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Tim Shieff is a professional, free runner, best known for his health-oriented movements. Tim portrays a net worth of over $5 million with numerous projects and known works in hand. 

Not to mention, he is also the 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Champion. In the meantime, Tim is also popularized for his appearance in MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge.

Freerunner Tim
Freerunner, Tim/Instagram

Like most people indulged in the field, Tim commenced his career at free-running when he was 16 years old.

Likewise, Tim is known for crazy works and videos on his YouTube. So yes, you can say he indeed has a crazy way of health supervision and entertainment.

Quick Facts

Full Name Timothy Shieff
Date of Birth March 24, 1988
Birth Place Hartford, Connecticut
Nick Name Livewire
Religion Christianity 
Nationality British/American
Ethnicity White 
Zodiac Sign  Aries
Age 36 years old
Height 1.75 m (5’8″)
Weight 75 kg (165 lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Name unavailable 
Mother’s Name Name unavailable 
Siblings Unknown 
Education Unknown
Marital Status Unmarried 
Girlfriend None
Profession Actor, Freerunner, YouTuber
Club  World Freerunning & Parkour Federation and the British freerunning project Storm Freerunner
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Merch  Free Runner Shoes, Free Runner Gear
Last Update  June, 2024

How much has Tim Shieff earned over the years?

Although not many details are known about Tim Shieff’s earnings, not is his net worth yet reviewed. However, he is estimated to have a net worth of over $5 million. 

As an athlete, Tim is also a YouTuber with 169k subscribers. Indeed, he does earn some from his channel and makes from his media appearances.

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Net Worth of Tim Shieff in Different Currencies

Below we have tabled Tim’s net worth in some of the different currencies used all over the world. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro €4.2 Million
Pound Sterling £3.6 Million
Australian Dollar A$6.6 Million
Canadian Dollar C$6.1 Million
Indian Rupee ₹7,372,657,500
BitCoin ฿146.2266

Brand Endorsements, Sponsorships, and Media Appearances

Being an athlete, Tim Shieff was sponsored by Adidas and endorsed for Swatch and Nokia.

As a matter of fact, Tim rose to fame after his 2009 performance in Barclaycard World Freerun Championship. 

As he won the title, he commenced his vegan journey and was picked up by vegan brand and ethical clothing company ETHCS.

Tim with ETHCS
Tim with ETHCS/Instagram

According to Tim, during his early days before his rise on the field, he was a part of the Harry Potter series.

For elaboration, he starred as a death eater in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Similarly, he is also part of the 2016 movie SWINE. 

Slowly, he also starred as a crucial part in MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Similarly, he also appeared for the Ninja Warrior UK and the Last Man Standing. 

Tim Shieff Net Worth | Lifestyle 

Vegan or non-vegan, we all know the story clearly revolving around Tim Shieff. Well, back in the time, Tim stood as one of the big vegan brand ambassadors and was well known for his diets.

However, he started facing backlash not long after. Additionally, Tim also commenced his non-vegan diet soon after. 

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Water Fast

Yes, we are all aware of Tim Shieff’s water fast that stood as a highlight on the surface. Here, Tim accomplished this fast for 35 days, and yes, he went by without food and just water. Straight starvation, to be exact! 

As per Tim, distilled water fasting relieves the body from digesting food, improving health, and keeping away diseases. But, while many were taking the lead, some did stand against it. 

As some said, this move was indeed irresponsible as an influencer and athlete. However, good is the basic thing in a human’s life, and starving oneself from it for days to go is absolutely dangerous. 

Urine Therapy

As far as the thing is concerned, Tim Shieff is a believer in “urine therapy.” In October 2018, Tim drank his own urine on the YouTube channel London Real. 

“Urine is from you, and it’s for you.” -Tim Shieff

Non-Vegan Diet

Right when Tim Shieff joined the vegan group, he stated that all his muscles pain and disorder were eventually gone.

With it, he moved forward with the vegan movement and even endorsed and took out a vegan clothing brand. 

However, in the midst of it, Tim commenced eating non-vegan foods. Well, Tim became a vegan back in 2012. 

“Before becoming a vegan, my joints hurt. After becoming vegan… my recovery time’s non-existent. Little or no muscle soreness. I can run forever.” -Tim Shieff.

Later, in 2018, Tim admitted that he ate eggs and fish. Also, he stated that being back as a non-vegan made him better, and eating salmon gave him wet dreams. 

“My depression lifted, joints feeling a lot better, energy back in my body. I do feel like the next stage for me is to kill an animal myself. I’ve got to really face this.” -Tim Shieff.

Well, these statements dropped Tim out of ETHCS. 

“For a long time, Tim had been an inspirational example for veganism, as well as a good friend who has inspired us all, but this lifestyle change was something none of us could get on board with. When Tim told us of his intention to return to eating animal products, we were obviously very shocked and upset.” -ETHCS.

Tim Shieff Net Worth | Charity and Help

Back in 2014, Tim Shieff starred in a birthday suit photoshoot to raise funds for Jamie Oliver Foundation. Apparently, the shoot took place in central London’s skyline, where he performed the shoot. 

Tim and his stunts
Tim and his stunts/Instagram

For it, Tim scaled buildings around Oxford Street and Bond Street in his birthday shoot.

Also, the shoot lasted for four days, and the print was later sold for around £600, which was raised and donated. 

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  • 2008 Barclaycard World Freerun Championships (Second)
  • 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championships (Winner)
  • 2009 Red Bull Art of Motion in Sweden (Third)
  • 2011 Red Bull Art of Motion in Brazil (Third)
  • 2011 Red Bull Art of Motion in London (Winner)

General Facts on Tim Shieff

  1. Tim Shieff goes by the nickname, Livewire. 
  2. He has been arrested for climbing a listed building without permission back in 2015. Well, he is a member of the World Freerunning & Parkour Federation and the British freerunning project Storm Freerunner.
  3. Tim Shieff is a believer in a flat earth. 

Social Media

You can further learn about his uploads and posts through his social media sites. He is on Instagram as Timothy Graham Shieff (@humantimothy) with 74k followers. 

Likewise, he is on Twitter as Tim Shieff (@HumanTimothy) with 23.4k followers. Similarly, he is on YouTube as Timothy Shieff with 169k subscribers. 

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