Stuntman Thell Reed Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is Hannah Gutierrez Father?

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Thell Reed net worth: The impact of Thell Reed goes beyond the movie sets and shooting ranges. He has amassed a net worth through a career of being an excellent sharpshooter and winning honors from Hollywood.

His successful and adaptable journey is evidence of the unwavering spirit of a man who has succeeded in two very distinct but related worlds.

Being the father of Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the head armorer on the fatal “Rust” set, many are curious about Thell Reed’s financial situation.

Thell Reed, An American Exhibition Shooter
Thell Reed, An American Exhibition Shooter (Source: Facebook)

Thell Reed is an American stuntman, armorer, exhibition shooter, and film consultant.

In Big Bear Lake, California, Reed participated in Jeff Cooper’s “Leatherslaps” shooting contests as a youngster.

The Leatherslaps founded the South Western Combat Pistol League (SWCPL). With his impressive performance, Reed was named one of the six “Combat Masters” since he and the other competitors would nearly always finish in the top six.

Following the SWCPL contests, Reed competed in rapid draw events where he became widely recognised.

Because of his fame, he was able to break into the film business and started serving as an advisor on the handling of guns.

He taught actors for jobs that required them to use firearms, including Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe.

Stuntman Thell Reed Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is Hannah Gutierrez’s Father?

Thell Reed’s journey began when his father gave him two Colt handguns when he was seven years old, sparking a lifelong love of shooting.

He became well-known in competition shooting throughout his adolescence, winning a place in the South Western Combat Pistol League (SWCPL) as one of the prestigious “Combat Masters”. 

Thell Reed On His Hollywood endeavors
Thell Reed On His Hollywood Endeavors (Source: IMDb)

In addition to being a skilled marksman, Thell Reed has worked as an exhibition shooter, consultant, stuntman, armorer, and on occasion an actor.

His wide range of abilities has given him the ability to move with equal grace across both the cutthroat world of Hollywood and the professional shooting arena.

Thell Reed’s net worth increased significantly and reached a remarkable $12 million in 2024. This financial achievement not only demonstrates his skill as a shooter but also the significance of his Hollywood endeavors.

The Dynamic Duo: Exploring the Relationship Between Hannah Gutierrez and Thell Reed

As a father-daughter team, they navigate the worlds of precision shooting, Hollywood glamour, and unanticipated difficulties, creating a relationship that goes beyond business cooperation.

Thell Reed’s 24-year-old daughter Hannah Gutierrez has become a rising talent in her own right. Following in her father’s footsteps, she started working as the head armourer on the “Rust” movie set.

Hannah Gutierrez, the Step Daughter Of Thell Reed
Hannah Gutierrez, The Step Daughter Of Thell Reed (Source: Facebook)

She was in charge of all weapons used in production and ensured everyone’s safety on site during an important period in her career.

The legacy that Hannah Gutierrez and Thell Reed are leaving behind is just as important to their story as the difficulties they overcame.

The long-lasting shadow of Thell Reed’s impact as a Hollywood adviser and sharpshooting virtuoso sets the stage for Hannah’s entry into the same field.

Hannah Gutierrez and Thell Reed demonstrate the enduring power of familial relationships as they negotiate Hollywood’s expectations and safety measures.

They highlight their love for guns, dedication to safety, and fortitude in the face of difficulty. Their story extends beyond the big screen.

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