10:28 remaining in the quarter.

Gordan then drove straight to the rim, dropping a bucket.

Powell dropped a mid-range jumper and Jokic came up with a bucket right after that.

Nurkic denied Gordan at the rim. and Powell came up with another jumper on the other end.

Jokic dropped a three-pointer on Campazzo’s pass.

McCollum’s jumper gave 21 point lead about halfway into the quarter.

Campazzo subsequently answered back with a layup.

Powell answered back with a dunk on Lillard’s long pass. Anthony came up with a mid-range jumper.

Morris dropped a layup and Anfernee Simons then answered back with a three-pointer.

Carmelo dropped a three-pointer with 2:23 minute remaining in the quarter, giving a 30 point lead.

They were 58-91 with under two minutes remaining to play in the second quarter.

Carmelo came up with fadeaway and Millsap then answered back with a bucket on Morris’ miss.

Millsap then drew a foul, dropping a floater with about 24 seconds left in the quarter.

The third quarter ended 66-93 with the Blazers taking a 27 point advantage.

The Blazers dominating win over the Nuggets.

Powell started the fourth quarter with a three-pointer, taking 30 point lead right at the start.

Millsap drew a foul after dropping a bucket. Powell then drew a foul, dropping a floater.

Morris then dropped a three-pointer and Campazzo knocked down a three-pointer on the next possession.

They were 78-99 with 7:46 remaining in the final quarter.

Simons dropped a floater over Campazzo.

Vlatko Cancar then answered back with a bucket drawing a foul in the process.

McCollum dropped a layup and Morris answered back with a bucket.

Subsequently, McCollum answered back with a jumper. Powell drove straight to the rim and JaVale McGee denied him at the rim.

Howard dropped a three-pointer. Derrick Jones Jr. missed a three-pointer and T.J. Leaf tipped off his miss.

They were 89-110 with about two minutes remaining in the quarter.

Howard then dropped a three-pointer and T.J. answered back with a jumper.

Nassir Little blocked McGee at the rim.

Shaquille Harrison then dropped a three-pointer with under a minute left to play.

Subsequently, Derrick stole the ball and drove straight to the rim on the other end, and dropped a dunk with about 20 seconds remaining.

The quarter ended 95-115 with the Blazers blowing out the Nuggets.

Scoring highlights.

Both the teams saw relatively low scoring night from their key players with Damian Lillard dropping only 10 points for the Blazers.

Similarly, Nikola Jokic having the worst scoring of this season with 16 points.

But in the case of the Blazers other players stepped as they contributed for their team in place of Lillard.

Norman Powell led the Blazers, dropping his career playoff-high with 29 points along with 2 rebounds and an assist.

He made four three-pointers and was 11 of 15 from the floor.

“I love these types of games, types of moments. When you get into the playoffs the only thing that matters is winning, and for me as a player that’s all that mattered to me,” Powell said after the game.

While CJ McCollum dropped 21 points with 4 rebounds and 8 assists.

Jusuf Nurkic dropped 17 points, 6 rebounds against his former team. 

“We know what’s on the line. That was our game. We had to have it,” Nurkic said.

And Carmelo Anthony celebrated his birthday, dropping 12 points, 3 rebounds and an assist all coming off the bench.

Despite having a low-scoring night, Damian finished the night with 10 assists and 8 rebounds.

While on the other hand, Nikola Jokic finished the night leading the Nuggets with 16 points, 9 rebounds, and an assist.

Facundo Campazzo dropped 12 points, 2 rebounds, and 7 assists.

While other starters failed to score in double figures.

Monte Morris led the Nuggets bench, scoring 12 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists. 

JaMychal Green dropped 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Now with the series tied again, they face each other on Tuesday at Ball Arena in Denver.




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